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Top 5 Water and Amusement Parks in Dehradun

Dehradun, the beautiful capital of Uttarakhand is located just at the foothills of the Great Himalayas, is one of the most visited hill stations in India and attracts quite a population to it. The entire city seems to have been blessed by nature as if nature has worked at its best in here. Flanked by Ganga in the East and Yamuna in the West, the picturesque scenery of this place leaves the people who visit here, awestruck. The breathtaking mountain valley, rivers, temples, gurudwaras, parks, flora and fauna, unique culture, heartwarming people and a lot more, everything comes together to make the best tourists places of the country, Dehradun. Besides all of these relaxing and absolutely serene places that Dehradun offers to the visitors, the city is full of fun as well. The amazing amusement and water parks in Dehradun show how lively and colorful your vacation can be. So, here is the list of all water parks in Dehradun that one must visit whilst in the city.


1. Fun n Food Kingdom

Within the paradise of beauty lies the paradise of fun. The Fun n Food Kingdom is an absolutely perfect place or the fun lovers to enjoy to the fullest. You will find out rides like nowhere else in this water park in Dehradun Uttarakhand. The high end technology used in these rides make them the most fun and thrilling ones. There are 14 spine chilling rides available for everyone in this park! The picnic area in this park is a dream for everyone who wants a fun-filled weekend with friends or family. The lush green lawns are where you can lie down simply and enjoy your sandwich while the kids can splash water in the kids’ swimming pool nearby. A walk by the water fountain creates new the romantic memories and is a must try by the couples to refresh their love.

Fun n Food Kingdom, Dehradun

The boat club has a large boating area where you can paddle or row in a vessel and is completely suited for family and lovers. Are you ready to drain energy? The water activities and games designed by the park are utterly meant for this purpose. The water slides are exhilarating and definite to bring out the kid in you out. Do you wish to have more fun? The park proffers an exciting area with totally energetic music being played by the DJ while you can groove in the tunes getting wet under sprinkling rain water. The wave pool will give you an experience of sea shore amongst the mid of the mountains. One day is worth visiting this bewildering park. No doubt, this park is one of the best water parks in Dehradun.

Ticket Price/Entry feeAdult (Above 132 cms. ) Above 10 yrs : Rs. 600 Amusement & Water Park (Including constumes)

Kids (Below 132 cms.) Below 10 yrs : Rs. 500 Amusement & Water Park (Including constumes)

Senior Citizen : Rs. 400 Amusement & Water Park

Stag Entry : Rs. 450 Amusement Park only
Timings Amusement Park: 9:00 am - 5:00 pm

Water Park: 11:00 am - 4:00 pm
AddressAmusement & Water Park
Village Kohlupani, Nanda Ki Chawki,
Near Prem Nagar, Dehradun
Phone Numbers+91 70889 97766, +91 93197 03587
Email Address[email protected]
Official Websitewww.funnfoodkingdom.in

2. The Fun Valley

To the second in the list of water parks in Dehradun, is the Fun Valley water and amusement park.  the positioning of the park in exactly midway of Rishikesh and Hardiwar and the level of fun that the park extends to its visitors, have made this park as one of the most demanded water theme parks in Dehradun. The valley of fun sprawls over a very large area so as to accommodate the jovial crowd, making it the 21st biggest water park of the country and largest amongst the water parks at Dehradun! The multiple water slides, uncountable number of water rides and games to be played whilst in the pool, are intoxicating.

The Fun Valley, Dehradun

To further gladden your mood up, this park has an alluring Dome Skied water shower and Water Dance. The kiddies’ pool is the favorite spot for the young ones. While the older people can have a relaxing time enjoying the calming beauty of the well maintained garden area near the fountain enjoying the fresh sweet smell of flowers, you can lay lazy in the lazy river pool and let all your worries float away with the water. The amusement section of this place has delightful options to have fun within. They present you Go-Kart, Dadgem dashing cars, Dragon coaster, Fress Bee, Water shoot, Chand-Tara ride and many more rollicking rides. The entire park has a chuckle-some atmosphere and will set your mood into a happy mode. Visit this place for sure.

Ticket Price/Entry feeHeight Below 3' : FREE

Height Between 3' to 4'6" : Rs. 600/-

Height Above 4' 6" : Rs. 700/-
Timings 9:00 am - 7:00 pm
AddressThe Fun Valley
28th Km Stone, Haridwar Road, Lal Tappar
Dehradun, Uttarakhand 248140
Phone Numbers+91-9837243335, +91-9837253335
Email Address[email protected],
[email protected],
[email protected]
Official Websitehttp://funvalley.co.in

3. Joy Land Water and Amusement Park

You must have seen people shouting and having lots of fun with their faces turned red in the roller coaster rides. Do you want to experience some of these gaiety rides yourself? The Joy land water and amusement park offers you a real deal of rides where you can feel the blood rushing through the veins and a super adrenaline blow up in your body. The several water rides that this park has will make you go mad over this place. The family rides are just perfect to create some amazing memories with your loved ones.

Joy Land Water and Amusement Park, Dehradun

The climate of Dehradun just fits in with the environment of the park. Ranked as the unrivalled amusement park in Dehradun, this place suits people from all ages. The striking charm of this place is so pleasing that you will never want to leave this place ever. The huge fountains and waterfalls constructed in this area let you enjoy the music of nature. Rejuvenate your mind and soul besides the stream following through the premises. A virtual zoo and countless video games are available for the kids. The water fun activities, wall climbing, toy train to take a safari feeling of the park perimeter and a lot more, the park is definitely a great place to explore. A true experience is beyond words. It is a must to visit this park listed amid the foremost water parks near Dehradun.

Timings 9:30 am - 7:00 pm
AddressMain Shahastradhara, Dehradun Gpo, Dehradun - 248001
Phone Numbers9258072109, 9634598059, 9416370291, 9258072101

4. Sahasradhara

Nestling exactly opposite to the lovely and impressive Sahasradhara Waterfall, this is amongst the one of its kind water parks in Dehradun district. Sahasradhara(or Sahastradhara) means the 1000 drips, this water park is all set to drip you wet. The Sulphur spring water park is not just a place to have immense fun, but to heal your body, mind and soul in its heavenly waters. One of the stipulated water parks of India, Sahasradhara has innumerable entertaining things to extend to its visitors. The most fascinating amongst all the rides is a water slide that will give you a slithering snake experience as you slip through the walls, from a height really unimaginable. Other than this, there are a number of water activities, water sports and a huge pool to dive in.

Sahasradhara, Dehradun

For especially the kids, there has been built a separate kid’s zone. Usually, it is recommended not to visit water parks during monsoon, but this park has its real beauty coming mainly during this time of the year. For some adventure, you must try the rope way that connects the park to a vivid hill with caves to explore. The hill is a home to some very rarely found plants too! A small walk nearby the amusement place is another landmark, the Brimstone water. The Sulphur hot water of the stream flowing through the park has healing properties and will give you a divine feeling. The scenic and picturesque charm of this place can be captured while you ride on the cable cars. This water park knows the best of Dehradun and maintains it really well. This amid all the other amusement parks in Dehradun deserves a stop by.

Ticket Price/Entry feeFREE
Timings 8:00 am - 7:00 pm
AddressKhiroi, Uttarakhand 246422
Phone Numbers09568122672

5. Lacchiwala

It feels so stuck to stay in the hustle-bustle city life. Isn’t it? Do you wish to come closer to the nature and flush your lungs with a lot of fresh air? Lacchiwala Nature Park is just the destination. This water park in Dehradun is the premier destination for outing and is the number one choice for both the locals and tourists. The best feature of the park is you can enjoy everything in this park by staying in the small wooden cottages built in the premise. An awesome place to visit, the park has pools where you can get in and float, losing all your pressure as you do so. A stream flowing through the park will wash away all stress with its soulful music.

You can spend an ideal and flawless day in mid of the forest, listening to the melodious songs of the birds. The landscape at the waterfall is like a freshly painted picture on a canvas. The small eateries and shops scattered here and there in the park, where you can get the local food and refreshing snacks, will give you a majorly different experience. Lacchiwala also has a natural water reserve which is open to jump in. What makes this place stand unique amongst other water parks in Dehradun is the calm, soothing and peaceful surrounding. Come here and take away beautiful memories when you leave for home. Pack the mementos gifted by this natural park.

Ticket Price/Entry feeFREE
Timings 7:00 am - 6:00 pm
AddressLachhiwala Range, Uttarakhand 248008
Phone Numbers094665 24446

Traverse the best theme parks in Dehradun and make your vacations the memorable ones. It is always a right time to teleport to the city. So, don’t think much and hop into the world of fun and beauty.

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