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Top 10 Nightclubs in Los Angeles to Party like Crazy

Los Angeles, much like its cousin Las Vegas, is notorious for their nightlife and amazing nightclubs. In this article, we will tell you about some of the biggest nightclubs in Los Angeles, as well as clubs in Los Angeles for all ages. Whether you are officially an adult now, heading into the nightlife of Los Angeles, or you are just looking for some cool places to relax and wind down, here is a list of some of the best nightclubs in Los Angeles, Beverly Hills.


1. 1 OAK

1 OAK, Los Angeles

One Of A Kind has its twin in Los Vegas, so the name of the club is a slight mystery to most. This is one of the few hip hop nightclubs in Los Angeles where you can really enjoy some good music of your taste. With most clubs playing only EDM music, 1 OAK can be a refreshing change for those looking to pop a beat with some amazing hip hop music.

2. La Cita

La Cita, Los Angeles

A beautiful little bar, La Cita is one of those nightclubs in Los Angeles with Mexican music, Mexican food and Mexican people everywhere! Enjoy some of the best tacos in town as you get your groove on with the best Mexican music you can find in the nightclubs in Los Angeles CA.


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3. The Conga Room

The Conga Room, Los Angeles

Residing at the heart of Latin American culture in Los Angeles, The Conga Room is one of the most amazing nightclubs in Los Angeles with Latin music. However, in an attempt to appeal to a broader spectrum of audiences, The Conga Room presents live music shows with many other genres such as Jazz, Hip Hop, rock, world beat, etc. The Conga Room has hosted several music premiers, live shows and award shows as well.

4. Warwick

Warwick, Los Angeles

Warwick presents a twist in the basic Hollywood nightclub vibe. Sprinkled with rough, Indie vibes, Warwick is beautified with unfinished ceilings, fireplaces and exposed bricks. Serving some of the most delicious and potent cocktails, Warwick is one of the best, most elegant nightclubs in Los Angeles in Beverly Hills.

5. Boulevard3

Boulevard3, Los Angeles

21 is the legal drinking age in LA, and you cannot find a better nightclub in Los Angeles for 21 and over to start off with. Host your private events, birthday parties, bachelor parties, or simply head on down to have your first drunken night out in Boulevard3 at Los Angeles.

6. The Sayers Club

The Sayers Club, Los Angeles

One of the most exclusive, elite nightclubs in Los Angeles where celebrities go, The Sayers Club is hidden behind a hot dog stand. Getting entry into the club can be a toughie, but if you do manage, God alone knows which famous personalities and celebrities you just might run into at The Sayers Club in Los Angeles.

7. Vibrato Jazz Grill

Vibrato Jazz Grill, Los Angeles

If EDM is not your thing but you prefer some smooth jazz over a glass of scotch, Vibrato Jazz Grill is one of the best jazz clubs in Los Angeles area. With a hearty concert calendar, head on over to Vibrato to enjoy some of the smoothest jazz and smoother drinks. This jazz clubs hosts jazzy concerts six days a week, and you can head on over with your significant other to enjoy a romantic meal with delicious food and even more romantic jazz music at Vibrato Jazz Grill.

8. Elevate Lounge

Elevate Lounge, Los Angeles

A sleek penthouse nightclub located in Los Angeles, Elevate Lounge is one of the most perfect black nightclubs in Los Angeles. With an open air dance floor, a mix of some of the most delicious cocktails and a skyline view of Los Angeles, Elevate Longue rings truth in its name; it is a Lounge which has been elevated to its heights. Enjoy some of the most popular hip hop, R&B, and party music at Elevate Longue in Los Angeles.

9. Onyx Lounge

Onyx Lounge, Los Angeles

Looking for some of the most popular r&b clubs in Los Angeles? Well, Onxy Lounge is the ideal spot for you. With some of the most rustic cocktails, beautiful r&b music and friendly staff, enjoy your r&b experience at Onyx Lounge in Los Angeles. The interior and aesthetics of the club have been crafted to give you bohemian vibes.

10. Club Wannabe

There are not too many nightclubs in Los Angeles for 18+, however, Club Wannabe in Hollywood is one of the best clubs for those who aren’t of drinking age yet. Enjoy some of the best classic, retro and pop music at Club Wannabe. Even if you can’t get high on alcohol, you can definitely get high on the amazing music at Club Wannabe, one of the best nightclubs in Los Angeles CA.

These are some of the best, most popular and biggest nightclubs in Los Angeles. Don’t forget to carry your ID as you head on over to these nightclubs in Los Angeles downtown and have the night of your lives. Most of these are nightclubs in Los Angeles open on Sundays as well for you to enjoy your weekends.

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