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Top 2 Water and Amusement Parks in Bhubaneswar

The City of Temples Bhubaneshwar is a fast growing city in Eastern India. The historical significance of the city is well known to all. The stunning caves, temples, intricate architecture in those, folk paintings, and more, the city proffers a wide range of options for the tourists to explore. The greenery, pollution free environment, culture, and food are added on to the immense reasons of tourists visit. Although Bhubaneshwar is a cultural city, based completely on a traditional value but the magnificent city knows all the demands of the tourists very well and understands what they look for. The water parks in Bhubaneswar do the right and aims at extending the best service of the city to the vacationers. Out of all the water parks near Bhubaneswar, the following are the two most renowned ones which you must visit.


1. Ocean World Water Park

Standing over an enormous area, this new water park in Bhubaneswar is a complete package of fun and frolic that one looks for. Let the cool water come in contact with your skin and soothe your senses. This water park in Bhubaneswar is a perfect treat to beat the summer heat. The thrilling water amusement park has a lot to proffer to the vacationers. The snake-like curves of the water slides will bring you whoopee out of your soul as you slide down. The water pools are truly huge. Water slides, water walk by, seashore like environment are amazing options to definitely go for. For the kids, the kiddies’ pool is all set to let your kids’ splash and swash water all around, shouting out aloud. The water tunnels, tube rides and many more entertaining rides where you can dive in, throw, and spill water as much as you want.

Ocean World Water Park, Bhubaneswar

The water activities, volleyball play in the pool, and exciting music being played in the background keep your energy levels up. Stir your body under the rain shower as the DJ plays the trending hits of all time. The water park at Bhubaneswar has a big garden too with lush green lawn where you can sit sipping your favorite drink. The scenic beauty of the water park will make you fall in love with this place. Apart from the kids’ slides and adult rides, the family rides are fun too. You can take a stroll with your ménage along the water walk and take a feel of the seashore. There is an Ayurvedic massage center too, where you can relax to the core of your body and rejuvenate.

Ocean World Water Park in Bhubaneswar

The oils, treatments, and massage prove an ideal way to end your trip. The restaurants in the park premise are a nostrum to hunger, serving some delightful delicacies. Try the authentic Odiya dishes at these eateries. The water park is no wonder the most demanded water park in Bhubaneswar Odisha.  For all your worries, the water park is the panacea. Indubitably, it deserves to be named as the best amusement park in Bhubaneswar. Give all attention to your beloved that they have always deserved. So, why wait further? Drop in anytime to this wonderful amusement park in Bhubaneswar to have the most memorable vacation ever.

Ticket Price/Entry feeRs.350 per person
Timings 10:00 am to 05:00 pm
AddressOcean World Water Park, Kurangsasan, Phulnakhra
Cuttack, Odisha 754002
Phone Numbers0671 285 6057
Email Address[email protected]
Official Websitewww.oceanworldwaterpark.com

2. BDA Nicco Park (BDA City Centre)

An unimaginable fun point to drop in at the City of Temples, the BDA Nicco Park is the first water amusement park in the city. Located exactly at the heart of the city, the park has already won hearts of millions of people since the day of its establishment. Sprawling across an area of 25 Acres, the acclaimed best water park in Bhubaneswar is full of modern amenities. With over a dozen rides, the park is a wonder for the adventure lovers. Not just the water rides, the dry rides are thrilling too. Gyrate along the twist and turn rides, spinning up and down just like being in a washing machine, or go on a trip along the mini roller coaster up to the moon, at the moon-raker ride.

BDA Nicco Park, Bhubaneswar

The striking car, pirate ship, and flying saucer will get you an adrenaline rush. The kids have a separate kiddie zone dedicated specially for their entertainment. Your kids are surely going to love it. The scary room will bring in chills in your spine exposing you to a ghostly experience. The caterpillar is a unique ride where a monkey is going to lead you through the trails. Exciting isn’t it? These are some of the rides and attractions on the land for the tourists, there are more to go.  The water rides section of this water amusement park in Bhubaneswar has an outstanding collection of fun rides. Try out the water chute to get some really exhilarating and thrilling fun. Release the child locked in you and enjoy to the fullest at the best water park in BBSR.

BDA Nicco Park in Bhubaneswar

If you wish to spend some lonely, quality time, with no one else to disturb you, then go for a water paddle boating. Let the sweet vibrations of the water ripples do the talking and wash away all the distress in you. The entire park is well maintained, serene, calm and beautiful. Each and every corner of this amusement park will touch your heart and soul deep. Don’t forget to click some mindboggling pictures with a stunning background of the park. Go fanatic over the mouthwatering fast foods served at the eatery zone in the park premise. A visit to one of the top-notch theme parks in Bhubaneswar is worth giving a visit whilst in the state.

Ticket Price/Entry feeEntry Fee: Rs.130 per person
Parks' Package: Rs.600 per person
Water Park Package: Rs.380 per person
Composite Package: Rs.500 per person
Timings 3:00 PM – 9:00 PM (April and May)

11:30 AM – 8:00 PM (June to April)
Address1st Floor Lake Area, Lake Road, Madhusudan Nagar, Unit – 4, Bhubaneswar.
Phone Numbers+91-674-2543730

Amusement parks in Bhubaneswar are absolutely fun and mesmerizing. These are the wonder drugs that you always needed while on a break from the monotonous life. Bhubaneshwar allocates a great deal of fun to every visitor who halts by. No one returns disappointed but with memories that will last for a lifetime. Create some golden moments in your life especially at the water park near Bhubaneswar and rejoice them forever. Some experiences are beyond description by words and are meant to be felt. What are you waiting for then? Pamper yourself this vacation at Bhubaneshwar’s highly affordable water parks.

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