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10 Best Places to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Delhi

Don’t you want your New Year to start with a blast bidding a happy farewell to the past year? So welcome this New Year with a bash and make an absolutely grand entrance into the upcoming year. New Year’s Eve is a very big event in Delhi and the city works its fingers to the bone just for you to have fun beyond limits. You might find a lot of places in your neighborhood but where to celebrate New Year in Delhi so as to get your heels over head? You will not ever want to miss the following places to celebrate New Year in Delhi. Here is the list of 10 compelling places that you would never fail to slip to celebrate the 31st night at the city:


1. JLN Stadium

JLN Stadium, Delhi

This place throws the most sensational and happening New Year party in the entire city. With the most ravishing and exciting music, lip-smacking food and unlimited drinks to enjoy, the stadium turns you into a party animal. The best renowned DJs of the country are invited here, to set the stage and your mood, both on fire. Although the crowd is huge but you will definitely find all the fun-lovers from the city in unison. No doubt, this is the best place to celebrate New Year in Delhi. There is quite a rush to grab the tickets to this place, so hurry up!

2. The Aqua

The Aqua, Delhi

With unlimited supply of food and drink, this exotic place is a dream comes true for a party-hacker. The place throws the best of it on the occasion of the New Year’s Eve. Be it a superhero theme or a Hollywood base, the themed parties are always a total justice. Get set to jump on to the most happening party in the city and to get chills running down the spine out of excitement. Undoubtedly and absolutely without any second thoughts, The Aqua at Connaught Place deserves to be amongst the premier places for celebrating New Year in Delhi.

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3. The Bottle Yard

The Bottle Yard, Delhi

The best place to celebrate New Year Eve in Delhi is at The Bottle Yard, Saket. With the most amazing DJs playing music, groove your body wildly throughout the night. The countdowns made at this very place will make the most memorable moments to be remembered not just for the entire year to come, but for a lifetime for sure. Turn your party mode on and go on a bender as you step in. Become the talk of the town by being a part of the crowd at this party area. The best way to celebrate New Year in Delhi is at this point.

4. The Leela

The Leela, Delhi

The Leela at Chanakyapuri is yet another very popular and absolutely fun place to have a frolicking New Year. Have a paramount level of jamboree as this place lets the most wanted partying stars to play music just for you. The delicious food and drink and the wide DJ dance floor will make you go mad over the party. Come in with your squad and bang the dance floor like never before. Hurry up, because the place is in high demand! Grab your early passes. No place could be better to celebrate New Year in Delhi.

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5. The Lalit

The Lalit, Delhi

Get your New Year welcoming scene hotter and the possible loudest at The Lalit, Connaught Place. A very popular place amongst the partying animals, you get a kick-start party and a night devoted to exciting music, dance, food and drinks at this auberge. Amongst the most magnificent places to celebrate New Year Eve in Delhi, tickets are to be pre-booked quite early to avoid last minute regrets of not being at this grandeur.

6. Shangri-la

Shangri-la, Delhi

The most hyped New Year celebrations in Delhi are claimed by Shangri la at Connaught Place. Fulfill your classy desire at this outstanding place which keeps your party spree on the whole night by playing non-stop music from your favorite play list. So, get ready and save all your energy for this place is going to drain all of it. The limitless food and drinks add to the spirit. You will eventually be in love with this place as the moments pass by.

7. The Umrao

The Umrao, Delhi

If you wish to greet New Year with a warm and compassionate heart with the loved ones along your side, then Umrao at Samalka is just perfect. The ever-expanded buffet and variety of international cuisine along with mild drinks and soft music being played for the rest of the night will let you embrace the feel of the New Year stepping in to your lives in a very flowery way. So you need not worry anymore about where to go to celebrate New Year in Delhi when you have this place in your checklist.

8. Imperfecto

Imperfecto, Delhi

This place in Hauz Khas is the favorite and most loved by people who do enjoy being an ardent party; the place does just the right to the mood. Imperfect offers the best way to celebrate New Year Eve in Delhi. Enjoy the live music and cheerful audience, with a cozy Bohemian theme to the fullest along with Illimitable food and drinks. A stunning fire work shot high up in the beautiful open sky, as the New Year is greeted, is a pleasure to watch. This place proffers the golden ways to enjoy the 31st night with your gang or loved ones.

9. Harnaam Palace Banquets

Harnaam Palace Banquets, Delhi

Harnaam Palace Banquets at Gokalpuri throws away party on the New Year’s Eve that is the most awaited function of the year that youngsters go crazy for! The place lines up the best artists from all over the country one after another, for your feet not to stop beating the entire night and keeps your mood as high as the start of the event. This place is all set to give you an impression quite high on how to celebrate New Year in Delhi.

10. Maquina

Maquina, Delhi

Drive yourself crazy as you step in to the jamming sessions at Maquina, Hauz Khas Village. Wave a cheerful good bye to the previous year and hail the New Year with the most resplendent manner at this place. Get ready to dip yourself from tip to toe with fun as the music is being played over on and on. Adding to the fun is the limitless food and drinks served throughout the night. You won’t have to think twice over where we can celebrate New Year in Delhi if you choose this point. Live it up to the best while at Maquina in South Delhi.

Delhi is the out-and-out city to rave up the party. The places will certainly raise the bars of your expectations on how to celebrate New Year eve in Delhi.

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