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Top 10 Shopping Markets in Honolulu

The thought of Hawai Islands would definitely delve you into asensational feeling of white sand beaches, swaying palms, rolling ocean waves, and more. But how would you feel if you find that the island you are visiting is even an excellent shopping paradise?

It would be great! So, check out the list of best shopping markets in Honolulu and know why it is one of the most loved places for shopping lovers!


1. Pearlridge

Pearlridge, Honolulu

It is one of the best markets in Honolulu that is even the biggest enclosed mall having more than 170 stores and eateries. This huge mall is divided into two sides – Uptown and Downtown linked by an elevated monorail. From thechain of stores to food courts, each side of themall has it all. So, visit this place to enjoy a rejoicing balance of shopping, eating, and entertainment.

2. Aloha Stadium Swap Meet

Aloha Stadium Swap Meet, Honolulu

If you are looking out for markets in Honolulu at the stadium then this is the place to be. The stadium market is organized 3 days a week and is a huge established institution on Oahu. You need to pay a nominal fee amount to enter the market. You can shop for locally made drinks, foods, discount clothing, accessories, trinkets, and shoes. It is an excellent place to get souvenirs for the family and friends back home.

3. Haleiwa Store Lots

Haleiwa Store Lots, Honolulu

It is a premium open-airmarkets in Honolulu that is spread across 27,000 sqft area. The market was established in 2015 and is structured to appear like plantation style shops. It features some prominent shops like Island Vintage Coffee, T&C Surf, Global Creations, Clark Little Gallery, Whaler’s General Store, and more. The Matsumoto Shave Ice is one of the hottest stores in this market that has been in operation since 1951.

4. Royal Hawaiian Center

Royal Hawaiian Center, Honolulu

The Royal Hawaiian Center is one of the fascinating open center markets in Honolulu that houses more than 110 shops, restaurants, and boutiques. From luxury brands like Valentino, Heres to local boutiques, like Crazy Shirts, Candle Works, and Island Soap, you can shop for great stuff from this place. It is the iconic Waikiki Beach and offers other entertainments like Hawaiian music, cultural demonstrations, lessons, and more.

5. Kailua Farmers Market

Kailua Farmers Market, Honolulu

It is one of the finest farmers markets in Honolulu, which is a flood of vendors. The market sells locally produced products, arts, crafts, and foodstuffs. It is among those rare markets in Island that is opened even during thelate afternoon. The market is organized every Thursday and can be visited to shop for local produce, crafts, and other items. You can even enjoy great food at this place!

6. AlaMoana Center

AlaMoana Center, Honolulu

It is one of the biggest local markets in Honolulu that is the biggest shopping center of the place. With more than 230 businesses to explore, it is a perfect place to shop for products and items from various international brands. A host of services and eateries is also available. The mall is situated among the beautiful landscaping and features as well.

7. Tamashiro Market

Tamashiro Market, Honolulu

It is the best fish markets in Honolulu that is a perfect place to shop for local products and fresh produce at cheap prices. The market offers non-vegan items, fresh fish, and almost all types of seafood. There is a special item on the menu every day. Hence, when you visit the market it is better to check for the daily offer before you buy the stuff! It is one of the finest meat markets in Honolulu.

8. Marukai Hawaii Wholesale Market

Marukaihawaii Wholesale Market, Honolulu

If you are searching for the best Japanese market in Honolulu then this market is the place to visit. It offers best cuisines, dishes, grocery, and other stuff from Japanese essence. It specializes in offering Japanese products like furniture, groceries, electronic appliances, health products, goods, and more. It claims to offer high-quality Japanese products at reasonable prices and is a great extent able to offer it.

9. China Town Market

China Town Market, Honolulu

Located in City Square Shopping Center, the China Town Market is one of the amazing Asian markets in Honolulu. The market offers vegetables, fruits, clothing, and other items at affordable prices. It is opened throughout the week and can be visited to shop for great Asian stuff.

10. Times Supermarket

Times Supermarket, Honolulu

The Times supermarket is the best supermarkets in Honolulu because it offers almost everything that you could think of. The market offers each and everything, which offers the ease to shop for great products and varieties underone roof. There are even weekly specials announced that you can consider buying great stuff at amazing deals.

So, check with this list of best markets in Honolulu. Despite being an island, the place has lots to offer to shop lovers. So, do check these markets out and enjoy great shopping!

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