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Top 10 Shopping Markets in Washington DC

From local wares, tempting food to designer brands, Washington DC houses them all. With an assortment of shopping areas to choose from, you will certainly find stuff that suits your needs and taste.

If you are out there in Washington DC or planning to go there soon and want to know the best shopping markets in Washington DC then here we bring you the most sorted list. So,check them out so that you can include them in your travel plan list!


1. Georgetown

Georgetown, Washington DC

With more than 500 retail shops, Georgetown lies to Northwest D.C. and is perfect to find eclectic and elite stuff. Whether you are looking for a boutique store or want to grab some luxury outfits, this place has them all! It is one of the best markets in Washington where you can even find great antique and collectible stuff.

2. CityCenter DC

CityCenter DC, Washington DC

Situated along the New York Avenue, CityCenter DC is one of the newest and hottest shoppingdestinations of the place. It is even one of the finest Christmas markets in Washington DC area which is décor lavishly during the festive season. With interior sidewalk streets and some amazing restaurants, you can shop, eat and enjoy at this particular junction. It is a 10-acre development that houses almost every luxury international fashion brand. Unfailingly, you can spend an entire day here!


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3. Eastern Market

Eastern Market, Washington DC

This is one of the oldest and finest flea markets in Washington DC that was introduced in 1873. It catered as a community spot for Capital Hill and is one of the best destinations for tourists from across the world. You can enjoy the live music, shop for fresh produce of local farms, and grab handmade merchandise from locals, like antiques, crafts, jewelry, and more. Remember the market is closed on Monday.

4. New Morning Farm

New Morning Farm, Washington DC

This is more than 40 years old farmers markets in Washington DC that is located in Cleveland Park. It is certified to grow organic food like herbs, berries, vegetables, and more. This is a 95-acre farm where more than 60 different crops are grown each year by using greenhouse effect. With dipirrigation systems and well-preserved freshness of the produce, it is one of the places where you can shop for the freshest organic stuff.

5. Union Station

Union Station, Washington DC

Don’t consider this train station a point for just last minute shopping. With over $160 million renovations, this is a top-notch shopping junction in Washington DC. Besides hosting trains and buses on a daily basis, this station is a home to 100 specialty shops and food outlets along with a massive 9-screen movie complex. With some of the best stores in town, the station features architectures and artifacts from Roman architecture throughout the way.

6. Georgetown Flea Market

Georgetown Flea Market, Washington DC

Another flea market in the Washington DC area is Georgetown Flea Market. The market was established in 1972 and is an ideal place to hunt and shop for some amazingly unique things that are antique and vintage. There are numerous vendors out there and you can find really great stuff at cool prices only if you have those stubborn bargaining skills. From artwork, toys, to clothes, you can visit this market on any Sunday of the year.

7. Bethesda Farm Market of Women

Bethesda Farm Market of Women

This is another finest farmer market in Washington DC area that would deliver you truly cool shopping experience. This market offers everything ranging from food, drinks, boutique outlets, artisans, local businesses, books, and more. The market was started as farmer’s market, but during the Great Depression era, the wives of farmers found a Montgomery Farm Women’s Cooperative Market, also called as Bethesda Farm Women’s Market. With new offerings and historic ambiance, it is a perfect place to avail delightful shopping experience.

8. Stachowski Market

Stachowski Market, Washington DC

It is one of the amazing meat markets in Washington DC where you can grab on varieties of mouthwatering dishes from Jaime Stachowski. It is a family owned market that was started in the ancient time and is still known to offer the best lambs, chickens, perks, and steak dishes. There is a hot dish on the menu every day. If you are a meat lover then you cannot afford to miss this place.

9. Captain’s White Seafood

Captain’s White Seafood, Washington DC

It is an amazing fish market in the Washington DC area where you would be amazed at the delicious seafood. It is located close to the fresh fish vendors and hence offers the tastiest and freshest food on your plate.

10. Good Food Market

Good Food Market, Washington DC

If you want to grab the fresh and tasty food at reliable prices then the Good Food Market is the best food market in Washington DC area. You can buy fresh, high-quality produce, grocery items, and ready-to-prepare meals from this place. Even the prices are affordable and shopping here is comfortable.

Washington DC has it all that a shopaholic would desire for! So, pack your bags and dive into the shopping arena of this place to have a great, enjoyable time.

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