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10 Best Places to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Amritsar

Embrace the newly arriving year with an exclusive way in the city that lies at the heart of Punjab. The colorful city in the colorful state hosts smashing New Year parties. Be it nightclubs, hotels or lounge, each of the places knows how to celebrate New Year in Amritsar very well. So, get set to rave it up like there is no tomorrow at Amritsar.


1. Golden Tulip

Golden Tulip, Amritsar New Year Party

Do you wish to spend the last day of the year in a buzz-free, quiet environment? Then, The Golden Tulip is the best place to celebrate New Year eve in Amritsar. Take delight in lip-smacking food and choicest liquor served at the banquet hall. Comfort yourself with a peg of your favorite drink in hand and hookah on the table. The music takes away all your stress and relaxes you inside out so that you can have a stress-less time enjoying New Year’s Eve.

2. Hyatt Regency

Hyatt Regency, Amritsar New Year Party

Step into the world of elegance and relaxation at The Hyatt Regency in City Centre. Enjoy every sip of your drink beside the pool and lavish dinner being served all through the night. Sway with the soothing music played in the background. The stunning view of the city from the hotel takes you by a hypnotic state of mind. And if you wish to rock and roll, the party lounge is all open for you with the best services, music and dance floor. The best way to celebrate New Year eve in Amritsar can’t get better than this.

3. Peddlers Amritsar

Peddlers, Amritsar New Year Party

The coolest place to celebrate New Year’s party is in Ranjit Avenue at Amritsar. Mind-blowing live performances, dance, music, and DJ will get you grooving on your feet all night long. Food, drinks, ambiance and many more, the place has an incredible number of options to explore. The nightclub ushers famous music bands to keep you entertained the entire time. Do visit one of the top-notch pubs where we can celebrate New Year in Amritsar in the wackiest way.

4. Blue Icy Bar and Pub

Blue Icy Bar and Pub, Amritsar New Year Party

The biggest party hub of the city, The Blue Icy Bar and Pub in Ranjit Avenue is all set blue for the very occasion of New Year celebration. An unrivaled menu that you might not find anywhere else in the city, exotic premium drinks, exciting music, DJs, music bands, and thrilling performances, what else would a party-lover ever wish for! Drop into the best place to celebrate New Year in Amritsar and party hard until you go crazy.

5. Ramada Amritsar

Ramada Amritsar, New Year Party

Luxuriate in ultimate fun and frolic and make your last day of the year a memorable one at the four-star luxury hotel in Hall Bazaar. The rooftop lounge beside the pool, open-air party, star-lit sky, and dim lights will undoubtedly steal your soul away. So, get carried away by the astonishing aura of the place and welcome the newest year with a light heart. The best way to celebrate New Year in Amritsar is for sure at Ramada Amritsar.

6. H K Clarks Inn

H K Clarks Inn, Amritsar New Year Party

Do you desire to spend a calm, comfortable, warm evening to greet the New Year with a buoyant mind? Then, do make headway to The H K Clarks Inn in Ranjit Avenue and spend quality time with your favorite company. The lit smile on your face as you watch the stupefying fireworks usher the New Year symbolizes the good times. Let this New Year be a classy experience to reminisce. Come and involve in elegance and know how to celebrate New Year eve in Amritsar.

7. Radisson Blu

Radisson Blu, Amritsar New Year Party

An exemplified version of posh and style, the Radisson Blu on the State Highway organizes a lavish New Year’s Eve. Chill out and relax, sip your drink and enjoy the delectable delicacies on the side of the pool. The entire environment is embellished in dim lights and the music to soothe your soul. The venue pampers your senses for an impeccable feel. Suit yourself to the ultimate comfort and celebrate New Year in Amritsar in a chic.

8. F bar

F bar, Amritsar New Year Party

Are you still in confusion about where to celebrate New Year in Amritsar? Then give it a thought to be the part of one of the craziest parties hosted at the F Bar in Ranjit Avenue. The most demanded and visited club of Amritsar hosts a party to drool over. Electrifying music, liquor, and delicious food will keep you on till the morning rays show up. Hurry up, grab your tickets for your gang and be prepared to attend the most awaited party of the year!

9. Stars ‘N’ bars

Stars ‘N’ bars, Amritsar New Year Party

A pub that raises your expectations higher over where to go to celebrate New Year in Amritsar, The Stars ‘N’ Bar in Ranjit Avenue is all prepared to get you to go heels over the head. The food and liquor menu will surely surprise you with an array of celebrity signature items. Lavish dinner, open bar and the entire party hall boasting celebrity figurines, the bar hosts New Year celebrations in Amritsar with an absolutely unique style. The great music and hospitality of the place will positively steal your heart away.

10. Hotel Ritz Plaza

Hotel Ritz Plaza, Amritsar New Year Party

Amongst the premier places to celebrate New Year in Amritsar in a royal and grand way, this hotel in Mall Road organizes a party to get you a rich feel this New Year. Elegant ornamentation and extravagant banquet hall of the hotel leaves you awestruck. The splendid tenor of the avenue marks quite an impression. Watch the lighted up sky as the clock strikes midnight from the beautiful meadows. Sip a drink to happiness and spend a seraphic time with your family. Enjoy to your heart’s content.

It is now you who has to decide which of the places to celebrate New Year eve in Amritsar will go into your bucket list. Grab your shoes fast as the reservation claims for these above-mentioned places for celebrating New Year in Amritsar are speeding up!

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