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20 Best Places to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Nagpur

Explore most happening and funky New Year parties at Nagpur as your cross over the bridge to a different year waiting for you with new experiences and new stories. What are the things you have planned this year? Are you still stuck on where to celebrate New Year in Nagpur? Why don’t you try out these popular thriving spots listed by us for a fun bash this New Year?

So let’s hit the list to know which places in Nagpur are a must visit this New Year for merrymaking.


1. Radisson Blu Hotel

Radisson Blu Hotel, Nagpur New Year Party

A stellar location for New Year parties, the Radisson Blu Hotel located at Wardha Road in Nagpur houses some of the most enticing thrills for a New Year thump. Celebrate New Year in Nagpur with renowned DJs performing at this city with chic and elegant rooms designed just for you to relax after a exhausting session of dancing on the dance floor. Apart from these A-class facilities, you get to dip your fingers in an elegant collection of dining options along with an on-location bar with exclusively rare drinks just for you. Pamper yourself with a fitness center, swimming pool, and a relaxing spa.

2. Le Meridien

Le Meridien, Nagpur New Year Party

Le Meridien is one among the posh destinations in Wardha Road, Nagpur when it comes to serving as a party spot. Deemed as the best party station, at Le Meridien, you will surely love the behavior of the courteous staff with the presence of on-site restaurant and bar. Ever wondered how good it feels to drive to an amazing party as you rest your legs inside a fabulously gorgeous limousine. The Le Meridien also offers limousine services for your New Year party to make it all the more royal.

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3. 10 Downing Street

10 Downing Street, Nagpur New Year Party

Now this is a name you might come across in most of the popular cities in India. Located by Wardha Road in Nagpur, this pub opened up about 10 years ago in the city and now ranks among one of the popular places for the young generation to enjoy during New Year. This pub has a buzzing nightlife with energy packed youth ready to show some new moves over the dance floor. Try out the mocktails and cocktails with a collection of food from various ethnicity such as continental, Chinese, or Indian.

4. Carnations Rooftop and Terrace Lounge

Carnations Rooftop and Terrace Lounge, Nagpur New Year Party

Carnations Terrace Lounge is one among the first ever rooftop restaurants located at Nagpur city. Over years, this place has gained a recognizable customer loyalty and that is all thanks to the amazing location and food served by this venue. The New Year here is decked with options for fine dining along with live music, and while you are here at Mount Road to visit Carnations, make sure you try out the amazing Carnation Rolls and the yummy Chicken Lajawab to make your New Year celebrations in Nagpur all the more scrumptious.

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5. Hotel Tuli International

Hotel Tuli International, Nagpur New Year Party

Every year, the Hotel Tuli International organizes a lavish New Year party for its customers who love to visit this hip party place. You can easily get to this party destination located at Sadar in Nagpur via local commute or personal vehicle. Get ready for that party night while your pals order you some lip-smacking beverages and food as your network grows through the night. This party pot is probably the best place to celebrate New Year in Nagpur for workaholics and fun-headed individuals to party while building a strong network.

6. Chill N Grill

Chill N Grill, Nagpur New Year Party

A perfectly crafted new entry to the list of rooftop restaurants and lounge in the city, the Chill N Grill is located right at the city’s heart which is the Sadar area of Nagpur. This slowly yet steadily growing party option is the one where you need to be this New Year to ensure you invest in a clutter-free environment with minimum possible crowd to allow you space enough to enjoy the night. With a super awesome smell and taste of fresh food, you will surely love the ambience at this party space. Make sure you hit this venue during the happy hours on the New Year between 12 pm-3pm and enjoy the live music with free drinks.

7. Roof 9

Roof 9, Nagpur New Year Party

Whether you are planning to propose your high-school sweet heart this New Year or just need a chic place to relax and have fun, Roof 9 has surely got your back. Are you in search of the best way to celebrate New Year in Nagpur? Head down to Roof 9 at Coffee House Square and let your squad fall in love with the ambience and soulful tunes that mellow with the carefree environment.

8. Hotel Sunrise and Resorts

Hotel Sunrise and Resorts, Nagpur New Year Party

As you pass via Chindwara Road at Nagpur, the beauty and serenity of Hotel Sunrise and Resorts will surely attract you to spend a night. So why not make it your go to destination this New Year and opt for the great deals served by the hosts. With a massive yard to linger around and a lavish pool to take dip, you would never be disappointed when Hotel Sunrise and Resorts is your ultimate New Year destination. So stop searching for places for celebrating New Year in Nagpur and get down to business at this amazing venue.

9. Elements Lounge & Restaurant

Elements Lounge & Restaurant, Nagpur New Year Party

If you happen to visit the Poonam Mall on the New Year Eve, you are surely up for surprise as you pass by this amazing lounge cum restaurant that goes by the name Elements. Placed amidst the popular locale of Wardhaman Nagar Colony, this high-end party destination is popular for its hospitality and a fine-dine experience. This spot will surely bring an end to your search for places to celebrate New Year eve in Nagpur. Take 100s of selfies while you sip in that drink from beautiful glasses and if you are a vegetarian, you are in for a treat with amazing choices in terms of dishes.

10. Wonders of the World

Wonders of the World, Nagpur New Year Party

Wonders of the World is a party venue located at Surabardi area of Nagpur. This place is well known for giving chance to the uprising new comers when it comes to the world of music. Any time you run into this chic space, you will surely experience the beauty and purity of live music. Not just that, this place serves you a smoking hot collection of grilled dishes that is sure to make your mouth water with hunger. So let Wonders of the World be your go to party destination this New Year and enjoy as you watch the night go by, opening up a whole new chapter.

11. The Pride Hotel

The Pride Hotel, Nagpur New Year Party

Whether you are looking for a place that jazzes up the environment with live music, sufi songs, or Bollywood hip-hop, The Pride Hotel located near Wardha Road is where you need to be this New Year. An upscale place comprised of lavish seating arrangements, this place will surely keep you entertained with its fine collection of deserts, vegetarian, and non-vegetarian delicacies. The dance floor is located centrally to make you feel like the star of the night with a DJ in the house to keep you engaged. So if you are still not done with the best place to celebrate New Year Eve in Nagpur, get down to this beauty away from the city noises.

12. Pablo-The Art Café Lounge

Pablo-The Art Café Lounge

Thriving alongside the beautiful locale of Civil Lines, Pablo-The Art Café Lounge is a place that was inspired from the great Pablo Picasso. A classy exterior opens up to warmth of the comfortable seating arrangement that will most definitely leave you awe-inspired. If you are an artist or someone who loves art, this lounge cum café throws some of the best yet classic New Year parties making it all fun and glam for the youth of Nagpur city. At this café, everything is young and social.

13. House of Beers

House of Beers, Nagpur New Year Party

Missing your long-lost friends for quite some time now? Why don’t you invite them over to the House of Beers this New Year and bond over the amazing collection of booze available at this perfectly fun destination? At House of Beers, know how to celebrate New Year in Nagpur in a contemporary style as you hang out with your friends while enjoying the reverberating music that tends to your soul. This place at Civil Lines surely makes to the top list when it comes to being picked by alcohol lovers in Nagpur.

14. Patiala House

Patiala House, Nagpur New Year Party

Are you are seafood lover? Rejoice at this paradise for the ones who love to chomp on the delicious collection of seafood at Patiala House. With a homespun décor and great food, you get to relish in the purity of beautiful scenario at this rooftop restaurant located at Somalwada, Nagpur. So, as the New Year approaches but you are on budget constraint, hop on to the party parade at Patiala House with decent rates and view that mesmerizes you. Make sure you try out the Prawn Cocktail which is a specialty of this lounge.

15. Ruoofh 180

Ruoofh 180, Nagpur New Year Party

Located at Ramdaspeth of Nagpur, Ruoof 180 surely makes up for the best way to celebrate New Year Eve in Nagpur. This restaurant cum bar located at the rooftop of Tuli Emperial is popular for its elegant and royal ambience which is nothing less than a paradise designed for the party lovers. Enjoy a delectable collection of lip-smacking cuisines along with a stunning experience by the pool as you groove to an offbeat collection of heart-pleasing music on the New Year Eve.

16. Port O Gomez

Port O Gomez, Nagpur, New Year Party

Port O Gomez is a lavish themed restaurant located at Ambazari Road in Nagpur that makes its diners get the sense of being at the sea. This ship-themed globally acclaimed restaurant is popular for serving the best taste when it comes to sea food, Mughlai, Portugese, Chinese, and European. So basically, this multi-cuisine snazzy destination is where you need to plan your New Year. So stop wondering where to go to celebrate New Year in Nagpur and book a cab to Port O Gomez.

17. Longitude

Longitude, Nagpur New Year Party

If you are in search of places where we can celebrate New Year in Nagpur with a slightly refined taste, make sure you hit the Longitude bar in Nagpur. Decked alongside the Wardha Road, this sophisticated place with wooden interiors alongside some warm lights is just what you need to add spark to your New Year celebrations. Enjoy the impressive line of cocktails served to you in funky glasses.

18. The Atmosphere

The Atmosphere, Nagpur New Year Party

The Atmosphere is a new entry into the city’s list of favorite places where we can celebrate New Year in Nagpur. This posh party alliance is located by Amravati Road that corners a huge attention towards catering wholesome food of excellent quality. If you love yourself some continental food, make sure your 31st night at this place starts with an appetizing treat of finely crafted cuisines. Enjoy the music as it beams through the space right to your ears making your feet run towards the dance floor and move like no one is watching.

19. Spot 9 Restro Lounge

Spot 9 Restro Lounge, Nagpur New Year Party

Spot 9 at North Bazaar Road has marked its territory as one among the highly preferred nightclubs in Nagpur when it comes to grooving through a spacious floor to dance around, funky lights, and a vibe that gets you into the mood. The DJ at this station is known for churning out the latest tracks whether it is EDM, club mix, or any other genre as per audience choice. The New Year parties at this lounge are specially crafted with a new theme every year. So that’s something you need to check out when wondering how to celebrate New Year Eve in Nagpur.

20. Fionaa Lounge and Restaurant

Fionaa Lounge and Restaurant, Nagpur New Year Party

Looking for places to celebrate New Year in Nagpur while admiring the eye soothing decor at the Nagpur city? A rustic and elegant space, Fionaa Lounge and Restaurant caters you exactly what you need. Located at the 3rd floor of a popular Dharampeth Tower, this restaurant is great for live music scenes with decent prices for food and parties for New Year. So get down to Shankar Nagar area and plan your New Year scenario at this lively space to make it a memorable one.

Among the list of places where once can celebrate New Year in Nagpur, the area around Wardha Road is especially popular given its high intensity visits from the happening youth of Nagpur. So head over to your favorite places and watch the cold 31st December night turn into a high-heat party.

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