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10 Best Shopping Markets in New York City

New York, the Big Apple is abundantly filled with every kind of market that you could wish for; from New York supermarkets, to some of the best antique markets in New York, this city offers something for every shopper. Often dubbed as the shoppers paradise, New York is filled with small shops, flea markets, big branded shops, and one can find inspiration at every street corner in this stupendous city.

If you are visiting New York and are in need of some of the best shopping markets, here is a list of the top 10 best shopping markets in New York:


1. Bryant Park – Bank of America Winter Village

Bryant Park - Bank of America Winter Village, New York

If you are visiting New York during the holiday season, you are definitely in for a treat! With some of the best shopping markets in New York for Christmas, bank of America Winter Village at Bryant Park is a must visit during the holiday season! Not only will you find over 125 shops, kiosks, and eateries, you will also find one of the largest outdoor ice skating rinks, sitting at 17,000 square feet at Bryant Park. After a few long hours of shopping, you can always take a break at the famous restaurant Public Fare. Enjoy some of the hottest, yummiest meals as you sit rink side and enjoy watching the beautiful ice skaters in front of you.

2. Macy’s

Macy’s, New York

A name that you will find synonymous with the most affordable and best markets in New York, Macy’s is the largest department store in the US.  With 10 and a half floors of shopping wonder, it is easy for even the most seasoned shoppers to get lost at Macy’s. from furniture, to clothes, to beauty products and food, you will find anything and everything at Macy’s. What’s even better, if you are a tourist, simply show off your passport and enjoy a 10% tourist discount on all of your shopping items!


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3. Grand Bazaar

Grand Bazaar, New York

This flea market in New York is exactly what it sounds like; the Grand Bazaar at New York opens every Sunday to all citizens and tourists. This market is New York’s one and only year round bazaar, and is one of the largest and oldest flea markets in New York. Choose from over 100 merchants offering you jewellery, antiques, goodies, food, furniture and much more. If you happen to visit during the holidays, you can enjoy some of the special events held by Grand Bazaar.

4. Grand Central Holiday Fair

Grand Central Holiday Fair, New York

One of the most romantic and beautiful shopping markets to be at in New York during the holiday season, Grand Central Holiday Fair offers you not only an amazing shopping experience, but you will be left gawking at the marvellous architecture and settings done. The brightly lit Christmas tree is enough to get anyone into the holiday mood.

5. Brooklyn Flea Market

Brooklyn Flea Market, New York

If antiques and shuffling through vintage is your thing, then the Brooklyn flea market is a paradise for you. One of the best antique markets in New York, you never know what you might run into at this vintage flea market. From vintage car parts, to head scarves, shoes, and much more!

6. Artists and Fleas

Artists and Fleas, New York

You will get exactly what you are looking for when you visit Artists and Fleas market in NYC. Sift through the hundreds of vintage items from as far as the 1950’s. God knows what treasures you might come across at this superb flea market.

7. Madison Avenue

Madison Avenue, New York

There is always a few amongst us who gets their high off buying some luxury, branded items, and what better place to do so than at New York’s Madison Avenue! Feast your eyes on some of the most luxury brands of the world such as Armani, Gucci, Chanel, Prada, and much more. However, this market doesn’t spare much for your wallets!

8. Union Square Green Market

Union Square Green Market, New York

One of the largest and most popular farmers markets in New York city, the Union Square Green Market is a paradise for those looking for the freshest produce, meats, breads and greens. Founded in 1976, the Union Square Green Market is more than just a market; it is a culture and tradition of New York. With over 250 local families and fishermen part of this big, beautiful market, this is definitely a must visit market in NYC.

9. Chelsea Market

Chelsea Market, New York

A beautiful little Asian market in New York, Chelsea market offers everything from fresh sea food, to exotic spices and dishes. If you are an inspiring cook yourself, you will find plenty of inspiration at Chelsea market; from restaurants to libraries full of unique recipes and cookbooks!

10. Morton Williams

Morton Williams, New York

In business since 1945, Morton Williams is a family owned superstore which has spread to over 15 new York metropolitan areas. Offering much more than groceries, this supermarket is what defines the meaning of true new York supermarkets.

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