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Splash Water Park in Delhi

Enter into the magical world of Splash Water Park in Delhi and allow yourself to take a break from the monotonous city life. The hustle-bustle of the metro city and the constant juggle between work and home gets so tiresome. To break the wheel of stress and tension and spend some quality time with your loved ones you must take a vacation. What better than spending some time in a water park to get your mood refreshed?

Splash Water Park in Delhi

The splash water park of Delhi is one of its kinds and is the perfect place to retreat from daily-life boring routine and have some fun and enjoyment with your friends and family. Drive with your own vehicle and don’t worry about the parking space. In the outside of the Water Park, there is ample space dedicated to the parking of the vehicles of the visitors. At the entry get, collect your passes and enter into the world full of happiness and joy. We guarantee you that, once you pay a visit to the splash water park you are going to leave with loads of memories to cherish later in life. Come here and leave your stresses behind and return home with a heart full of mirth and cheerfulness.

Splash Water Park Delhi

The splash water park at Delhi is classified into two broad categories –one is the Water Park where all the water-based rides are equipped and the other one is the Amusement Park which contains all the land-based rides both for adults and the children. In the splash water park rides include–the Buddha Water Fall, now you can have the feeling of enjoying a waterfall amidst a metro city, isn’t that something really cool? Next is the Mushroom Fall Ride, there is a wave pool on the premises, different varieties of multilane slides and tornado slide with several twists and turns which make you land ultimately into the pool.

Splash Water Park Alipur Delhi

You spend the entire day inside the swimming pool lying like a lazy croc and taking in the pleasant ambiance of the water park or you can simply hop around and get high on adrenaline. The choice is yours to make! Missing the feeling of being at a sea beach? Well, now your wish has been granted by the Lord of Water and he decided to bestow you with the feeling of being at a sea beach. And, splash water park Delhi is all set with a wave pool. You can stay inside the pool for as long as you wish and let the waves of water crash on to your body letting you have the feel of being in an ocean. Now, tell us honestly, are you fond of dancing under the rain? Then what is holding you back? Come to the splash water park in Alipur and fulfill that wish of yours. The in-house DJ keeps blaring the speakers with EDM and enchanting music that will force your feet to continue tapping and your body groove. So, come along sway on the dance floor and show some dance moves, and; just when the mood of the crowd is right and vibrating, the water showers that are equipped on the premises will shower rain on you while you are dancing to the beats of some of the very famous item numbers.

Splash Water Park in Alipur Delhi

Coming to the Amusement Park the list of rides include –the Striking Car, where you can go as crazy as possible. Forget all the driving rules and bump your car with other riders and jostle for space. Does that sound absurd to you? Come and check it yourself and we assure you that you are going to have loads of fun by letting it loose. The Mini Columbus, Cup and Soccer, Carrousel, the Break Dance, and many more rides. Recently the splash water park GT Karnal road has added a new attraction and that is considered to be the longest water slide pendulum ride in Northern India. You can rest assured that all the rides in the Water Park are designed by expert engineers by keeping your safety in mind. The trained professionals are appointed at every point of the rides to guide you will all sorts of rules and regulations, which you need to follow while riding any of the rides. All the necessary gears shall be provided to you by the staff members of the Splash water park itself. The water park is very particular about the sanitation and your safety as well. Therefore, you need to follow a certain dress code when you visit the place.

Splash Water Park of Delhi

The visitors are allowed to put up clothes that are made up of synthetic materials and not out of cotton. Especially, the ladies must avoid wearing anything, which may contain long scarves. There are high chances of these materials to get stuck with the rides and intervene with the safety of the riders. If you still aren’t sure about what kind of clothes you can carry, don’t worry you can always buy a pair from the shop that is located on the premises of the water park. The splash water park Alipur has various food eateries and kiosks, which will be of great help to satiate the foodie in you. After all, you cannot have all the fun when your stomach is growling with hunger pangs. The food kiosks at the food court of the water park serve with multiple mouth-watering delicacies. There are multiple cuisines served here starting all the way from Chinese to Indian, Italian, and many more varieties of your choice. The facilities of the water park do not end here. If in case of any emergency immediate First Aid will be provided to the injured person.

Ticket Price/Entry FeeAll Days : Child(Below 2.9 ft) - FREE, Child(Above 2.9 ft and below 4.6 ft) - Rs.400, Stag - Rs.700, Couple - Rs.1000
Timings Water Rides : 10 am to 5 pm

Amusement Rides : 5 pm to 7 pm
AddressMain GT Karnal Road, Near Palla Moad, Alipur, Delhi - 110036
Phone Numbers+91-9250055222, +91-9250059692
Email Address[email protected]
Official Websitewww.splashwaterpark.co.in
Nearest Metro StationJahangirpuri

Also, if you are planning to organize any form of parties whether it is a birthday party, an official meeting, anniversary celebrations, kitty parties, marriage parties, or any events, you are most welcome to do so at the Splash Water Park. All you need to do is book the place prior to arrangement of any such event.

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