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Top 10 Nightclubs in Houston to Party like Crazy

The holiday season has brought out the party lovers in all of us. If you are in Texas and are looking for the best nightclubs in Houston, you can cease your search right now! In this article we will tell you about the most popular nightclubs in Houston. So get ready to enjoy your weekends and party it up, Houston style! Here is a list of the top nightclubs in Houston TX.


1. Pure Lounge

Pure Lounge, Houston

If happy hour drinks are your thing, then head on over to Pure Lounge in Houston. Enjoy some of the finest drinks, a high energy ambience and bottle service at one of the most popular nightclubs in Houston. This nightclub is great for intimate gatherings as well as hosting birthday parties. Enjoy good vibes, good food and good music at Pure Lounge in Houston, TX.

2. Boots and Shoots

Boots and Shoots, Houston

You will receive exactly what you expect at Boots and Shoots! Set in a beautiful, Southern style interior, Boots and Shoots offers some of the most innovative whiskey based cocktails, craft beers and delicious wines in town. One of the rather popular nightclubs in downtown Houston TX, Boots and Shoots attracts all ages and styles of crowds to its super friendly bar. You can dance your boots off all night at the upstairs dance club, or simply take shots of your favourite liquor at the downstairs bar!

3. Guava Lamp

Guava Lamp in Houston

Have slightly different preferences and are looking for gay nightclubs in Houston to party it up this weekend? Guava Lamp is the place for you! This LGBT friendly lounge hosts theme night parties, karaoke, live drag queen shows and so much more for you to enjoy! Even if you are not part of the LGBT community, visiting this nightclub will definitely give you an experience worth remembering!

4. Grooves of Houston

Grooves of Houston, Houston

Groove to the beats at Grooves of Houston nightclub. Enjoy one of the most popular spots for black nightclubs in Houston at Grooves of Houston. With live entertainment, excellent staff service and friendly crowds, feel at home with your party mates at Grooves of Houston in Houston, TX.

5. Belvedere

Belvedere, Houston

Craving the feel of home in Houston? If you are on the search for Nigerian nightclubs in Houston head on over to Belvedere. This dance club and lounge offers you some of the most scrumptious meals, amazing cocktails and a large dance floor to enjoy swinging to their Latin selection of music. With bottle service and private VIP rooms, there is not much that the Belvedere cannot offer you in terms of a pure Houston nightclub experience.

6. Houston Country Club

Houston Country Club, Houston

Ask any of the locals to point you to the direction of one of the most popular country clubs in Houston, and you will find yourself looking at Houston Country Club. Located at a fairly accessible location, Houston Country Club offers you everything; from beautifully prepared meals, to friendly staff who know how to look after their customer, to a beautiful view of greenery.

7. Café 4212

Café 4212 in Houston

Tired of the same old EDM blaring through the speakers at nightclubs in Houston? Head on over to Café 4212 to enjoy the authentic feel of jazz clubs in Houston. Enjoy some of the scrumptious snacks offered at Café 4212 as you sway to the music of live jazz played by some of the most talented musicians at Café 4212.

8. The Improv Houston

The Improv Houston

Sometimes, you just want to get away from the party crowds and spend some time relaxing and having a great laugh at a comedy club instead. Well, we understand exactly how you feel. Head on over to The Improv Houston to enjoy the talents of one of the best comedy clubs in Houston. Enjoy your share of delicious food and drinks as you laugh along to the hilarious comedy of internationally known artists at The Improv Houston.

9. South Beach

South Beach, Houston

Another one of the very popular choices of gay nightclubs in Houston, South Beach Houston has a very cosy feel, even though the nightclub is fairly large. You can enjoy your night dancing away with some of the friendliest crowds in Houston, TX. Don’t miss the amazing laser light shows on the dance floor as you dance along to the popular beats of the week at South Beach Houston.

10. Numbers Night Club

Numbers Night Club, Houston

Looking to party it up in one of the top nightclubs in Houston TX? Head on over to Numbers Night Club. With live band performances and some of the friendliest staff you will find in any of the nightclubs in Houston downtown, Numbers Night Club will leave you craving for more.

These are the top nightclubs in Houston TX which are a must visit. Enjoy partying it up on your weekends, or have a chilled out, relaxing evening at the comedy clubs or jazz clubs in Houston TX.

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