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20 Best Places to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Chennai

Chennai is a city that houses an array of colors along with authentic south Indian flavors. This city has a plethora of people that come in from different factions of India and abroad in order to experience the authenticity of a culture that is different from any. It is obvious that the New Year parties at Chennai are nothing less than a ravishing experience. When it comes to best places to celebrate New Year in Chennai, the city has a collection of amazing places to plan your parties. Have a magnificent time with your folks and take a peek at the best places to hit when out for partying on New Year’s Eve.


1. 10 Downing Street

10 Downing Street, Chennai

Serving as a fancy and authentic British pub, the 10 Downing Street is located in T. Nagar. This pub also has its several outlets spread all across the country. When it comes to New Year parties, the pub provides a series of attractive inclusions which include retro night, Bollywood night, Karaoke night, as well as ladies theme night. So if you love yourself a theme based New Year party, make sure you get down to the 10 Downing Street. With some mouth-watering delicacies along with that classic Jagermeister and tequila shots, you are sure to enjoy your New Year night.

2. The Flying Elephant

The Flying Elephant, Chennai New Year Party

This unique location to celebrate New Year in Chennai surely stands true to its name as a mash of great crowd and soul-lifting ambience. An offbeat and unique bar and restaurant designed as a den, this beautiful place is definitely a place to be on New Year if you want to get the feeling of being on the top of the world. This bar is popular for its curated collection of wine and beer along with live music, great acoustics, and entertainment. With some classic pop music and the retro décor, you will surely enjoy your New Year party at this destination located at Velachery.

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3. The Velveteen Rabbit

The Velveteen Rabbit, Chennai New Year Party

Searching for a reliable venue to party near Govindaswamy Nagar? Why not enter the ever-welcoming doors to The Velveteen Rabbit? Surely, this bar cum lounge holds the position of the best place to celebrate New Year in Chennai. This lounge bar has a setup that further intensifies your hunger for good music with a crowd that is surely a sight that makes you want to visit this place time and again.

4. M’Bessy

M’Bessy, Chennai New Year Party

Have you been asking around your friends where to celebrate New Year in Chennai? Why not pick one from our list of amazing places for a New Year party. At M’Bessy, you get to enjoy good food along with amazing drinks. It is one among the places that comes with a dash of that ever-so-classy ambiance along with music that ranks among the exceptional list. So grab on to this truest and finest recipe for a fun time at M’Bessy located at Besant Nagar.

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5. Sera, The Tapas Bar

Sera, The Tapas Bar, Chennai New Year Party

If planning a New Year party around Gopalapuram in Chennai, make sure you get to the Sera bar located in Chennai. New Year celebrations in Chennai at this Spanish bar will surely prove to stand out from the rest. Sera is your ideal venue that comes with an authentic Spanish décor that serves splendid drinks with a feisty concoction of drinks and palatable menu when it comes to the food section. So pick up that feisty menu and work around the astounding music that works perfectly well with the ambience.

6. Radio Room

Radio Room, Chennai New year Party

If this 80’s set up has got you grooving to the amazing tunes, probably, we mean surely, Radio Room will be the best place for you to celebrate your New Year with something new. Pondering about how to celebrate New Year in Chennai? A visit to Radio Room is just what you need. A place that reflects a chilled out vibe with assurance of memorable time completely defines this lounge. You can easily locate this party destination at Santhome area of Chennai.

7. Boats: Based On A True Story

Boats- Based On A True Story, Chennai New Year Party

How to celebrate New Year Eve in Chennai, you ask? Get down to Boats which is this city’s only Restro Bar with a beach view. Located at Besant Nagar by the popular Elliot’s Beach, this bar is all about bringing you the top-class drinks, food, cocktails, music, and a view that will surely take your breath away. The brain child of Arasu Dennis, Boats is popular for its tasty tandoori platters along with some European classics such as flaming Thermidor.

8. Ink 303

Ink 303, Chennai New Year Party

A well-known distinguished social carouse, Ink 303 is something that surely seems out of the ordinary to someone looking for a place to party the night before the New Year arrives. This place seems to bring in an overwhelming amount of the hip crowd looking for a venue with exceptional interiors that serve the cause for best way to celebrate New Year Eve in Chennai. So bring in your friends to the Khader Nawaz Khan Road and dance till you shed at least a few kilos. Just Kidding though! Make sure you try out Ink 303’s Oriental cuisine as well as Thai food.

9. Big Bang Theory

Big Bang Theory, Chennai New Year Party

Well, if you are a nerd, you will surely go back to the days when you used to wait for Big Bang Theory’s latest season. Well, we don’t know whether this name comes from the TV series or the actual event itself but one thing that we know for sure is the fact that it is surely a place to be for party lovers on New Year night. A promising club located at Ashok Nagar, its specialties includes lip-smacking food with Bucket O Beer. The Prawn Rehab and Tesseract are some things that will surely make you visit this pub every New Year’s Eve.

10. Illusions: The Madras Pub

Illusions- The Madras Pub, Chennai New Year Party

Looking for an affordable yet amazing party getaway in Chennai? Walk to Illusions which is one among the highly affordable and posh class party venues. This lounge located in Mylapore area of Chennai observes high recognition for its guest DJs that visit the place every now and then, especially during the New Year Eve. So, if you are out of places to celebrate New Year Eve in Chennai, make sure Illusions is something you give a try for sure.

11. Bike and Barrel

Bike and Barrel, Chennai New Year Party

Where we can celebrate New Year in Chennai is supposedly the question that has been ailing your mind for long now. The Bike and Barrel is the highly recommended pub when you have been hunting for party places in and around T.Nagar. Although old-school, this traditional pub has managed to attract the youth in the city with its bike-themed décor. For any motor enthusiast, this place is the one to be when celebrating New Year. Not just the bikes, at Bike and Barrel, you get to lay your hands over the best and tastiest cocktails in the city.

12. Blend

Blend, Chennai New Year Party

Proving as a respite for the hardworking population of Chennai, this bar cum lounge is one among the highly appreciated nightclubs in the city. With a music that pulsates through your ears, you will surely enjoy the contemporary décor of this place while you create a wonderful New Year party experience. Located at the Roypettah area of Chennai, you will surely enjoy the metropolitan feel in the city with classic taste of the beer margaritas served to you.

13. The Leather Bar

The Leather Bar, Chennai New Year Party

Need to land on the best place to celebrate New Year in Chennai? Indulge in a royal party setting at The Leather Bar located in Nungambakkam. This bar holds a rank among the premium and posh destinations of Chennai when it comes to celebrating New Year parties. The place has a sense of exquisiteness that comes with an evident and astounding collection of music. The Leather Bar is all about exceptional setup to make your party all the more gorgeous and happening when you dance along with a mad crowd.

14. Secret Society

Secret Society, Chennai New Year Party

The Secret Society has recently made a new entry to the places for celebrating New Year in Chennai with a menu comprised of drinks and amazing food that you will surely die for. As you party through the 31st night, this RA Puram based bar serves you its hot favorites from menu that comprises of Chicken Pizza and Chicken Skewers along with other vegetarian options as well. Make sure you try out the popular cocktail menu with Jack Daniel’s being the popular from the lot.

15. The Moon and SixPence

The Moon and SixPence, Chennai New Year Party

This New Year, if you plan on visit the Guindy area of Chennai, make sure you visit this rad bar/lounge with an in explicable Irish theme along with live bands. A collection of authentically pure liquors definitely spell out the experience that lingers for long in this place known as The Moon and SixPence. If you are on the road to search for the best way to celebrate New Year in Chennai, make sure you hit this amazing terminus with exceptional food. This jam-packed lounge comes along with alluring attributes that perfectly define what goes into the New Year party to cater a perfect heart-warming experience.

16. Pasha

Pasha, Chennai New Year Party

Chennai has a lot many places when it comes to being a party city. However, one can easily tag the Pasha as one among the highly recognized places. This bar located at Nungambakkam has definitely set a benchmark when it comes to creating some of the best experiences in terms of nightlife for the youth in Chennai. This means, a trip to this place during the New Year party dates won’t ever be a wrong decision. This pub has various highlights that prove its worth in time, money, and exciting experience. When you talk about the drinks served at Pasha, you get an exclusive menu laid down in front of you. So enjoy your night with friends and surely try that Park Martini with Vodka.

17. Sudaka

Sudaka, Chennai New Year Party

Sudaka is another top ranker when it comes to listing out the most preferable places for New Year fun time in the city. Located at T.Nagar, this popular bar is the answer to your pending question-Where to go to celebrate New Year in Chennai. This is a distinguished bar that comes with exceptional collection comprised of drinks that are served to you by flamboyant barmaids with South American style dress up. This place even has a well-acclaimed menu for you to pick your favorite dishes from. The South American cuisines will sure bring your taste buds back to life. Make sure you try out dishes such as Argentinian Lamb Empanadas or the Ceviche.

18. The Vault Bar Stock Exchange

The Vault Stock Exchange, Chennai New Year Party

Amidst the raging tides of stock exchange based bars, this particular option located at T Nagar serves as a fun place for someone looking for a great party on New Year. The price for the drinks sold in this destination is calculated on the base of demand arising from the visitors. This adds to the exclusively fun element catered by this bar. The food here efficiently compliments the drinks, so make sure this bar is a high ranking part of your New Year itinerary.

19. Gatsby 2000

Gatsby 2000, Chennai New Year Party

Maybe you could experience the Great Gatsby type party at this classy pub when visiting the same during New Year. Be assured that you get to catch up with your friends in an amazingly crafted ambience of this pub. Sip in that Desi style Vodka Martinis as you sit around by a classic Irish décor. The music played here is surely commendable with a splendid crowd that amplifies your New Year Night Spell. Located at the ITC Park Sheraton near Alwarpeet, Gatsby 2000 is surely a commendable destination for party lovers.

20. Q Bar

Q Bar, Chennai New Year Party

Located at Hilton in Chennai near Guindy area, this pub cum lounge is open late through the night for folks who love to dance till the sun shines on their faces. This lovely bar with a rooftop setting and a dance floor that can easily accommodate a huge crowd without seeming too clumsy is usually the first choice for the workaholics who need to lay out for a while with an ambience that is a killer one.

Metropolitan cities such as Chennai surely house a list of distinguished nightclubs that make the presence of New Year felt in an exclusive manner. Witness unlimited fun at these pubs and nightclubs listed by us to make your New Year Eve one among your chosen memories that you share with friends.

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