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10 Best Places to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Ahmedabad

New Year is a big affair regardless of the place you live in India. It’s time for ultimate levels of fun and frolic, celebrations and lavish soiree. Ahmedabad, the beautiful city located at the western half of India, is lit up on the very occasion of the New Year. The party avenues across this particular capital city pull out all stops to throw the most happening parties in the country. Make this New Year a memorable event to be cherished for an entire lifetime. Clink the champagne glasses or treat yourself with traditional extravagance at the premier places to celebrate New Year in Ahmedabad.

The following destinations are renowned all over the country for throwing some of the biggest parties ever:


1. Karnavati Club

Karnavati Club New Year Party, Ahmedabad

Celebrate New Year in Ahmedabad at the funkiest and craziest place of the city. Step up at Karnavati Club at SG Highway to sense the incredible combination of dance, music and energy. Experience the beats by some of the eminent rock bands ushered from all over the country. Let your moves lit fire on the dance floor as the music takes you by. The psychedelic aura of this amazing night club will madden you for sure. Get your party shoes on and hurry up for the passes are running out. Why bother about where to go to celebrate New Year in Ahmedabad when you have such an attractive destination by your side!

2. Aangan Banquet

Aangan Banquet New Year Party, Ahmedabad

Get ready for some spectacular performances and brilliant shows on the fun stage all through the night at this banquet hall in Satellite Road. Lights, laser shows, incredible music and zestful crowd, the combination is a dream come true for party-animals. The finger-licking buffet and drink stands add up to the list. This place is worth of the hype it has all around the city. Surprise yourself with the amusing treats and of course the milieu of the club. The banquet deserves to be amongst the star places to celebrate New Year eve in Ahmedabad.

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3. The Taj Gateway

The Taj Gateway New Year Party, Ahmedabad

The Taj Gateway sets a magical aura for the party guests besides the pool. The Taj specializes in Indian kebabs and Biriyani to give you a sense of royal taste. While the mouth-watering buffet allures you towards it, the DJ takes you by his sensational beats. Get enlivened with high- energy as the hotel creates a dramatic theme to impress you. Greet the New Year in a grand way at the best place to celebrate New Year in Ahmedabad.

4. The Marriott

The Marriott New Year Party, Ahmedabad

Illuminate your mood with bright hues with the neon-lit disc at the courtyard of The Marriott in Satellite Road. The entire place will take you by with a wholesome level of creativity. Fire jugglers, belly dancers, show stopping performances by celebrities, 3D laser light screening and many more; the place extends much more than what you would have expected. An array of delicious food, exotic cocktail and mocktail blends, international cuisines are all open night long. This joint is one of the top places for celebrating New Year in Ahmedabad.

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5. The Aloft

The Aloft New Year Party, Ahmedabad

Get your anxiety levels up to have a New Year rave party in the wildest way. Get lost in the world of fun, thrill and excitement as the best troops of renowned DJs play the hit list of trending songs one by one. Exhilarating activities, games and interactive dance sessions will keep your partying spree on all through the night. Sweep into the midnight with the bash and dance your heart out. Relish the Chef’s special and unhackneyed blend of exotic drinks by the bartenders. The disc tops the list of best nightlife clubs and extends best way to celebrate New Year eve in Ahmedabad.

6. Maahi Party Plot

Maahi Party Plot New Year Celebration, Ahmedabad

An avenue meant tohost the wackiest New Year party in the city, the party hall at SG Road is a major stop for the party goers. The dazzling lights, stunning nightlife, awestriking décor and a themed arena altogether will leave you spellbound. Lose your foot and tap the toes all nightlong along the mind boggling tunes played by the DJs. Whoop it up and shout out loud when the New Year arrives in. the countdowns are absolutely stupefying under the barrage of fireworks that lit the dark night. The place just knows the right about how to celebrate New Year in Ahmedabad.

7. Alphaone Mall

Alphaone Mall New year Celebration, Ahmedabad

Beguile yourself at the most ravishing party of all times at The Alphaone Mall in Vastrapur. Disconnect from the real world to this ultimate hub for dance party, live bands, delicious appetizers and authentic drinks. Participate in the exciting games and fun activities and get lucky to win gifts this New Year. The entire party hall is exclusively themed and hosts a premier jamboree for its guests. Enjoy limitless and join to enliven this special event. This establishment shows exactly how New Year celebrations in Ahmedabad should be like.

8. Narayani Heights

Narayani Heights New Year Party, Ahmedabad

Wondering about how to celebrate New Year eve in Ahmedabad in the most startling manner! Then, turn your heads towards this hotspot of fun and spree at Gandhinagar. The place holds a masquerade themed party and an array of energetic performances. The exhilarating music is sure to get you goosebumps. New Year celebrations in the city could never be better than this. The atmosphere gets hotter with the ticking of the clock. Drool over the fire acts, tattoo booths, selfie-zone, jugglers, fun makers bartenders and a lot of other activities. Come on in to the best place to celebrate New Year eve in Ahmedabad with a bang.

9. Ritmo Discotheque

Ritmo Discotheque New Year Party, Ahmedabad

Say goodbye to the last night of the year with unlimited fun, food and drinks at SG Highway. DJs from the famous discos and night clubs from all over the country gang up to rock you with smashing hits of all times. Surprise your BAE with amazing on the house gifts and special menu penned down just for you. Enjoy the live acts and performances by professionals lined up in a row, the entire night. Gather a couple of hours early to rejoice each and every event organized by the nightclub. Relax and stop worrying about where to celebrate New Year in Ahmedabad, when you have this venue in your checklist!

10. Cube Lounge

Cube Lounge New Year Party, Ahmedabad

Are you an individual who wishes to usher the New Year in a calm and composed way? Then join Cube Lounge to have a gala time with your favorite company. Fill yourself with absolute positivity and enthusiastic vibes as the New Year arrives. The lounge is a no alcohol arena but is sure to take you by trance. Greet prospect of the brand new year with a grand and royal touch. The top-tier restaurant will leave a remarkable impression of its lip-smacking dishes on your taste buds. Enjoy and rejuvenate yourself along the soft music being played in the background. This would be the best way to celebrate New Year in Ahmedabad for the people who want their 31st night to be a precious one.

These places where we can celebrate New Year in Ahmedabad know our way of partying. It’s on you to select which amongst the list fits into your expectations. Come and be a part of the prolonged excitement from dusk till dawn.

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