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Adventure Island Water and Amusement Park in Delhi

Are you irritated with the scorching heat of Delhi and the summers seem to be just unforgivable? We have the perfect solution for you to beat the heat that too in an exciting way. Why not plan a visit to the adventure island water and amusement park that is nestled in Rohini, Delhi. Water and Amusement Parks in Delhi are a full-fledged destination that will answer to all your prayers of surviving the summer and serve as an escape from the rather busy schedule.

Adventure Island Delhi

And, when the summers are gone the weather is manageable to survive, you can then also pay a visit to the water park. Come along with your friends and family to spend some quality time with them. More often than not while we are juggling between personal and professional life and trying to find a balance between the two, we tend to lose our mental sanitation. The wheel of tension and stress just keeps going. To break away that wheel and take a break from the monotonous life you must plan a visit to the adventure island to have some adventure and amusement with all the water-based and land-based rides. If you are commuting to the adventure island of Rohini by your own vehicle, you do not have to worry about the parking issues that are otherwise quite common in Delhi. In Water Park, there is ample space dedicated to the sole purpose of parking of the vehicles of the visitors. Now, once you have parked your vehicle you need to move to the entry gate in order to fetch the tickets. With just one time purchase of the Water Park tickets you can have all the fun throughout the day and ride all the rides there is equipped in the theme-based park.

Adventure Island Amusement Park Delhi

The adventure island at Rohini is very particular about the rules of safety and sanity to be maintained at the park. The hi-end technology-based rides though are very fun to ride but should be done so after adequate measures have been taken. The highly qualified and trained professionals are appointed at every level of the rides to guide you with all the necessary rules and instructions which you need to follow. It is also advisable for you to wear clean clothes preferably of synthetic materials. Ladies are suggested to avoid dresses which may involve any scarves or sarees. These dresses can intervene with your safety while riding the amusement rides. The water that is supplied to the adventure island of Delhi is from its own well that is constructed on the premises itself. Therefore, the water is super clean with the crystal-clear appearance and free of any kinds of germs and pollutants. Also, the staff of the Water Park takes good care to maintain the sanitation of the entire area. Now that you have the basic idea about the adventure island Rohini, let us dig in deeper and see the different types of rides and facilities that are available here.

Adventure Island Amusement Park Delhi

The list of adventure island rides includes the Z-Force ride, which drops you down from an unimaginable height getting your heart to pound with a loud thump, which can certainly be heard till the ears. Then there is the Side Winder, which will make you fly at quite a height while the disc rotates through one fixed point. This ride will get your senses numb, fair warning to all the faint hearts that you must keep away from such rides. The Sky Rider, Lightning Bolt, and Space Jump are some of the more land-based rides included in the adventure island Delhi. Go while behind the Wheel with the Wild Wheel ride. Have some fun and let the child in you take over your spirit at least for the day. No need of holding back, you ride as crazily as possible. Bump with other riders and jostle for space; break-free of all the driving rules that you might have learned. Slide down the narrow lane surrounded with water dropping from a great height with a whooshing sound and as the water spills get all drenched with the Splash Down Ride.

Adventure Island Amusement Park in Delhi

The fun does not end here; the adventure island in Delhi has a lot more to offer. Are you fond of beaches and being in Delhi you don’t get to visit any? Well, the good news is you can have the fun of being at a beach and experience the waves crashing at your body too in Delhi. Are you wondering as to how that is possible? The water park has taken all the measures to set up a wave pool on the premises, where you can hop in and stay as long as you like and take the feeling of being in an ocean.

Adventure Island Water Park in Delhi

Are you the one who loves to dance and is fond of the rain as well? You have come to the right place, as the adventure island water park has arrangements for setting up a rain disco, where the in-house DJ plays some of the exotic numbers and the speakers with high-bass keep blaring loud enough to make you groove and sway to the beats. Also, just when the energy of the crowd is right and the vibes are vibrating throughout the space, the water sprinklers equipped on the area shower water on you imparting you with the feeling of dancing under the rain.

Ticket Price/Entry FeeUnlimited Weekdays

Child – Rs.550, Adult – Rs.550, Senior Citizen – Rs.350

Weekends(Saturday and Sunday)

Child – Rs.600, Adult – Rs.600, Senior Citizen – Rs.350
Timings 12 pm to 8:30 pm
AddressAdventure Island Limited., Opposite Rithala Metro Station, Sector-10, Rohini,
New Delhi-110085
Phone Numbers+91-11-47041111/+91-11-27573473
Email Address[email protected], [email protected], [email protected]
Official Websitewww.adventureisland.in
Nearest Metro StationRithala

All the fun apart, missing out on the food can cancel out all the fun. After all, who can really enjoy while their stomach is growling with hunger pangs? Do not worry; we have made adequate arrangement to satiate the foodie in you. There are several food kiosks and eateries that serve mouth-watering delicacies to relish. Starting all the way from delicious snacks to mid-day meals, everything is available with a multi-cuisine menu. So what are you people waiting for? Plan a visit to the adventure island amusement park as soon as possible and spend a day full of delight and joy with your loved ones.

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