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Top 10 Shopping Markets in Atlanta

Traveling to a new place fills us with great joy and excitement, and if you are shopping lover then you would definitely want to explore the best shopping points of that place.

So, if you are all set to visit Atlanta and want to have a quick glance at the best shopping markets in Atlanta Georgia then reading this post is a must for you!


1. Atlantic Station

Atlantic Station, Atlanta

It is an eclectic array of more than 50 shops featured close to a walkable brick-paved street and a beautiful Central Park. You can shop from various great boutiques, fine-dine restaurants and sidewalk cafes. There is even the famous Regal Cinemas 16 where festivals and concerts are organized on regular basis.  You can opt for the free shuttle service to conveniently reach to the place.


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2. Marietta Square Farmers Market

Marietta Square Farmers Market, Atlanta

It is one of the best farmers markets in Atlanta that offer visitors with a delightful shopping experience. With offerings from more than 65 vendors, you can shop for fresh fruits, vegetables, kitchen staples, and food at great bargained prices. It offers almost everything that you would require to prepare meals at home. The availability of fresh local flowers is another reason to visit this place.

3. Grant Park Farmers Market

Grant Park Farmers Market, Atlanta

This is the best farmers market in Atlanta GA, which is an exquisite location for foodies, shoppers, bloggers, and all those who love shopping and eating fresh. You can shop for veggies, bread, meats and local artisanal foods from this place. Furthermore, there is ample sitting and picnic space available. Therefore, you can shop for fresh food as well as enjoy a great time with your family in this area.


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4. Atlanta State Farmers Market (Forest Park)

Atlanta State Farmers Market, Atlanta

Also known as the Georgia Farmer’s Market, this is a prime farmers market in Atlanta Georgia. Spread across 150 acres and instigated in 1958, it is one of the biggest one-off a kind market in the world. With a nursery, garden center, and retail and wholesale sales it is a prime distribution point for the fresh produce in the Southeastern region and the remaining country. The market also houses a restaurant and USDA Federal-State office, which are great sites for the visitors.

5. Atlanta Fish Market

Atlanta Fish Market

It is one of the biggest fish markets in Atlanta that delivers the freshest seafood in and around the area. It is a relaxing, comfortable and enjoyable retreat from the hustle and bustle of the region. The place is more than 37 years old and houses 13 internationally renowned restaurants. Besides fresh seafood and fishes, you can enjoy in stylish surrounds, clubby vibes and the chic environment that makes it a perfect place for all moods, occasions, and appetite.

6. Kudzu Antique Market

Kudzu Antique Market, Atlanta

Your trip to Atlanta is incomplete if you don’t travel one of the famous antique markets in Atlanta. Established in 1979, this market adores antique shops with over 100 dealers. From exclusive garden art, antique trains, to vintage accessories, century mod, and mod furnishings, you can shop for all such great stuff from this place. With affordable prices and excellent customer service, shopping here is truly enjoyable.

7. Chinatown Market

Chinatown Market, Atlanta

The Atlanta Chinatown Market is the best Asian markets in Atlanta that are stuffed with lots of amazing stuff from the Asian region. Situated in Chamblee, which is among the safest places in Georgia, this mall serves Taiwanese, Chinese, Vietnamese, Cantonese, Korean, and Laotians culture in one community. Besides shopping, you can enjoy in the captivating courtyard garden and enjoy tempting Asian cuisine out there.

8. Shields Meat Market

Shields Meat Market, Atlanta

The Shields Meat market was started in 1947 and since then is delivering best service and quality. It is one of the best meat markets in Atlanta where you can enjoy varieties of fresh beef, veal, lamb, pork, and poultry. You can order raw meat or cooked meat depending on your choice. It is a perfect place to shop for high-quality meat and meat products at reliable prices.

9. Lenox Square

Lenox Square, Atlanta

The home to almost all international brands, this place holds around 250 specialty stores offering rich shopping experience. It is a premier shopping joint situated in the heart of Buckhead, close to the street of Phipps Plaza. You can shop for just anything from this place.

10. Pendergrass Flea Market

Pendergrass Flea Market, Atlanta

Situated northeast to downtown Atlanta, the Pendergrass Flea market is the biggest indoor flea market in Atlanta. Besides a great shopping junction, it is a great fun spot for the entire family. While shoppers can shop from the 500 vendors and 700 shopping booths, kids and family members can enjoy the various special events and entertainment activities organized throughout the year.

So, these are the best markets in Atlanta. But the place has lots more to offer to all shopping lovers. Now you know these places so do check them out as soon as you reach Atlanta!

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