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Top 10 Nightclubs in Las Vegas to Party like Crazy

Vegas’s long term love with parties and clubbing is a well-known history. The city soon became so notorious for their alcohol fuelled mischiefs that they have to create a tag line to encourage people to keep their drunken misadventures to themselves! The phrase ‘What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas’ became an increasingly popular tag line as more and more people from all over the world came over to Vegas to enjoy their bachelor and bachelorette parties at nightclubs in Las Vegas Nevada. Notorious for having some of the most exciting and naughty nightlife, here are the Top 10 nightclubs in Las Vegas that you must make a stop at to have a few of your own drunken stories to share!


1. Jewel Nightclub

Jewel Nightclub, Las Vegas

A well-known move by the Hakkasan Group, Jewel is the third victorious triumph of this notoriously mischievous group. With two hugely successful nightclubs already behind them, Jewel is the third gem in their golden crown. Jewel nightclub has a more intimate setting and ambience, and has created the perfect vibes for more private parties to be held here. With an amazing dance floor, complete leather upholstery, and a huge dual sided LED video screen to sync up with the beats, Jewel definitely lives up to its name!

2. Encore

Encore, Las Vegas

Celebrated as one of the most popular nightclub choices in the whole world, Encore can give you everything; from intimate to super extravagant. Encore, XS Nightclub combines an amazing outdoor pool with an even more amazing indoor club experience. A huge dancefloor lightened by a massive ten foot hanging chandelier is just the icing to the cake at XS.

3. Voodoo Rooftop Nightclub and Lounge

Voodoo Rooftop Nightclub and Lounge, Las Vegas

There are two things which will draw your attention at Voodoo, the amazing rooftop views and the suave bartenders who know how to bust a move during their working hours. Enjoy some of the most potent cocktails made by the bartenders which are sure to give you a night to remember, that is, if you remember anything at all! One of the few nightclubs in Las Vegas open on Mondays, enjoy your experience at Voodoo with smaller crowds.

4. Intrigue

Intrigue, Las Vegas

Ready to party it up in Vegas with some of the hottest celebs?Head on over to Intrigue. With strictly no social media allowed, you might just bump into some of the most alluring elites at this elegant nightclub. One of the few nightclubs in Las Vegas NV to not serve up EMB music, enjoy a more sophisticated experience at Intrigue.

5. Crazy horse III

Crazy horse III, Las Vegas

If nudity is your thing, then you have landed at the right spot with Crazy Horse III. Notorious as one of the best strip nightclubs in Las Vegas, the club has a 50 foot long bar to make your night all the more hazy but memorable. With HDTV’s all over the place, you can even take a moment away from the stage and enjoy the big game on the screen.

6. Sapphire

Sapphire, Las Vegas

With over 70,000 square feet of dancing poles, Sapphire is the largest strip nightclub in Las Vegas. With its one of a kind ‘aquarium’ room where you can watch the women in the water, Sapphire is another gem added to the nightclub crown of Vegas.

7. Little Darlings

Little Darlings, Las Vegas

Enjoy your sober nightclub experience at Little Darlings, where you won’t be given booze but can enjoy the pleasures of one of the best nightclubs in Vegas for 18 and over. You might have missed your alcohol soaked night if it were not for the wonderful performing ladies at one of the best strip nightclubs in Las Vegas.

8. The Garage

The Garage, Las Vegas

If gay clubs are your thing, head on over to The Garage. Enjoy your beer filled evening at one of the most popular gay nightclubs in Las Vegas. Take your partner, or scout for a new partner at The Garage as you break your moves on the dance floor. With cheap drinks and handsome men around you, you are sure to have the night of your life.

9. 107 Sky Lounge

107 Sky Lounge, Las Vegas

If loud, EDM music and psychedelic lights are just not up your alley, head on over to 107 Sky Lounge for a different nightclub experience. The nightclub in Vegas open on Sundays will give you some of the best r&b experience. One of the handful of r&b clubs in Vegas, enjoy the view and the romantic vibes, as this is also one of the best nightclubs in Las Vegas for couples.

10. 1OAK

1OAK, Las Vegas

With a paradoxical name as One of a Kind, this is one of the few nightclubs in Vegas open on Wednesdays. The long trek to the nightclub is definitely worth it, as you find yourself in a dancers paradise. A super long dance floor and delicious drinks is the hallmark of 1OAK making it one of the best nightclubs in Las Vegas NV.

Head on over to these nightclubs in Las Vegas for 18 and over and have an uncensored, good time!

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