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Kidzania Noida – Best Kids Indoor Theme Park in Delhi NCR

Kidzania happens to be one of the most favorite names for kid’s entertainment. It is one of the most reputed places of entertainment for kids in the entire Delhi and NCR. The concept of Kidzania Noida is unique and one of its kind. The creators have conceptualized an all-around development of the kids inside the park. It combines all that entices children and adults. Kidzania is located in the entertainment city of Noida. It is a global brand. It is not only present in India, but also it is operational in more than 27 cities in 22 countries like Japan, Korea, Middle east countries, America and many more. People from all over the world appreciated the unique concept crafted for all-round development and growth of kids. All these are carried out to ensure the kids have a better future through fun and frolic and make the world a better place to live in.

Kidzania Noida

One of the significant parts of the conceptualization of Kidzania is role-playing. It is not only fun but it also gives the children the real world exposure. This crusade increases the social respect for all professions that the kids have in front of them to choose in their upcoming future. Kidzania Noida offers more than 100 role-playing activities for kids to play. The role activities include acting, animation, aviation, medical sciences, and the list continues. Role-playing has been incremental in the improvement of the mental ability of many students. Your kids are not left alone to spend time. They are preferably kept in strict supervision of educationists, play experts and child physiologists.

Kidzania in Noida

Kidzania is built like an entire city of its own. That being said, you would now be wondering, what does the place have? The town has its well-maintained paved roads, cars that are operated utilizing a battery, and a well-managed economy. After entering the park through Kidzania Noida deals, your kids will not only explore but also learn. The environment inside the city is appropriate for kids to rejoice, learn and improve their creativity and skills of decision-making.  The fact that makes this place different from others is the importance that has been given to make everything uncomplicated. There are no rides and video games for your kids. However, your child will love the way of solving problems and learning social value. Learning these skills from a very young age would be highly essential for your kid’s future. It doesn’t matter which profession your kid may choose in the future; every profession would necessitate your kid to perform better and deliver enriched results.

Noida Kidzania

Kidzania has been helping kids in the development of cognitive, social, emotional, and language skills. To bring something different to the table, Kidzania has tried to curate its economy, which is just similar to any other nation in the world. The kids are taught to live independently in the country of their choice. In the course of the journey, they learn how to earn and how to spend on their needs. They are encouraged to save as much as they can and get kidzos. Kidzos are the currency that the kids can make use in the course of their stay in Kidzania. All this make the kids know more about the financial economy. With the help of Kidzos, they can be a part of their city’s supply chain and demand economy. When they enter Kidzania, they are provided with a cheque of Kidzo. These cheques can be used as cash for ordering any goods or services. This not the end. There is also a bank inside Kidzania. The kids can deposit their money and request debit cards to withdraw kidzos from the ATMs that are present inside Kidzania.


Kidzania has been a serial recipient of many awards for CSR activities. It has also been awarded several times as one of the best amusement and theme parks for kids. These unique characteristics coupled with the brilliant Kidzania Noida activities make the place one of the most renowned institutions all over the world.

Kidzania Noida India not only offers entry to kids but also to adults. Kidzania Noida activities for adults are great fun to participate in. All these may seem to be very straightforward. However, it is undoubtedly one of the best ways to learn new and interesting things even if you are a grown-up. This flexibility makes the place one of the best amusement parks in entire Delhi and NCR. Kidzania Noida Delhi NCR makes available for parental guidance. Adults are not allowed to be a part of all the activities for kids. However, they can relax in the parental lounge that is built specifically for them and see their children playing as well as learning. The room gets free access to the internet and a TV connection too. When your kids spend time with their friends thinking about future goals, you can spend some time with yourself. It has been built over a large area that can comfortably accommodate a lot of people at any single point of time. It also houses a library for the parents to spend time reading books.

Kidzania of Noida

Kidzania Noida makes use of the best technology out in the market. It uses RFID bracelets that readily fit on the kids’ wrist. With this provision, you can get information about what is happening and how your kids are at any point of time. Pepper Fry has designed the parents lounge.

To facilitate world-class care to your kids, Kidzania Noida NCR has tied up with many foreign companies to boost the value of the amusement park as well as provide infrastructural support.  If you haven’t tried this fantastic place, then it is high time to come to this beautiful place and spend quality time. Kidzania Noida Sector 18 offers many discounts on package services. Being a partner to a lot of big companies, Kidzania has moved ahead to be responsible for carrying out many CSR activities all over the year.

Ticket Price/Entry FeeEarly Bird - 5 hours : Kid (4 to 16 yrs) : Rs.1150/-, Adult (17 to 59 yrs) : Rs.550/-, Toddler (2 to 3 yrs) : Rs.600/-, Sr. Citizen (60+ yrs) : Rs.400/-

Any 3 Hours Weekdays : Kid (4 to 16 yrs) : Rs.1000/-, Adult (17 to 59 yrs) : Rs.500/-, Toddler (2 to 3 yrs) : Rs.550/-, Sr. Citizen (60+ yrs) : Rs.350/-

Any 5 Hours : Kid (4 to 16 yrs) : Rs.1250/-, Adult (17 to 59 yrs) : Rs.650/-, Toddler (2 to 3 yrs) : Rs.700/-, Sr. Citizen (60+ yrs) : Rs.450/-

Full Day Pass : Kid (4 to 16 yrs) : Rs.1500/-, Adult (17 to 59 yrs) : Rs.650/-, Toddler (2 to 3 yrs) : Rs.800/-, Sr. Citizen (60+ yrs) : Rs.400/-

Last 3 Hours : Kid (4 to 16 yrs) : Rs.850/-, Adult (17 to 59 yrs) : Rs.400/-, Toddler (2 to 3 yrs) : Rs.500/-, Sr. Citizen (60+ yrs) : Rs.300/-

Note: Babies below 2 yrs get free entry on all days!
Timings 10:00 am to 09:00 pm
AddressKidZania Delhi NCR, Entertainment City, Gate No. 11, Near The GIP Mall, Sector 38A, Noida, 201 301.
Phone Numbers1800 102 1222
Email Address[email protected]
Official Websitehttp://delhincr.kidzania.com/en-in
Nearest Metro StationNoida Sector 18

Kidzania at Noida has an extensive range of culinary magic. Almost six restaurants make available for the upmarket standard of food at a much affordable price.  You can choose to have anything that excites you and your kids. This is undoubtedly a place that needs to be visited repeatedly with the kids for better care and effective preparation for a bright future.

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