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Top 10 Nightclubs in Chicago to Party like Crazy

Chicago is known for many things; their unique people, their street foods, and their nightlife. If you are a new visitor to Chicago and are looking for some places to party this weekend, you have come to the right place. In this article, we will tell you about the top 10 nightclubs in Chicago IL where you can bust your moves this weekend. From jazz clubs, to nightclubs in Chicago downtown, to even clubs for those who are over 18 for a different kind of experience, read on and find out the best places to party in Chicago this weekend.


1. The Drop Lounge

The Drop Lounge, Chicago

On the search for nightclubs in Chicago for 21 and over? Drop your search and head on over to The Drop Lounge. This nightclub features a cave like interior design, which can be quite cosy and intimate with the right kind of crowd. With some amazing cocktail recipes up their sleeve, The Drop lounge is one of the most perfect nightclubs in Chicago for birthday parties, so in case your birthday is coming up, you know where to go!

2. The Rec Room

The Rec Room, Chicago

Are you going to be in the Loop in Chicago this weekend? The Rec Room offers you a nostalgic trip down memory lane at this nightclub in Chicago loop. The ambience of the nightclub gives a house party themed vibe, with 1970’s style décor and vintage art all over the walls. With a free jukebox in the club, you can play all your favourite songs from the 90’s at one of the best dance clubs in Chicago.


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3. Berlin Nightclub

Berlin Nightclub, Chicago

In Chicago this weekend and need a place to party? Berlin is one of the few nightclubs in Chicago open on Sunday. This nightclub offers an ideal safe haven to those who are unique, standing out from the normal crowd. You can find all sorts of crowds at Berlin who share an all-orientation, no-attitude, and most importantly a no-shaming policy. Feel free at one of the most diverse nightclubs in Chicago.

4. Sound Bar

Sound Bar, Chicago

Looking for dance clubs in Chicago? You won’t find a better one than Sound Bar. One of the most popular nightclubs in Chicago suburbs, take a stroll down the multiple bars features in this one space. With a mix of different DJ’s playing different mixes, choose your favourite mix and dance it out. Once you are bored, simply walk over to the next DJ and enjoy his mix!

5. Smart bar

Smart bar, Chicago

For those searching for the best nightclubs in Chicago for 18+, head on over to Smart Bar to step into your adulthood. This nightclub offers some of the trendiest crowds, music and cocktails in town. With techno music blaring in the club, you are sure to get your groove on at Smart Bar.

6. PRYSM Nightclub

PRYSM Nightclub, Chicago

Looking for some of the best upscale nightclubs in Chicago for 18 and over? PRYSM is an elegant club with a stunning bar, bottle service, and some of the trendiest crowds of Boston. This hot spot has not only 2 dance floors, but also 3 different cocktail bars! Needless to say, you would run into some pretty flashy crowds at PRYSM nightclub.

7. The Corner Bar

The Corner Bar, Chicago

Planning to party in Bucktown Chicago this weekend? Head on over to The Corner Bar, one of the most popular joints for clubs in bucktown Chicago. With a sizzling menu, potent cocktails and the trendiest crowds in town, The Corner Bar provides the perfect spot for nightclubs in Chicago for birthday parties as well! With some of the best local and international beers available, head on over to The Corner Bar for a beer-full night!

8. Studio Paris Nightclub

Studio Paris Nightclub, Chicago

Looking for a classy nightclub in Chicago for an elegant night out with your work friends? Studio Paris Nightclub offers bottle service, some of the most courteous staff, and a classy, elegant ambience to suit your best suit and gowns on your night out. This nightclub offers an indoor as well as an outdoor lounge to attract all the flashy crowds.

9. M Lounge

M Lounge, Chicago

If loud, repetitive EDM and trance music just isn’t your style, come over to M Lounge. This is one of the best r&b nightclubs in Chicago where you can sit back with your drink and enjoy some of the best smooth jazz in town. Experience a new sensation in your night life at M Lounge, with their candlelit jazz, super luxurious seating and amazing music.

10. Bevy

Bevy, Chicago

There are some of us out there who just can’t get enough of dancing on their nights out. Bevy is a dark themed trendy cocktail bar where you can dance all night with no one to stop you! The glowing light effects just make you look all the more groovy when you are busting your moves.

These are the top 10 nightclubs in Chicago that you must visit for a true, Chicago night life experience!

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