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Top 2 Water and Amusement Parks in Jabalpur

Nestling at an impressive height over the rocky mountains the place has historical importance. The audacity of the kings of central India is well displayed by the city. The river Narmada further embellishes the beauty of the city. The ancient city tempts a number of tourists to it. The monuments, forts, natural beauty, culture, location, and the heart-warming gestures of the city are some things that have enchanted the visitors and made them fall in love with Jabalpur. It is not just the calm and serene environment of Jabalpur but the amusing options to have immense fun are responsible for its popularity. Whether it is a weekend or a vacation, the city is all open with its entertainment options especially through its water and amusement parks. The water parks in Jabalpur are most called upon. One fine day at the following water parks of Jabalpur will make you rejoice and remember your holidays years long.


1. Sea World Water Park

Grab your swimsuits and get ready to dive into the most renowned water park in Jabalpur. The Sea world water park is an outstanding option if you are looking for a solution to beat the heat. Suitable for all the ages, the water park makes sure that it satisfies all your wishes to the best. The amazing rides, water, and body slides, dry rides, fun games and activities, shows, performances, name it and this amusement park in Jabalpur has all of it. The water slides and rides are absolutely spine-chilling. So, jump in and go whoopee as you slide along. Slip like a snake, slithering and slipping in a zigzag motion before you drop with a splash in the water pool.

Sea World Water Park, Jabalpur

Dive from the highest point deep into the swimming pools. The water coaster is sure to get you an adrenaline rush. Surprise yourself to find out a wave pool amid a landlocked mountainous city! The mushroom water shower, artificial waterfall, and the fountains will bewitch you. The kiddies’ zone is a world full of fun for the young ones. Once in, thekids will never ever want to come back. The kids’ amusement zone has enormous rides, toy trains, joyous activities, games, a special kids’ pool, and many more entertaining things to try. Don’t miss the rain dance! Is that all? No, that is just a trailer.

Sea World Water Park in Jabalpur

The scenic landscape of this water park in Jabalpur MP will enchant you completely. The elderly will love to take a walk along the wave pool or on the lush green meadows watching the kids have fun. Refresh yourself, restore all the energy, and resuscitate your mood, taking a stroll around the perimeter of this amazingly beautiful park. Sense the positive aura spread all along, hear and feel the happy hearts’ laughter. The true meaning of merrymaking and joy is fulfilled at this park. The park in Jabalpur knows the best for you. It’s time to get a smiling drug and drop all your worries. This is indubitably the best water park in Jabalpur. Let your trip to Madhya Pradesh be even more memorable at Seaworld Water Park in Jabalpur.

Ticket Price/Entry feeAdults : Rs.360/- per person

Children : Rs.270/- per person
Timings 10:00 am to 06:00 pm
AddressNational Highway 12, Kuda, Madhya Pradesh 483053
Phone Numbers086186 04978

2. Ramuji Water Park

Ramuji Water Park in Jabalpur is the largest water amusement park in the city. Sprawling across a wide area of 21 Acres, the water park near Jabalpur is the favorite destination of holidaymakers. The water park is a perfect one-stop port of call for those who are looking for ultimate levels of thrill and happiness. With more than a score of rides for both adults and kids, it is an ideal place to retreat a sunny day. Rejuvenate your wilted souls and bloom with all merry at Ramuji Water Park, Jabalpur. Whirl and twist your heads at the funnel tunnel, sliding steeply with a big swash into the water pool. Float on the top of a wave washing away all your stress or let the wave fall on you, drenching you in an out at the wave pool.

Ramuji Water Park, Jabalpur

The lazy river is absolutely a relaxing experience and will set you in a cheerful mode. Take a ride on the water launcher and feel the water and air touch your skin, an experience just like being in Goa. Unleash the kid locked in your soul since years and visit the family play station. This is a perfect way to end up the day with your kids and family. The twister ride will certainly twist and turn you and bring out the shout from the core of your heart. The jocular water rides, suitable for all age groups are also found here. The park is not just about wet fun the amusement park section is yet to be explored. Let your sense have some mesmerizing experiences.

Ramuji Water Park in Jabalpur

The cultural performances at Ramuji amusement park in Jabalpur will bring you closer to the tradition of Madhya Pradesh. The DJ plays some of the most trending hits of the season to keep your enthusiasm levels high throughout. The eateries in the premise of the park are the most valued in the city. Whether a Dhaba style food, street food, or multi-national cuisine, the restaurants serve all of the favorites with a special touch of the chef in every item. The amusement park near Jabalpur is a rare combination of modern technology and authentic tradition together.

Ticket Price/Entry feeNot Available
Timings 10:00 am to 06:00 pm
AddressHome Science College Road, Near Madan Mahal Police Station,
Napier Town, Jabalpur
Phone Numbers0761-4923808
07471130 887, 07471130 587, 07471130 487
Email Address[email protected]
Official Websitewww.ramujipark.com

Why go anywhere else if you have such amazing places to spend a weekend greatly at Jabalpur! Both of the above-mentioned parks are categorized as the best water park in Jabalpur. Without any second thoughts, let your heart feel lighter, happier, and stress-less at any of the parks. The amusement parks in Jabalpur are truly classy and enjoyable. The best thing about both of the parks is that fun does not come with a price tag in these places. You can have penultimate levels of fun, without worrying about your budget. Do check for the stupefying deals, packages, and offers that these fun-points extend. Fall in love with your life and spend a very happening time with your family and friends this vacation.

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