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Top 10 Nightclubs in Hollywood, California to Party like Crazy

Hollywood, California has an abundance of tourist spots, amazing eateries, places for sightseeing and of course, a hip and happening night life. If you find yourself in California and are looking for some of the best nightclubs in Hollywood, you can stop your search now! In this article, we will tell you about the top 10 nightclubs in Hollywood blvd and what to expect from them.


1. AVALON Hollywood

AVALON Hollywood

Hands down one of the most popular spots which attract locals and tourists alike, AVALON Hollywood gets its fame from the history of its building. AVALON Hollywood is housed in a historic theatre in Hollywood blvd. open till the wee hours of the night; you can enjoy great EDM music at this nightclub with a rich and interesting history.


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2. OHM Nightclub

OHM Nightclub, Hollywood

For those looking for a special night of fun at nightclubs in Hollywood for 18 and over, OHM Nightclub is a well-known spot in Hollywood & Highland mall. You can expect to run into some celeb-heavy clientele on your visit to OHM nightclub. However, be ready to pay for some overpriced drinks as OHM Nightclub is a typical Hollywood nightclub with Hollywood rates.

3. Rage

Rage, Hollywood

If you are in a mood for something new and experimental, head on over to Rage Nightclub in West Hollywood. One of the most exciting nightclubs in Hollywood for 18 and over, Rage nightclub is a famous gay club where you can enjoy a variety of drinks, hip swaying music and an energetic crowd to accompany it.


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4. The Room Hollywood

The Room Hollywood

Looking for an exciting place to celebrate your special night in Hollywood? Head on over to The Room Hollywood for a true experience of nightclubs in Hollywood 21 and over. This luxury lounge attracts some of the most young, youthful and hip crowds of Hollywood for a night of partying Hollywood style. With low lighting and reasonably priced drinks, you are sure to have a great night at The Room Hollywood.

5. Boulevard3

Boulevard3, Hollywood

One of the most sought after nightclubs in Hollywood California, Boulevard3 has everything from good music, to a great ambience, great service and some delicious drinks to keep you busy through the night. One of the special clubs in Hollywood for all ages, Boulevard3 is located where Hollywood Athletic Club formerly was, so you can expect great big indoor as well as outdoor space in this nightclub.

6. Karma Lounge

Karma Lounge

For those who are on the search for r&b clubs in Hollywood, head on over to Karma Lounge. One of the few nightclubs in Hollywood open on Wednesdays, enjoy the latest hits blasting off the stereos in Karma Lounge with some of the most amazing drinks the club has to offer. One of the cosy nightclubs in Hollywood losangeles, enjoy a global crowd in Karma Longue as tourists from all over the world enjoy the amazing events being held at Karma Lounge every week.

7. Salsa & Beer

Salsa & Beer, Hollywood

Head on over to one of the most exciting clubs in Hollywood California to enjoy exactly what you are expecting from the name; Salsa dancing and an amazing variety of beers to chug! One of the best clubs in Hollywood for all ages, Salsa & Beer has a great display of delicious food, tasty beers and hip crowds for you to enjoy your evening with.

8. El Zorro Night Club

El Zorro Night Club, Hollywood

Looking for nightclubs in Hollywood 21 and over? Here is one of the best ones is North Hollywood! El Zorro Night Club offers its customers who are 21 and over an amazing time filled with great food, a dance floor, Spanish music with live musicians, DJ’s and a full bar on the weekends!

9. Skinny’s Lounge

Skinny’s Lounge, Hollywood

Head on over to Skinny’s Lounge to experience not only some of the most swanky crowds of town, but also to marvel at the stupendous 1970’s inspired interiors of this nightclub. With live music, a great, friendly crowd and some amazing cocktails, Skinny’s Lounge is one of the must visit nightclubs in Hollywood blvd.

10. Salsa Club 2000 (Permanently Closed)

Exactly what the name suggests, Salsa Club 2000 is one of the Latin nightclubs in Hollywood ca. If you can see yourself swaying to the newest Latin music as well as some of the old, golden Latin beats, Salsa Club 2000 is the place for you. With an amazing deal on happy hour drinks, some of the yummiest snacks that you can grab, and an energetic and exciting dance floor, Salsa Club 2000 is one of the best clubs in Hollywood for all ages.

This list of the top 10 nightclubs in Hollywood will help you find your way around Hollywood and discover some of the most popular night spots. You can visit with your friends during the weekends to party till the wee hours of the night, or go for a quick drink after work on weekdays as well!

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