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Top 10 Nightclubs in Washington DC to Party like Crazy

New to Washington DC and are looking for places to enjoy the nightlife? Well, you can halt your search! In this article we will tell you about the best night clubs in Washington DC. If you are a party animal who loves to dance all night to EDM and drink up with your friends, we have all the perfect dance clubs in Washington dc area lined up for you. Just go ahead and check out our list of the best night clubs in Washington DC and get ready to have a party filled weekend.


1. Ultrabar

Ultrabar, Washington DC

If anything, then this nightclub definitely lives up to its name! Ultrabar is everything Ultra that you could need! With amazing bottle service, some of the best DJ’s in town, a big dance floor for all their dancing enthusiasts and special lighting effects to create just the right vibes, Ultrabar is everything you could need to enjoy the night life of Washington DC!

2. Dirty Bar

Dirty Bar, Washington DC

If you are looking for clubs in Washington DC for 21 and older, you will not find one more appropriate than Dirty Bar. Just like its suggestive name, Dirty Bar has everything you could ask for in this 21+ nightclub. The club has a bi-level dance floor and a massive bird cage where you can expect to see all sorts of dances. Enjoy not only bottle service, but also hookah at Dirty Bar in Washington DC.


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3. Flash

Flash, Washington DC

Be ready to expect everything to be super flashy at Flash nightclub! This underground techno club has just the right kind of international house music that will keep you on your feet all night long. The entire club has a modern, edge look which is quite uncommon for night clubs in Washington DC. Enjoy capturing moments of your night in the photo booth inside the nightclub at Flash. One of the best clubs in Washington DC for  18 and older as popularly voted by locals and tourists alike.

4. Rosebar Lounge

Rosebar Lounge, Washington DC

Enter Rosebar Lounge, and you will find a mixed crowd of different age groups and varied personalities. This is one of the best clubs in Washington DC for 25 and older. The club hold special events and parties not only at night but also several during the day. The lounge on the terrace is a must visit for a different feel of a Washington DC nightclub. The bar in Rosebar Lounge is always well stocked; with amazing cocktails and friendly staff, Rosebar Lounge will have you coming back for more.

5. The Park at 14th

The Park at 14th, Washington DC

On the prowl for nightclubs in downtown Washington DC? The Park at 14th is the ideal spot for your weekend party. The nightclub and restaurant is decorated in a very stylish, edge design. Serving some of the best soul food in Washington DC, this nightclub is the perfect spot for you to visit if you are new in town and are looking for nightclubs in downtown Washington DC. Enjoy not only great food and ambience, but also a vivid night life at the nightclub in The Park at 14th.

6. Opera Ultra Lounge

Opera Ultra Lounge, Washington DC

Maybe you and your friends are looking for clubs in Washington DC under 21 and just can’t find the right one? Most of the clubs are for 21+? Well, here is the club for you. Opera Ultra Lounge is a chic nightclub in Washington DC. If the neon lit décor is not enough to attract you, then then live performances and super friendly club staff is enough to have you visiting again!

7. Kabin Lounge

Kabin Lounge, Washington DC

Need to find nightclubs in Washington DC open on Sundays? Head on over to Kabin Lounge this weekend. This rustic little nightclub has a charm of its own. Enjoy some of the most quirky cocktails on your weekend get together at Kabin Lounge.

8. U Street Music Hall

U Street Music Hall, Washington DC

If you are on the search for clubs in Washington DC on U street, head over to U Street Music Hall. This dance club also features a music hall which holds events and live performances for their clientele. This underground music hall is the ideal place for those in Washington DC who are looking for a night of drinks and dancing.

9. Eighteenth Street Lounge

Eighteenth Street Lounge

This townhouse has been transformed into a dainty nightclub in Washington DC. It is popular for serving all types of crowds with a varied taste in music. One of the most popular r&b clubs in Washington DC.

10. Lounge of Three

Lounge of Three, Washington DC

Need to find good clubs in Washington DC hip hop? Lounge Three features hip-hop, r&b as well as live DJ music at this amazing club in Washington. If you need a spot to dance to your favourite hip-hop beats all night, Lounge Three is the ideal spot for you!

These are the top 10 night clubs in Washington DC for you to enjoy your weekend, or your weekdays too!

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