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Just Chill Water Park in Delhi

Have you ever imagined a water park that is a city of fun in itself? If you have never thought of something like this, then you have not yet visited the Just Chill Water Park in Delhi. This happens to be one of the most favored amusement parks in New Delhi, which has everything starting from adventurous rides, fun-filled activities, overnight stays, and what not.  The Just Chill Water Park is located on the Main Grand Trunk Karnal Road, New Delhi. It is very convenient to reach this place by the use of public transports. You can choose to travel in the DTC buses or Delhi Metro to reach the Just Chill Water Park. There is a provision to book room packages along with the entry tickets. When you book for Just chill Water Park rooms, you get free food coupons, costume, locker facility and many more. This is a single place in Delhi where you get an exposure to try out anything you wish.

Just Chill Water Park in Delhi

Now that you know where is Just Chill Water Park in Delhi and how to reach it, let’s discuss what the park has got to offer its visitors. The Just chill water park Delhi is home to several different kinds of rides. You can try any of the rides and relish your childhood days. One of the most favourite spots in the water park is the Black Thrill ride. The width of the straight water tube of the ride is 32 inch. This ride will undoubtedly make you feel butterflies in your stomach. The next ride that Just Chill Water Park New Delhi has kept for you is the Katrina twist. This water slide is designed in a circular shape, and the slide comes down at a higher speed that increases the level of thrill and excitement. It is a matter of fact that the ride would scare you for a bit. The next water ride is the Rainbow. This is about 18 feet long, and it is made of up seven rings coloured in the colours of the rainbow.

Just Chill Water Park DelhiJust Chill Water Park Delhi

The passage has about 2-3 inches of water so that when you move through it, you would feel tiny droplets of water on your skin. Godzilla happens to be the biggest and the longest ride in the water park. It is a 54-inch long slide and has 270, 180, and 90-degree turners. The real experience of trying the Godzilla slide cannot be compared with any other rides. You can also spend time in the Romeo Juliet water slide. In this slide, you would come down straight, and feel like your body is falling from a great height. The dynamics that make Romeo Juliet a must-try are the speed, the height and the thrill associated with the ride.

Just Chill Water Park GT Karnal Road Delhi

The next water slide that is a must-try in Just Chill Water Park is the Zigzag. As the name suggests, this water slide is designed in an erratic manner. You would slide down a meandering path and finally splash into the pool. If you love to play in the water and are a bit scared of falling from great heights, then the best place for you is the Wave Pool of this water park. The waves in the wave pool will certainly make you remember the times spent on beaches with your loved ones. If you love surfing on the sea beach but have never tried because of the risk associated, then you can certainly try it in the surfer paradise of the Just Chill Water Park. You will get the experience of real surfing, and the theme would make you feel as if you are on a real sea beach. The last water slide that you can try is the Mini Aqua ride. This is open for both kids and adults. This is all about the Just Chill Water Park rides. Let us know more about the other exciting things present in this water park.

Just Chill Water Park of Delhi

Just Chill Water Park (best fun spot) has a wonderful amusement and edutainment park in its complex. In the amusement park, your kids can have fun. The centre of attraction is the caterpillar ride in the amusement park. It is a circular car ride especially designed for kids. The ride goes up and down, and eventually increases the speed. The swing car is another ride, which is open for everyone. This ride would make you feel as if you are flying in the air. The Just Chill Water Park has a bull ride, which you might have noticed zillions of time on television. The bull ride is completely safe and secure. The last thing to witness in the amusement park is the Columbus ride. Now, let’s go ahead and discuss about the Edutainment Park.

Just Chill Water Park

In the Edutainment Park, your kids can come to know about some of the basics of preliminary education and can get an exposure to various techniques of pottery. They can also get hands-on experience on the spinning wheels. The Just Chill Water Park GT Karnal road has a widespread Adventure Park that houses a lot of adventure rides and activities. The adventure park has American Trolley, Rope Climbing, Commando Net, Commando Crawl, Tarzan Zip-Line, Burma Bridge, Team-Building Games, Matka Painting and Draw Making, Sack Race, Treasure Hunt, and Lemon Race. All these activities will make your day spent here immensely enjoyable.

Ticket Price/Entry FeeMonday to Friday : Child(Height Below 2.9 ft) - FREE, Child(Height Between 2.9 ft & 4.6 ft)-Rs.400, Adult(Height above 4.6 ft)-Rs.500, Stag-Rs.800, Couple-Rs.1000

Saturday/Sunday/Holiday : Child(Height Below 2.9 ft) - FREE, Child(Height Between 2.9 ft & 4.6 ft)-Rs.500, Adult(Height above 4.6 ft)-Rs.600, Stag-Rs.900, Couple-Rs.1200
Timings 10 am to 7 pm
AddressMain GT Karnal Road, Near GTB Memorial, Delhi - 110040 (India)
Phone Numbers+91-9910499774/+91-8285111565
Email Address[email protected]
Official Websitehttp://justchillwaterpark.com
Nearest Metro StationJahangirpuri

There are certain things to consider when you are planning to visit Just Chill Water Park Karnal road. You should keep in mind that no outside food and beverages are allowed into the water park complex. You can have better quality food in the in-house restaurant. It is also advisable to carry your swimming costume. You can also rent swimming costumes inside the water park at a very reasonable cost. You should not bring your pets with you into the complex. Last but not the least, you should be careful when trying the Just Chill Water Park Slides and follow the age restrictions strictly. The management keeps an eye on everything that is going on inside the water park. There are many trained lifeguards and in-house doctors to take action when things go south. Keeping all the things in mind and following them strictly would certainly make your day go well. Make use of the Just Chill Water Park discount coupons for amazing offers.

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