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Top 4 Water and Amusement Parks in Baroda(Vadodara)

A beautiful city of Gujarat, flanked and flourished by Narmada and Mahi rivers is Baroda. Otherwise known as the Sanskari Nagari, the culture of Baroda is one of its kind and totally unique from any other city in India. The royal and vibrant history of Baroda and the stunning art and architectural edifices allures hundreds of tourists on an everyday basis to this city. Apart from the colorful tradition that the city offers its visitors, it also ensures that the tourists have ultimate fun and return with memories unforgettable. There is a never ending list of water parks in Vadodara built especially for the holidaymakers. These amusement and water parks in Baroda are absolute definite of paradise on Earth. So, hold on tight to have the ultimate joy. Here is the catalogue of four must visit water parks at Vadodara:


1. Ajwa Fun World

To top the list of the most demanded water parks in Baroda is the Ajwa Fun World. The park does rightful to its name; a step in the park is an entry into a world full of fun and frolic. One of the best water parks in Baroda, Ajwa Fun World has innumerable attractive options, all open for the tourists to enjoy to the maximum. There are more than 26 amusement rides, which you can find nowhere in the entire country. High end rides are not enough; the Ajwa Water Park Baroda offers a wide range of water slides, one of which drops you down straight into the pool from an unimaginable height of 60 feet! So, get ready to swoosh and splash water all around. The dark hole slide, tube slide full of twists and turns, giant elephant slide, slithering body slide, upside down slide, space bowl slide, family slide, slides particularly for kiddies, and many more; the list goes on.

Ajwa Fun World, Baroda

There is a multi-play system where each one of the family members gets role to play. The rain dance will make your toes whirl as you drench under the sprinkling rain waters. The fun world has even more to surprise! Dashing cars, Tore Tore, Jumping Cars, Concord, Trapper, Swing Chair, Wave Express, Italian Coaster, Sun Moon, Rock n Roll and Slam Bow, all the rides in the fun world will get your stress go away in seconds. The park is very popular amid other water parks in Baroda district to bring in smiles of joy on every ones face who visit it. For complete relaxation and refreshment, the park has a beautifully maintained garden besides the fountain and a soothing music played along. The Ajwa water world is no doubt the biggest water park in Baroda.

Ticket Price/Entry feeWater Park(Water rides + Breakfast + Lunch + Hi-Tea) : Rs.850/-

Amusement Park(Hi-Tea + Dinner + Fun World rides + DJ Masti) : Rs.650/-
Timings 11:00 am to 08:30 pm
AddressAjwa Nimeta Road, Dist. Vadodara.
Phone Numbers+91- 9824232382
Email Address[email protected]
Official Websitewww.ajwaworld.com

2. S Cube Water Park

Are you looking for the best water park in Baroda where you can spend a quality time with the people you love the most, then you are looking just at the right place. The S Cube Water Park will unleash the kid in you and you will forget the real world as you enter in this zone of fun. The entire complex in this water park in Baroda Gujarat is built by keeping in mind the requirements of the tourists and to completely satisfy their demands. When at S Cube Water Park you get a collection of recreational amenities such as amusement world, Food Island, beautiful lawns, different activities and games, video gaming, virtual gaming, natural beauty, name what you want and it will be there for you!

S Cube Water Park, Baroda

This water park in Baroda will hit all your senses so that you can make memories for a life-time. the slithering snake like water slide, the cyclone ride which will make you roll along its walls and give you a twist in your stomach, the family slide, multiway slides, the funnel tube slide and the long drop sliding passage are just the number of water slides available. There are more to go. The roller coasters, dragon ride, striking cars, toy train, fish ride from a real height, giant wheel and high-speed merry-go-round are the dry rides created in the amusement zone of the water park near by Baroda. Uncountable video games are available to choose from and have no age limits to enjoy. For letting your worries, float with the water in the lazy river pool, paddle boat along with your beloved or take a walk by the water fountain bare footed on the soft velvety green grass. The eateries are a must try when you are in the park premise. Unquestionably, this is the best amongst water theme parks in Baroda.

Ticket Price/Entry feeRs.500 per person
Timings 10:00 am to 06:00 pm
AddressS-CUBE Water Park
Opp. Vrindavan Garden, Ajwa,
Vadodara, Guajarat, India
Phone Numbers91 89800 35474
Email Address[email protected]
Official Websitewww.s-cubewaterpark.com

3. Gujarat Fun World

Yet another in the list of amusement parks in Baroda is the Gujarat Fun World. Located within the same premises as that of S Cube Water Park, this park has an unusual theme. Wondering whether the theme is cartoon or circus? No, the combination of all, the theme is fun. Considered as one of the best theme parks in Baroda the fun world paints with colors, the mood of all who visit this remarkable place; colors that will never fade away. The riding bull, caterpillar ride, dragon ride, fantasy train, horse ride, jumping jack, sky train will carry you in a world full of joy and cheer. The tora-tora, saya trooper, rope way, spin tora, trampoline, hara kiri and orient express will spin your head. Claiming its position among amusement parks in Baroda, the wonder tunnel, mirror house, and horror house will leave you awestruck.

These are absolutely amusing entertainment options and the most attractive features of the park. Undoubtedly, this park deserves to be the premier amusement park in Baroda. This fun land is a perfect place, not just a heaven for the kids, but for adults too. A night visit to the park is a serene feeling. The lighting of this place will take away your heart. The amazing restaurants in the perimeter of the park will activate your taste buds. The awesome beauty and calmness of this place is just the right to create memories. Take away memorable mementos along with yourself, while returning from this spot which earns its merit amidst foremost water parks near Baroda.

Ticket Price/Entry feeRs.200 per person
Timings 10:00 am to 06:00 pm
AddressS-CUBE Water Park
Opp. Vrindavan Garden, Ajwa,
Vadodara, Guajarat, India
Phone Numbers91 89800 35474
Email Address[email protected]
Official Websitewww.s-cubewaterpark.com

4. Fun Time Arena

A family package of fun can be experienced in Fun Time Arena. This fun park is so far the largest water park in Baroda. A complete compound of water activities, slides, rides, amusement park, lip-smacking restaurants, you will find all of it at this one stop destination. The ambience, beauty, striking features and a thrilling atmosphere, everything together allures visitors from far off places to enjoy water park Baroda. The exhilarating funnel tube water slide will throw you up in the air and swoosh you in the pool with a huge splash all around.

You can try paddling through the pool or swimming in the large pool. Dip yourself wet under the umbrella fountain. The water swings are main attraction of this place. The amusement park on the other hand has rides that will get chills running down through your spine. Fit for people of all ages, the park premises has options for enjoyment for kids and even the senior citizens. You may groove along the exciting music by DJ or sit lazy on the grass and sip a cold coffee. The food plaza should be positively visited. A get away weekend gate is this new water park in Baroda. Come, enjoy and experience the best in here.

Timings 11:00 am to 10:00 pm
AddressOpposite Antica GreenWoods, Ankodia Road
Vadodara, Gujarat 390021
Phone Numbers089803 22555,
098250 29069
Official Websitehttps://fun-time-arena.business.site

Make the kids forget toys and gift them an entire area where they can enjoy by heart; bring a playful arena to them. These above said water parks near Vadodara assuredly are refreshing and will be loved by all. The joviality of all water parks in Baroda will lighten your heart. Somethings and some experiences are beyond description and words and can only be felt from within. Such remembrance last life-long and never diminish. A one-day visit to these fun places is recommended whilst in Baroda.

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