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20 Best Places to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Mumbai

We know that work load throughout the year has drained your batteries and now you need something to boost your spirits as the New Year approaches. It’s just the right time to start planning your New Year propagandas for 2019 but don’t forget the parties though. Mumbai is a city that will never disappoint you when it comes to being an ultimate party destination. Get ready to sizzle the dance floor as you sip in your favorite drink at the New Year extravagant party destinations in Mumbai. Now celebrate New Year in Mumbai at the best places with a pompous crowd.

So, if you are puzzled as to finding the perfect place for a special new year, let us list out some of the top places in Mumbai that are perfect for celebrating the New Year’s Eve.


1. Essel World

Essel World New Year, Mumbai

What’s better than hiking a ride to the ultimate party destination and the most renowned theme park located in Mumbai? Yes, we are talking about a place none other than Essel World which is the best place to celebrate New Year in Mumbai located at Gorai, Mira Road West. Welcome the New Year with popular DJ artists that spin up amazing music just for you.

Now dance along with the feet tapping music at a place that can easily hold more than 15,000 people. You can party through the night with incredible music, thrilling rides, dance, delicious food, and perfectly mixed drinks. Not just that, you get to enjoy international acts along with being a part of the carnival that doesn’t stop till the sun of the New Year takes over the night sky.

2. Adlabs Imagica

Adlabs Imagica New Year, Mumbai

If you have been looking for places to celebrate New Year in Mumbai, the Adlabs Imagica could be the right location for you to invest an amazing time with rides late in the night or some of the best experiences brought to you at affordable prices. Enjoy some of the international quality standard rides while you update your Facebook status and upload pictures with friends over social media. It is one among the highly preferred destinations when it comes to New Year parties. This theme park has an open-air arena with unlimited drinks, mouth-watering food, and live performances from dancers, top DJs from the Bollywood industry and many other additional facilities provided to you at Khopoli near Mumbai.

3. Marine Drive

Marine Drive New Year, Mumbai

If you are a Mumbaikar, you must be acquainted with the love the locals have for the Marine Drive. For folks who love fireworks by the horizon less water, Marine Drive could be the best place for New Year celebrations in Mumbai. So this New Year, get to the Marine Drive and watch as the fireworks light up the night sky by the roaring waves that hit this beach. If hungry, you can enjoy the scrumptious snacks being sold by the local vendors or sip that cup of “Garam Chai” as you pass the night with your loved ones. Make sure you get to this place in time to secure a great view point as it gets crowded soon enough. If you aren’t about booze or loud music, but the beautiful lights, you will surely love your time at the Marine Drive.

4. Harry’s Bar and Café

Harry’s Bar and Café, Mumbai

Cartwheel into a wholesome New Year as you indulge in a fun night at the Harry’s Bar and Café. If you are in search for the best way to celebrate New Year Eve in Mumbai, unleash your wild side as you enter this bar set to please its guests with amazing amenities when it comes to having fun. Located at Phoenix Market City in Kurla, Mumbai, this party destination welcomes a rush of youngsters looking for a crazy night with amazing experience to help you get through the year all happy and positive with energy.

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5. FLYP@MTV Café

FLYP@MTV Café, Mumbai

A completely different setting will surely bring you onboard when planning your New Year night at the FLYP@MTV Café which is located at Lower Parel. What would convince you to visit this café you ask? Well let us tell you that the dishes served to you here have been curated exclusively by Ranveer Brar, the celebrity chef. What’s more? When at FLYP@MTV Café you get to experience some of the best activities available for you to make your New Year a special one with things such as “Book A Bakra”, “Endless Shelf”, “Talent Record Room”, etc.

6. Old Wild West Café

Old Wild West Café, Mumbai

Love that good old cowboy look? What about a whole café designed to cater that Old Wild West look? At Old Wild West Café, you get to experience this New Year in a whole new Mexican style. Located at Lower Parel area of Mumbai, this café serves as one among the best places to celebrate New Year Eve in Mumbai. So, this New Year party hard while you sip in from an amazing collection of drinks that include Mexican Wave, Island Spiced Tea, Classic Margarita, etc.

7. The Manchan

The Manchan New Year Party

Although a bit on the costlier half of the party destinations in Mumbai, The Machan is worth its price tag, especially when it comes to New Year celebrations. If you are in search of new ways on how to celebrate New Year in Mumbai or nearby place Lonavala, get down to this Eco-Friendly resort that flaunts a collection of uniquely crafted tree houses that align about 30 to 45 feet atop the forest cover. As you sip your cup of coffee, a scenic escape to natural beauty is bound to bring butterflies to your stomach. The houses are powered by the efficient solar panels which mean you are contributing your part to a better environment. So this New Year, celebrate amidst the nature and peace of “The Manchan”.

8. Tryst

Tryst, Mumbai new year

This New Year, if you are planning on taking your beloved on a special date make sure you plan a visit to the Tryst which is a renowned party place at Lower Parel. This club is one among the highly recommended places for celebrating New Year in Mumbai. If you seek a wholesome VIP treatment, Tryst has got everything you need in place. This futuristic club houses elevated tables that require a minimum spending of at least INR 25,000 for each person. If money isn’t the concern, you can also plan for the VIP tables named Den 1 & Den 2 with a personal bouncer and butler at your service.

9. China House Lounge

China House Lounge, Mumbai

Getting entry into the China House Lounge is a bit difficult given the fact that they take special care of whether you are dressed right for the party or even being a stag could prevent you from getting an entry. However, if you do manage to get in, you are surely in for a treat. So make sure you list this lounge at the top position when it comes to sorting out the best place to celebrate New Year Eve in Mumbai near Santacruz East.

10. Trilogy

Trilogy Mumbai New Year

If you happen to get to this particular club, you are in for a pleasing experience as you party through the night on the night before the New Year. Have some drinks as you sit over those sexy red colored couches while gazing at the beautiful light setup and amazing music that thumps the walls. For folks who are in search of the best way to celebrate New Year in Mumbai near Juhu, this club could just be the right destination. As you enter the club, you get to sip in the Watermelon-basil martinis handed over by the bartenders waiting for you outside.

11. Blue Frog

Blue Frog, Mumbai New Year

Blue Frog is a club in Lower Parel, Mumbai that has seriously revolutionized the way the people experience live music in the city. With seating booths shaped like an egg paired with some highly sophisticated acoustics scenario, your dilemma on how to celebrate New Year Eve in Mumbai is completely sorted at Blue Frog.

12. Matahaari

Matahaari Mumbai New Year

Mumbai being the birth place of Bollywood, why not make your New Year special with a party destination that revives the charm of Bollywood style. The Matahaari located at Worli, entered the line of clubs as one among the highly luxurious nightclubs in the city and today some of the best New Year parties are organized at this club. If you are wondering where to go to celebrate New Year in Mumbai, make sure Matahaari is among the top options.

13. Aer

Aer, Mumbai

Puzzled where to celebrate New Year in Mumbai? Why not invest in a sky-high club for an amazing view of the night sky as the New Year approaches. This bar located at rooftop of a 34 floor-high building in Worli, brings you an iconic view of the crackers lighting up in the sky and random encounters with famous fashionistas who keep this club among the most preferred list of destinations in Mumbai when it comes to partying in the best style.

14. Tote On The Turf

Tote On The Turf, Mumbai New Year

Designed by Kapi Gupta, the leading name when it comes to creative architects in India, this club/bar is the perfect destination if you want a gorgeous opening to the New Year. Pitched against the beautiful backdrop comprised of gorgeous trees and Mahalaxmi Race Course located in South Mumbai, this place is where the chic residents of the city come to celebrate their festivities and New Year being the most special event to start with.

15. Hard Rock Café

Hard Rock Café, Worli Mumbai

Located centrally at the Worli locale of Mumbai, the Hard Rock Café really rocks with its buzzing crowd, amazing music culture and line of American style food menu. If you are out of choices on where we can celebrate New Year in Mumbai, Hard Rock Café is surely the answers to all your prayers. Super-sized food with prices that perfectly match, you will surely love your New Year night party at this café while trying out the popular mocktails which include Mango Berry Cooler, Wild Berry Smoothie, Crush Velvet, and many more. With live music that gives you goose bumps, you will surely love this New Year party experience.

16. Drop

Drop, Mumbai

Drop is one among the high energy type nightclubs located in Linking Road, Bandra West of Mumbai that comes with a particularly offbeat boho-chic style. This club is the perfect example of urban city culture and comfortable atmosphere with ample seating options. Drop is the best place for someone who is looking forward to unwind this New Year with late night parties and a bar that is completely equipped to mix your favorite drink.

17. R’ADDA

R’ADDA, Mumbai New Year

R’ADDA is especially preferred by the youth of Mumbai when it comes to New Year parties given the fact that is located near the infamous Juhu Beach. As you enter this lounge, one can see a bar that is completely stocked with international specials. If you love dancing to the amazing tunes being played in the lounge, there is a dedicated dance floor for you. The best thing about this place is the wooden theme décor that makes it stand apart.

18. Escobar-Tapas Bar

Escobar-Tapas Bar, Mumbai

If you are a party animal, then Escobar at Bandra West, has everything that you would need to party hard this New Year. With an amazingly massive dance floor and a humongous bar on the side, you will surely make the best of your New Year plans with friends, colleagues, or maybe that special someone. When it comes to food, this bar is the one with multispecialty in Mexican, Spanish, and Italian cuisine.

19. Tap Resto-Bar

Tap Resto-Bar, Mumbai

The Tap Resto-Bar will surely bring you into the mood that is all about crazy music with mouth-watering dishes brought to you as you sing that song you always wanted to at the special Karaoke stage. If you are in a mood to do more than just dancing or drinking, Tap Resto-Bar at Bandra West is the right place for you. You can also order your favorite flavored hookah at this bar.

20. Wink

Wink, Mumbai

Comfortable seats, sophisticated décor, and most of all a priceless collection of amazing drinks, the Wink is surely a lux destination to be at when hopping around looking for the perfect place to party for New Year. Of course, all of these come at a price tag but all worth it given the posh experience you receive at this club located at Cuffe Parade near Colaba. Whether it is live band or DJ playing your favorite track, Wink has everything you could ever ask for. Make sure you plan your visit post 10 at night because that’s when the youngsters float in for parties.

Mumbai is known for being all pomp and show when it comes to partying as we enter the New Year for whole new experiences and memories. The list of places you can party at in Mumbai is endless but we sorted out the best for you. So, enjoy and have a Happy New Year ahead!

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