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10 Best Places to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in India

It seems like yesterday when we celebrated the New Year’s Eve and again another year is around for you to indulge in merrymaking, unrestricted access to booze, and parties that don’t seem to end. India is a humongous country with unlimited places to rejoice when wondering where to go to celebrate New Year in India. So why should you confine yourself by partying in crowded enclosures when you can enjoy the life of a wanderer. So if you haven’t already made any plans to celebrate New Year in India, here are some of the popular places you can opt to visit.


1. Goa

New Year in Goa

Why take a trip to Las Vegas when you can indulge in the same fun at half the price in India? Goa, also dubbed as the LA of India is known for its cheap beer, live music exotic beaches, and parties that run all night long. Goa can easily be deemed as the best place to celebrate New Year in India. Make sure you visit the popular party places such as Anjuna Beach, Kamaki Bar, Candolim Beach, Cavelossim Beach, etc to experience how the youth of India gets into a party mood on New Year.

2. Bangalore

New Year in Bangalore

This comes without saying that the youth at Bangalore works hard during the day and parties even harder as the night approaches. This popular IT hub of India is blessed with an amazing climate that is ever-so-romantic. Bangalore is actually a magnet for the young generation when it comes to New Year celebrations in India. Huge malls, lush green spaces, and party destinations that ring through the night come down as reason enough for you to visit this cosmopolitan city.

3. Mumbai

New Year in Mumbai

Mumbai is aptly defined as the city which never sleeps. This city creates a sense of infatuation for the visitors with its lounges and hotels that light up with all the charm as the New Year approaches. If you are a party animal, Mumbai should surely top your charts for places to celebrate New Year in India. There is no dearth of places where we can celebrate New Year in India, when you are at Mumbai. Sip in your favorite drinks at places such as Hyatt Regency, Canvas Lounge, or JW Marriott. If you are all about simple memories, a moment spent at the Marine Drive could be ever so memorable.

4. Delhi

New Year in Delhi

How to celebrate New Year in India? Well, how about the capital city itself? Without a doubt, Delhi ranks high in this list of party places in India given its elite & posh elegance for the party lovers. This city never disappoints you when you are out searching places where to celebrate New Year in India. India Gate is one of the most frequented places for the people who want to experience a beauty extraordinaire where the whole place is lit up with dazzling lights. So spark up your mood at Delhi with places that also include exclusive clubs owned by celebrities.

5. Kolkata

New Year in Kolkata

A trip to Kolkata is most probably the best way to celebrate New Year Eve in India. The city itself has been dubbed as “The City of Joy” and that is for a reason. The youth here celebrates New Year with a unique zeal. Here you can watch people of all age partying through the night. At Kolkata, you get to party like there is no tomorrow. So, plan your New Year celebrations at Kolkata’s popular locales such as Orchid Garden, The Sonnet, Tantra, Shimmers Lounge, or The Underground.

6. Kasol

New Year in Kasol

At Kasol, you get to experience a whole new high when it comes to nature that intoxicates you as a seductress. This hipster’s paradise has recently bloomed into a perfect New Year destination for the young generation of the country. If you would rather camp through the night as to party with loud music, Kasol will surely serve you the best way to celebrate New Year in India.

7. Andaman and Nicobar Islands

New Year in Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Feeling the need to get away from the mainland but don’t want to spend a lot? Your plans to visit Andaman and Nicobar Islands during New Year could actually be one of the best ideas you ever had. You get to visit a place secluded from the mainland without having to go through the hassles of visa or passport with minimal expenses. Generally a peaceful destination, the New Year party scenes at this island are actually a bit wild. Apart from water sports and beaches, Andaman & Nicobar houses some of the best places for celebrating New Year in India.

8. Pondicherry

New Year in Pondicherry

Whether you are looking for bike rides on the luxurious beaches or carousing around the innovative rooftop cafes, Pondicherry is a place you shouldn’t miss. A trip to this fantasy land especially around the New Year is sure to welcome you with refined experience. What makes Pondicherry one of the best places to celebrate New Year Eve in India? The sole fact that you get to party and meditate at the same place gives this territory an edge over any other party place in India.

9. Gokarna

New Year in Gokarna

Straight from the north east to the southern beauty, Gokarna is a place that never fails to amuse the souls in search for a tropical destination. Located in Karnataka, this picturesque town has a dual identity. It is well known as centre for Hindu pilgrimage and also as a paradise for the ones who love beach destinations. If a peaceful getaway is your answer when you ask yourself how to celebrate New Year Eve in India, then you must surely give Gokarna a chance to please you with its encapsulating and enticing charm that comes with no interference from unwanted crowd.

10. Gangtok

New Year in Gangtok

Mark a fresh start to your New Year with a visit to Gangtok, a beauty located by the north-eastern periphery known for its natural detoxifying surroundings. This city is the best place to celebrate New Year Eve in India for someone who is in search of serenity and peace. Get away from the noisy city streets and get on a plane to Gangtok for sights never seen before. Become the wandered you always wanted to be and indulge in an adventurous journey amidst the mountains of Gangtok. Make your New Year an exciting and adrenalin-boosting journey as you hike through the nature-laden trails of this paradise.

So, save up for your trip before the New Year dates hit your calendar and embark on a journey of fun, liveliness, and vivacity, as you explore your favorite places from this list of top destinations to hit this New Year Eve.

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