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Top 10 Shopping Markets in Detroit

Detroit is a beautiful destination with numerous exquisite shopping centers offering absolute convenience and accessibility. From local markets to skyscraping shopping malls, it has everything for everyone.

So, if you are traveling to Detroit then check the best markets in Detroit, which are definitely a must visit!


1. Eastern Market

Eastern Market, Detroit

It is one of the best markets in Detroit, Michigan that holds great historical significance. The market was established in 1892 and is a wonderful place to shop for fresh produce, fish, plants, and meat. It is an open air market that is perfect to visit on Saturday morning. If you are traveling Detroit for the first time then this is the must to visit place.

2. Royal Oak Farmers Market

Royal Oak Farmers Market, Detroit

Based in the area of Royal Oak, it is a premium farmers market in Detroit area. It is an artistic center reflecting the local produce, antiques, and artwork. From small gems to hand-crafted candles and soaps, to vintage products, you can just not shop but can also enjoy great tempting food in the restaurants in this market.

3. Dixieland Flea Market

Dixieland Flea Market, Detroit

It is one of the finest flea markets in Detroit that is the largest and oldest in Pontiac. You can shop for costume jewelry, tools, flatbeds, sale furniture, NASCAR, clothing electronics, and garage sales from this shop. When you are hungry then you can hop on to the amazing carnival food offered in the place. There are fair weathers organized in the place. So, do check for them before going to the market!

4. Eastern Market Seafood Company

Eastern Market Seafood Company, Detroit

Visit this fish market in Detroit and quench your appetite with fresh and yummy seafood. The market is the largest and oldest in the region. You can shop for all varieties of fish and meat from this market. It is owned by John and his family who offer great customized products at bargained prices.

5. AI Fresh Fish and Chicken

AI Fresh Fish and Chicken, Detroit

Another finest fish markets in Detroit area is the AI’s fresh fish and chicken market. The market is known for offering high-quality products. For this reason it is always filled with visitors. You can shop for fresh fish, chicken as well as seafood from this place. Even there are shops offering cooked non-vegan items that can be purchased to please your tastebuds.

6. Cantoro Italian Market

Cantoro Italian Market, Detroit

The Cantoro Italian Market is one of the finest Italian markets in Detroit area that offers great quality products at nominal prices. The market is inspired by famous Italian markets in Venice, Rome and Palermo. It offers best food and wines throughout the year. You can shop for most amazing cakes, pastries, cannoli, pasta, and other Italian dishes at this place. If you want a special Italian gift for your loved one then this is a must to see place.

7. Little Asia Market

Little Asia Market, Detroit

If you are searching for the best Asian food and stuff in Detroit area then the Little Asia Market is one of the best Asian markets in Detroit area. It is a grocery store offering all Asian ingredients and foods. The store was established in 2008 and offer dishes and products from Sri Lanka, India, Pakistan, China, Bangladesh, and other Asian regions. So, do visit this market if you are fond of Asian products.

8. Honey Bee Market

Honey Bee Market, Detroit

It is a premium Mexican market in Detroit area that is known for offering high quality products and absolute customer service. The market was established in 1956 and since then is offering products and items of high standards. From fresh product, to hot prepared food to quality meats, it offers all. So, do visit this market to grab on rich Mexican products.


9. Twelve Oaks Mall

Twelve Oaks Mall, Detroit

It is an upscale shopping center in the area that offers products from numerous shopping brands. This mall houses more than 170 retailers including fashion brands, restaurants, sweet shops, and more. Think of a shopping brand and you will get it there. So, if you want to some buy something luxurious and worthy then this is a perfect place to shop.

10. Srodek Deli and Store

If you are craving for the best quality polished food in Detroit then this is the best polish market in Detroit area. The market instigates in 1980 and is presently an upscale shopping center. You can shop for rich Polished and European food traditions from this place. It is spanned across 5,900 square feet area and includes state of the art manufacturing facility. Some of the prominent specialties of this place are sauerkraut, stuffed cabbage, kielbasa, and pierogi.

So, this is the list of best markets in Detroit.It is a beautiful place with numerous markets offering varieties of products. Visit to Detroit and enjoy shopping there for products and markets you want to grab!

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