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Top 3 Water and Amusement parks in Bhopal

Madhya Pradesh boasts of its capital city Bhopal which is popular for being the City of lakes. This huge city has its own ecstatic and interesting history and culture which is totally unique from other mega cities of the country. What makes Bhopal so eminent is its beauty, tradition, food and of course entertainment. Bhopal is as modern as old and that is why, the city has been attracting a number of tourists every year to it. The diverse group of amusement parks in Bhopal is what makes the tourist droll over this place. So, here is a catalogue of amusement and water parks in Bhopal, the places of fun and frolic that one must visit whilst in Bhopal:


1. Kanha Fun City

To top the list of water parks in Bhopal is the Kanha Fun City. This place is so perfect for the people who love adventures and wish to have a fun-filled vacation. This water park in Bhopal MP is the most demanded weekend spot for the locals and those residing nearby Bhopal. The wave pool is a big one, where the artificially generated waves will give you a sea shore feeling. Get ready to whoopee, sliding through the variety of slithering water slides and body slides, that throw you up in the air and into the pool with a huge splash. The baby pool and kids zone in this water park in Bhopal has rides are specially made for the kids to have fun.

Kanha Fun City, Bhopal

The multiply system is definite to multiply the fun to several folds; this ride has multiple waters slides, set up side by side. The Cyclone will make you throw up as you swirl through the walls of the water slide. There are more to go; the tube ride, lazy river, waterfall, family slides, water activities, games besides the pool, sunbathing options and the list goes on. This entertainment park deserves to be in the index of the best water parks in Bhopal. The eateries found in the premises of the park are one of the best in the city. Kanha Fun City is a must visit amusement park in Bhopal. The water park has been successful in satisfying the expectations of the crowd.

Ticket Price/Entry feeRs.200 per person
Timings 10:00 am to 7:00 pm
AddressKanha's Fun City
Rukmani Amusement Ltd.
Hoshangabad Road, Ratanpur, Bhopal
Phone Numbers+91-7049922744, +91-7049922844, +91-9644331122
Email Address[email protected]
Official Websitehttp://kanhafuncity.com

2. Crescent Water Park Sehore

A world full of fun, the second in the must visit water theme parks in Bhopal is the Crescent Water Park. The entire park is divided into three main sections, the water park, the amusement park and the restaurant area, all of which provide a huge variety to choose from. The Honey Infinity Pool is the largest pool found amongst the water parks in MP. The water sports and games that are extended to the visitors in here can be found nowhere else in the entire state. The thrilling experience while sliding down the water slides and the gliding through the body slides into the pools spilling water all around is absolutely different. The giant swings, roller coasters, toy train, colorful cup and saucer, bull rides, dashing cars, virtual video games and many more; all these rollicking rides will rock and roll you up. Along with these the amusing games sets a fun mode in everyone’s mind.

Crescent Water Park Sehore

For the senior citizens to enjoy, the park has created beautiful structures, planted trees to generate shade and has maintained a silky soft lawn, where one can just sit and relax, enjoying the little droplets of water sprinkling from the fountain nearby. Unlike other water parks in Bhopal, this water park has even more ludicrous entertaining choices to pick. The eateries section in the boundary of the park provides some really delicious food to excite the taste buds. The park has a very attractive package open particularly during the festival of colors, Holi. So, pack your bags and get ready to enter into an atmosphere where there is nothing but only fun, laughter and joy. This water park bags its name amid the top water parks in MP.

Ticket Price/Entry feeRs.350 per person
Timings 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
AddressOpp. Crescent Resort & Club, Sehore By-pass Road, National Highway, Sehore
Madhya Pradesh, - India
Phone Numbers+91-9644410005
Email Address[email protected], [email protected]
Official Websitewww.crescentwaterpark.in

3. People’s Mall Water Park

Yet another in the index of all water parks in Bhopal is the People’s Mall Water Park. This amusing park has a theme; replicas of all the famous buildings of the world have been constructed here, with such magnificence that leaves the tourists awestruck, making it one of the best theme parks in Bhopal. The mall with a water park within has amazing water rides, waters slides and tube slides with twists and turns throughout, to give you a jumpy experience. The large pool amid the water park is where one can float and relax or splash and spill water all around.

People’s Mall Water Park, Bhopal

Refresh your mood by visiting the entertainment multiplex 7D. Compared to the water parks in Bhopal district, this one is very dynamic, it organizes event all through the year for the tourists so as to create special memories for them. You can often find a lot of television shows and film being shot here. The scary house will definitely get your spine chilling. The gaming zone is open for people of all ages and has uncountable video games and virtual games. So, get ready to unleash the kiddie in you and forget the real world. This place turns out to be a memento to take back as a gift. This is one of the premier water parks near Bhopal. The shopping mall beside the water park is the ultimate shopper’s stop. The park earns to be listed amongst the top water parks in Bhopal.

Timings 09:00 am to 09:00 pm
AddressAyodhya Bypass Road, People's Campus, Peaple's group, Bhanpur, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 462037
Phone Numbers1800 270 0080

Water parks are always beguiling and amusing. The water parks of Bhopal are built exceptionally for the crowds to have a great and extraordinary time, full of recreation. The themes set up in the park intend to create memories to last for a lifetime. The above mentioned water parks at Bhopal put a lot of effort to satisfy the customers and provide them a relaxation time, driving them away from their real lives into a truly virtual refreshing world. Therefore, these fun destinations without any doubts should be traversed.

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