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Top 6 Shopping Markets in Baltimore

Baltimore is a picturesque town located near the river Patapsco at the north-central periphery of Maryland. Baltimore has a total of 6 public markets that were all established around the 18th and the 19th century. Markets in Baltimore City attract customers from far and wide locations with bakers, fish mongers, and butchers sell their products that are fresh from the farm. Markets in Baltimore MD flaunt an array of fresh flowers, ethnic food, and fresh green vegetables along with the latest cell phones.

So when in Baltimore, make sure you visit the famous markets in Baltimore Maryland listed below and engage in the cultural diversity reigning in the area.


1. Lexington Market

Lexington Market, Baltimore

The Lexington Market is one of the oldest, largest as well as renowned public markets in the Baltimore area. The place houses vibrant scenery that consists of occasional live music being played during the peak time of flea markets in Baltimore. When in Lexington, you can find an assortment of vendors that are 140 or sometimes even more in number. You can find everything at these farmers markets in Baltimore starting from fresh crabs to tasty sweet candies. The best place in this market that should be a must visit in your itinerary is the Faidley’s Seafood restaurant that is well known for the crab cakes it sells.

2. Cross Street Market

Cross Street Market, Baltimore

Cross Street Market is one of the best markets in Baltimore with about 2 dozen stalls. The market attracts people from all sections of the society with products that cater to people regardless of the age. One of the most renowned seafood restaurants is located in this area named Nick’s Inner Harbor Seafood that provides fresh fish at buyer’s demand. The market is located in a building that is a fine example of Italian architecture of the Revival-style. It is one of the highly preferred Italian markets in Baltimore.

3. Broadway Market

Broadway Market, Baltimore

This particular farmers market in Baltimore County is located at the Fells Point that is famous for being the modern-day nightlife of the area. This daytime destination once has farmers bringing in their goods to be sold via ferry. With changing times the farmers have started cultivation of sweet treats along with meats at the place itself which is readily available at a fair price that is affordable.

4. Northeast Market

Northeast Market, Baltimore

Located close to the Johns Hopkins, Northeast market is one of the well known flea markets in Baltimore where you can pick everything fresh that comes under the broad term “Food”. From seafood to sandwiches or Pizza, you get everything fresh with all the fresh ingredients used. Similar to other markets in the city, Northeast market has also undergone several changes and renovations to expand to an area of 36,000 sq.ft.

5. Hollins Market

Hollins Market, Baltimore

Hollins market is similar to any next door grocery store where you can find everything starting from vegetables to baked goods or meat items. Being one of the well known seafood markets in Baltimore, Hollins houses the best seafood that come straight from the salt waters to cumulate into a tasty dish the taste of which lingers into your mouth for a long time.

6. Avenue Market

Avenue Market, Baltimore

Once termed as “Lafayette Market” this place serves close to the southern periphery of the Druid Hill Park that carries everything from cell phone to food and Bibles. Being one of the top ranking Asian markets in Baltimore, it is a well-known retailer of things such as gifts or cell phones. This place has a history which states that after its initiation in the year 1871, it burned in a fire in the year 1953 until it was reopened in the year 1996 with the new name Avenue market.

So, if you are planning on visiting the Baltimore county anytime soon, make sure you visit one of these markets to understand the local culture and indulge in a tasty experience with best seafood you would ever had in your lifetime.

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