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14 Best Places to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Lucknow

Glorious gleam up in the air like a glowing lighthouse, the entire city of Lucknow is decorated as beautifully as the scene on the occasion of New Year’s Eve. Say Hello to the brand new year in a royal way in the “City of Nawabs”. Cherish the moments of the old year passing by and explore exciting things as you step up to the New Year. Exhaust yourself this New Year dancing your heart out in some of the most amazing party halls at Lucknow. Book ahead for a surprising experience to be remembered for a lifetime at the premier places to celebrate New Year in Lucknow:


1. Renaissance Hotel

Renaissance Hotel New Year Party, Lucknow

For the people who have a classy and royal taste and wish to celebrate New Year with grandeur, this hotel is just the right spot to drop in. The largest five-star in Gomti Nagar proffers you a luxe way to celebrate New Year in Lucknow. Enjoy your favorite blend of cocktail and authentic Awadhi cuisine at the sky high lounge. Unwind yourself and ease up as the old year bids goodbye. Fill yourself with positive vibes and high energy as the New Year descends. This is ranked as the topmost amongst all the amazing places to celebrate New Year eve in Lucknow.

2. Metropolitan Club

Metropolitan Club New year Party, Lucknow

With a slogan like “Eat, Drink, and Be Merry”, at Metropolitan Club of Gomti Nagar, you get to experience the pleasure of being amidst Ultra-chic exteriors, Sumptuous Food, stylized Interiors, Exquisite Drinks, Inviting Ambience, and Brimming energy. So interact, discuss, communicate, and celebrate the 5-star hospitality and dump all the mental paraphernalia that has been ailing you for long while you revel in a dazzling New Year experience.

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3. Blue D Lounge

Blue D Lounge New Year Party, Lucknow

A place for headline entertainment, the Blue D Lounge at Hazratganj is so far the best place to celebrate New Year in Lucknow. A completely lunatic place, this place throws the most happening parties of New Year’s Eve. Hit the floor with the grooviest music played by the most wanted DJs of the country. Great vibes, lip-smacking food and exotic drinks add up to the hues of this nightclub. Smoke high in the Sheesha bar at the gazebo and relish the blue themed ambience. Absolutely classy, this place no doubt has the best features to let you party hard.

4. Go Bananas Lounge

Go Bananas Lounge New Year Party, Lucknow

The beautiful rooftop lounge in Gomati Nagar, is one of the most sophisticated places of Lucknow, Go Bananas is the foremost choice for the people who wish to greet the New Year in an exclusively elegant way. A dine under the moonlit sky with soothing music in the background will leave you by trance. Welcome the New Year with a smile on your beloved’s face brighter than the moon. Fall in love with this exclusive place and rejoice each and every moment of the evening. The lounge perfectly defines how to celebrate New Year in Lucknow.

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5. Club Quazar

Club Quazar New Year Party, Lucknow

Why go to Vegas when you have one in your own city? Stupefy yourself with neon-lit stage, impressive beats by renowned rock bands of the country and stunning 3D laser shows at Club Quazar of Hazratganj. Rave it up and party hard at the most ravishing discotheque of Lucknow under the bright lights. Bring it on with your gang members to break the dance floor with swift moves. Limitless appetizers, beverages, brilliant performances by fire jugglers and incredible bartenders, what else would one want any more to lit the atmosphere on fire! If still wondering where we can celebrate New Year in Lucknow, then get this place into your bucket list for sure.

6. Grand Cabana

Grand Cabana New Year Party, Lucknow

Grand Cabana is another way you can light up the world around you during the New Year bash. Groove with the upscale EDM and Bollywood music that lingers through the spacious venue. Get ready to see some Russian Dancers adding to the charm of the night with their funky moves. This grand celebratory destination located at Hotel Savvy Grand near Vibhuti Khand will surely serve you a Gala buffet with unlimited drinks exclusively designed for the New Year party package.

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7. Percussion

Percussion, Lucknow

Sipping drink under dim lights while an appeasing soft music is being played all through the night surely makes up for a moment of tranquility, isn’t it? Percussion at Gomti Nagar is just the right place to drop by if you wish to celebrate New Year in a subtle fashion. Take pleasure in your favorite blend of cocktail or a mocktail, beer or wine in hand along with the Chef’s New Year special delights. If you still wish to shake a leg along the fusion beats, the in-house DJ rocks it up too. Enjoy your New Year in your own way; the place knows well how to fix any mood. There is no need to give a second thought about where to celebrate New Year in Lucknow when you have Percussion as a choice.

8. The Piccadily

The Piccadily, Lucknow

A party besides pool, sounds interesting right? A wide range of multi-national cuisine buffet, variety of exotic drinks, open bar, stunning interiors and this place has it all. One of the grandest places in Lucknow where you get a royal treatment and the best of the services, the restaurant at Alambagh has its own specialty. Feel like a Nawab and enjoy the majestic and grand aura. Toast a glass of sparkling champagne to the arrival of the New Year at midnight surrounded by the beautiful hues of the restaurant. This is the perfect solution for those in dilemma about where to go to celebrate New Year in Lucknow.

9. Zero Degree

Zero Degree, Lucknow

Let your countdown to the upcoming New Year be the most memorable and exciting one. Join the 31st evening party at the Zero Degree night club and enjoy the hottest parties in Lucknow in the coolest way. The party warping band of musicians will set your heels on fire and so will the zestful crowd. Unleash your party-animal and get set to rock and roll, hip and hop throughout the night at this very joint at Gomti Nagar. Put on your party shoes faster and grab an entry coupon for the place high on demand. The night club knows the best way to celebrate New Year eve in Lucknow.

10. P2 Pink Panther

P2 Pink Panther, Lucknow

Tune into the mind boggling latest hit songs played one after another in a row all night long at the most popular restro-pub of the city, the P2 Pink Panther. The disc lights, cheer ups, hooting crowd, youngsters, night creatures and the one behind the spectacular stage will take the revelers on a journey of musical surge. Food, drinks, dance, music and amazing company are the perfect combination to ultimate fun. The flawless way of how to celebrate New Year eve in Lucknow in a rollicking spirit is demonstrated by this night club.

11. Hotel Ramada

Hotel Ramada, Lucknow

As the New Year approaches, the staff at Hotel Ramada turns on their engine and start prepping for the party to be celebrated on the New Year Eve. Let this New Year of yours start with all that jamboree you need in your life with a gala night that makes you witness exclusive celebrities, artists, and renowned DJs that drop down to this destination at Junabganj from far corners of the country. So pop that champagne and get ready to witness what can essentially be termed as a wild night.

12. The EOS Bar & Bistro

The EOS Bar, Lucknow

The EOS Bar & bistro has a contemporary style of welcoming the New Year. The astounding environment, beautiful bar, great service and nevertheless, the starlit gazing beauty of the sky sets your entire mood for a grand usher. Experience the New Year celebrations in Lucknow in an unforgettable manner at this iconic place. The place will get in touch with the deepest emotions complexed in your mind and soul and set you free. It is sure to get you by its spirit. The best place to celebrate New Year eve in Lucknow can’t be better than this.

13. Mocha Café & Bar

Mocha Café & Bar, Lucknow

Another gem nestled at Gomti Nagar, the team spirit behind Mocha Café and Bar is a uniquely enticing and inviting ceremonial. Whether you are 18 or 60, age is something you leave behind as you enter this café cum bar that brings an amazing pep & gusto to the dance floor. Heavenly food, mind boggling and rhythmic music with an overwhelming merrymaking scenario, what else would one need when searching for best places to celebrate New Year in Lucknow. The spacious and plush interiors definitely add a star to the overall party experience.

14. Star Lounge

Star Lounge, Lucknow

Get your gang along to create some craziest memories at this nightclub in Aliganj. High-energy, superb ambience, toothsome food and tongue twisting drinks, incredible music beats and crazy crowd, name it and be there, this place has everything a party-lover would always wish for. Nevertheless, the stupefying firework along the countdown to the New Year is breath taking. Hit the dance floor with all the excitement and dance off the past year. This place deserves to be amongst the best places for celebrating New Year in Lucknow.

Each of the above said party destinations provide the best way to celebrate New Year in Lucknow. It’s on you to choose where you wish to step in for the 31st eve. Participate in the wildness of Lucknow on New Year’s Eve. Know no limits to enjoy this New Year at the city of Nawabs in a Shahi way.

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