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Top 2 Water and Amusement Parks in Allahabad

The city marks the confluence of the three holy rivers “Ganga, Yamuna, and Saraswati”. It is the location and religious significance of the city that a number of tourists from all over the world come to visit Allahabad every year. You will feel the presence of divine energy at the city. Apart from that, the culture and ethnicity of Allahabad is absolutely unique, an experience that you will never sense anywhere in the world. The picturesque valleys, rivers, temples, parks, flora and fauna, heartwarming people and a lot more, everything comes together to make one of the best tourists places in the country. Allahabad too knows how to build a golden memory for the visitors who choose it for a vacation. The outstanding water parks in Allahabad are all set to generate fun of another level. With the world-class list of water parks in Allahabad,you will want to leave the present and travel to a trance state of mind. So, let’s explore what Allahabad has for us through a journey to the water amusement parks in Allahabad.


1. NandanKanan Water Retreat

Refresh your mind and fill your soul with high-spirits at the Nandankanan water park in Allahabad. The water park is the perfect destination for those who love to have rollicking fun and frolic. The paradise for the fun lovers has rides that you might not find anywhere else in the city. There are more than a dozen water rides and slides to explore. You might just run out of breath and energy at the water park but not out of options to seek upon. Beat the harsh summer or bask in the sun, you don’t need an excuse to visit the park. Slide, slip and throw yourself into the swimming pools. The water park is the first and foremost water amusement parks in Allahabad.

NandanKanan Water Retreat, Allahabad

This place is loved by people of all ages, whether a kid, youngster, adult, or an elderly. The water park in Allahabad suits the demands of everyone who wishes to spend a joyous time along with their beloved. The water park is so famous in the state that visitors look for chances to sneak into Allahabad just to visit the water joint. The wholesome level of entertainment that you will find here will fill your holidays with merry and cheers. Plus the location of the water park is absolutely appropriate. Rejoice the sound of merrymaking and laughter coming out right from the hearts at the quiet and mesmerizing surrounding of the water park at Allahabad, away from the crowd of the city.

NandanKanan Water Park, Allahabad

Do try the crazy cruise water slide and aqua trail water slide. The family slide is just the right choice to find out who is the fastest in your team to rush to the water pool. The mushroom umbrella is a picture-perfect place to click the best photos. That’s not all. The multi-way play station, kids’ corner, and rain dance are truly an exhilarating experience. Traverse through the park on a boating tour too. The water park in Allahabad, U.P. rejuvenates a lot of memories back. One day can be planned for a trip to this water park to encounter a bewildering feel. Surprise yourself at the best water park in Allahabad.

Ticket Price/Entry feeAdult : Rs.260/-
Child : Rs.200/-
Timings 12:30 pm to 06:30 pm
AddressVillage Malawan Buzurg(Isipur), Sahson, 8 Kms. from Shastri Bridge, Allahabad-Jaunpur Highway, Allahabad
Phone Numbers9415218578, 9889202432, 9415344824
Email Address[email protected]
Official Websitewww.nandankananwaterretreat.com

2. Fun Gaon Water Park

The water amusement park does just the right to its name. The valley of fun is truly huge to accommodate a big lot of jovial crowd in its campus. Located at the Kaushambi Road in Allahabad, the village full of fun and joy is an ideal way to end your holiday trip. To start the trip in the park, rush to the water slide section. The water slides here are relay long, longing down from a height unimaginable. To gladden your mood further, the new water park in Allahabad has huge swimming pools where you can spend as much time as you want or probably all day long. So, just relax, float and let the water cool you in and out.

Fun Gaon, Allahabad

The ambiance of the water park will surely hypnotize you. The floating slides and water tube slides are a must try. Try and race to the pool beneath the slide along with your family at the multi-lane water slide. The cyclone is an intoxicating feeling. Whirl through the walls of the rides right into the water pool with a huge splash, spilling water all around. The electrifying feel of the water coaster will get our adrenaline into a rush. The kids have a very special place of their own in this water park of Allahabad. The kids’ water slides are the appropriate point where the kids can have their exceptional time.

Fun Gaon Water Park, Allahabad

The amusement section of the amusement park in Allahabad has delightful options to have fun within. The body slides will bring you a snake-like slithering feel as you slide down along the twists and turns. The aura of the water park near Allahabad will usher the kid lost in you out. Get a soothing water massage at the wave pool. You can even dip your feet in the pool and feel the water gushing under your feet. Wind up all the energy and hit the dance floor under the shower of the rain and let the DJ set the mood for you. The positivity of the water park will add a zing to your life. The best thing about this water park in Allahabad city is that the ultimate levels of fun do not come with a high price here. The eater park values money and proffers more than what it actually charges.

Ticket Price/Entry feeMonday to Friday:

Adult : Rs.450/-
Child (3-10 Years) : Rs.300

Saturday and Sunday:

Adult : Rs.500/-
Child (3-10 Years) : Rs.350/-
Timings 11:00 am to 06:00 pm
AddressKadilpur, Kaushambi Road, Allahabad
Phone Numbers7800208087, 7081244250
Email Address[email protected]
Official Websitewww.fungaon.com

So, come and shout aloud, enjoy with a lot of fun, and turn your faces red out at the thrilling rides at very affordable prices in Allahabad. Why wait for a planned budget anymore when you can come and recreate your mood at any of the above-said water amusement parks in the city. Water parks are always beguiling, cheerful, and exciting. Paint your life red at such entertainment joints and see your family smile from the core of their hearts.

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