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20 Best Places to celebrate New Year’s Eve in Pune

Say hello to the New Year in the grandest way at the most spectacular party halls in Pune. Now turn all the heads in your choice of party destination with a mind boggling entry into the new chapter and bid cheerio farewell to the past. Scour through the groovy celebrations at some of the sickest parties in the country. Set your spirit free and party really hard through the night. Set your heels on fireat the following places to celebrate New Year eve in Pune. The heat is already up in the air; become an early bird and grab your passes before these electrifying places slip out of your hands:


1. Paasha Lounge at JW Marriot

Paasha Lounge at JW Marriot, Pune New Year Party

A top-notch venue to witness the New Year crawling in is The Paasha Lounge of JW Marriot International at Senapati Bapat Road. Ignite the floor with the most demanded DJs of the country, right under the starry night sky. Party like never before in here and relish the unlimited complimentary food and exotic drinks, all through the night. This roof-top party hub is the hottest place for sure to celebrate New Year in Pune. There is quite a rush for the event, so hurry up!

2. The Westin

The Westin, Pune New Year Party

For the people with the classiest tastes, The Westin has all the arrangements made before-hand. A very renowned hotel at Koregaon Park Annexe, The Westin lets you go on a bender with the ever-exciting music seeping into your body. Save all the energy for the festive event of New Year at this hotel because each and every corner of this joint will drain you in and out. The illimitable drinks and buffet will set your taste buds up. Test your luck if meet your favorite superstars as they drop in to add to the glamour of the place. With no doubts, best place to celebrate New Year in Pune is right here.

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3. The Flying Saucer Sky Bar

The Flying Saucer Sky Bar, Pune New Year Party

For not everyone likes to party hard, get drunk and shout out loud on the New Year Eve. The Flying Saucer Sky Bar in Viman Nagar takes charge and looks after this big requirement. It extends the most soothing way to welcome New Year with a joyous smile on your beloved’s face underneath the stunning moonlight. This lounge and bar brings all the comfort and warmth for you. Enjoy the aura, ambience, essence and soulful music as you breathe in the peaceful atmosphere. The entire atmosphere will take you by the trance. Nevertheless, the delectable food and beverages tempt your tongue all through the night.

4. 10 Downing Street

10 Downing Street, Pune New Year Party

Gear up like never before.Usher the brand New Year in the most lively and radiant way at the 10 Downing Street in Boat Club Road, Sangamvadi. The phenomenally hued fire illuminations in the sky, brilliant juggling performance, exhilarating songs to set up your energy levels higher and higher as the night passes by. Rejoice for the luscious lip-smacking buffet and on the rocks drinks as you rave it up under the bright laser lights. This hub deserves to be amongst the premier places to celebrate New Year in Pune.

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5. Swig

Swig, Pune New Year Party

Greet the contemporary year with swag and in a very classy style at The Swig in Koregaon. The stunning interiors and the high-on environment will leave an unforgettable impression in your mind. Make the last fitting meal of the year with authentic multi-national cuisine before you set your New Year resolutions. Customize you favorite blend of drinks; the bartenders are incredible in here. Get a way to enjoy the most thrilling party in the town and be lost in the paradise of fun & frolic.

6. The Orchid

The Orchid, Pune New Year party

Enliven yourself and party all night long at the five-starrer hotel The Orchid in Balewadi. The most famed band of rock stars and DJs of the country and abroad, live jingles, limitless appetizers and beverages; this one-stop destination sums up all the fun. The New Year celebration at the crystal ballroom of this hotel is a big-screen affair. Nothing could be more amazing than this, when it comes to how to celebrate New Year eve in Pune. Whoop it up and shout out loud to the New Year!

7. Courtyard by Marriot

Courtyard by Marriot, Pune new year party.

Yet another in the checklist of where to celebrate New Year in Pune is this sophisticated hotel at Hinjewadi. Ignite your soul, unleash the party beast hidden in you and party real hard along ravishing beats of the bass. Scrumptious food and drinks, epic performances, brilliant decor and many more will blow your mind. The nightclub of the hotel is a hotspot for ultimate fun and spree. Fall in love with the exclusive noble ambience of this hotel. Definitely do try not to miss this place from your checklist; this place is no regret.

8. The Irish House

The Irish House, Pune New Year Party.

Experience the hottest and happening discotheque, boundless serves of appetizers and beverages, midnight blast with aerial shots of fireworks lighting up the sky with striking hues, and many more at The Irish House Lounge in Viman Nagar. Celebrate your New Year in a lavishing style, roaring up aloud, hooting and drooling over the amazing playlist of the DJ. If you have The Irish House in the list of where to go to celebrate New Year in Pune, certainly choose this place without any second thoughts in your mind. Hurry up, for the time flies by!

9. Smoke on the Water

Smoke on the Water, Pune New Year Party

Smoke on the Water in The Central Park Hotel is an exquisite point central to the New Year celebrations in Pune. This joint hosts New Year celebrations with a totally different perspective. Wondering how a party could be thrown without ravishing loud music bring played to drain your energy through and through all the night! Then definitely join this place to experience a very distinct psychedelic aura. This open space opens up the complex you and frees your mind, body and soul, soothing each and every bit of your body so as to welcome the New Year with all the positivity.

10. The Eye Club Restro Lounge & Bar

Hotel Hindustan International, Pune New Year Party

The Eye Club Restro Lounge & Bar at Hotel Hindustan International in Viman Nagar throws in its New Year party in an epic Las Vegas style. Dance performances, free drinks and appetizers, colorful theme, loud background, hooting audience and amazing games. The high life that the party zone of the hotel brings on is surely going to last for the entire year to come by. Go wild like an animal with the incredible beats that hooks you in the groovy mood all night long. Grab the golden tickets soon for your gang; the tickets are at a flash sale.

11. High Spirits Cafe

High Spirits Cafe, Pune New Year Party

Dance off to the old year and welcome the happy, joyous and merry New Year at High Spirits Cafe in nestled at the Mundhwa Road. Drop by this one stop destination of ultimate fun with live music and gorgeous dancers performing just for you. The place sets up a themed party background to get you the feel of a carnival. Loud yet calm, this place knows how to satisfy every heart who pays off a visit, especially on the very eve of 31st December. The pub perfectly fits into how to celebrate New Year in Pune.

12. Hard Rock Café

Hard Rock Café, Pune New Year Party

Surprise yourself with the neon-lit dance floors and never ending exciting music at The Hard Rock Café in Koregaon Park Extension. This night club extends the most happening, fun-loving and zestful crowd. Shake like Shakira to the most thrilling songs of the playlist. Not just this, the subdued lighting system, leisurely buffet arrangement and open bar adds up to the spirits. This insane place is meant completely for the creatures of the night to hail upon. A must not miss; Hard Rock Café is just the right point to stop by to celebrate a ravishing New Year in Pune.

13. Penthouze

Penthouze, Pune New Year Party

A very popular name, The Penthouze in Mundhwa Pune is a gateway to the hell of fun. This place holds the most radiant and dazzling party in the entire city. The rooftop smashes the hit records one by one to set the dancing floor on fire. So, get set for a fanatical experience. The sky high open rooftop with cool breeze under the star shine is a capturing picturesque memory that you to would love to save as the precious. A perfect blend of ice and fire, the place knows how to set moods.

14. Stone Water Grill

Stone Water Grill, Pune New Year Party

The Stone Water Grill in the Pyramid Complex at Mundhwa Road is a kick ass over the others when it comes to be the foremost places for celebrating New Year in Pune. Exotic food, toothsome buffet, amazing vibes; the place has it all. The spinning and whirling music will get you along. Try your best no to ditch this very place for any other; you might make the gravest mistake if you do! The pub guarantees to bring in life to your 31st night and an ideal start to the brand new year. Do visit the hotel with your loved ones and get a memory in the making.

15. The Bar Stock Exchange

The Bar Stock Exchange, Pune New Year Party

Party like there is no tomorrow at The Bar Stock Exchange in Koregaon Park, Pune. This very place knows no limits to be put while you party. Drinks, hookah, food and themed background are handpicked for the party-lovers to have the utmost fun. Take the New Year celebrations by a storm; go on a bender and have a whooping mind blowing time with the DJs playing in their favorite mixed beats all for you. The bar assures that it brings both the best of its service and the best in you.

16. Rude Lounge

Rude Lounge, Pune New Year Party

The Rude Lounge has always been the talk of the town when it comes to organizing the New Year festivity. Spoil your bad mood at this branded place and move your body like a hurricane in an Indian way with the Punjabi Dhol beats. Get the feeling of a nutty swag; nothing can be better than this Indian way of greeting the New Era. This is probably the best way to celebrate New Year eve in Pune. Do not slip the chance out of your hands; the seats are not reserved for long.

17. Club 29

Club 29, Pune New year Party

The Club 29 of the Pink City Road, Wakad throws a party with a bash, where people get set to beg, borrow and steal to get into the glamourous and star-studded 31st night. The party is organized with a huge investment in, for the partygoers from in and around the city to come by and have penultimate levels of fun. The outstanding food, courtesy, ambience and an open bar for all, everything attracts the people to this place like a magnet. Welcome the newest year in the wackiest party style at this night club.

18. Oakwood Premier

Oakwood Premier, Pune New Year Party

One of the premier and classy places, The Oakwood Premier atKoregaon, Mundhwaundergoes an unbelievable transition when the New Year beckons. With the coolest crew, the place throws the hottest party in the town. The delicious food and perfect blend of drinks, the live bar and brilliant bartenders, hook your mood at all hours of the night. Sit cozy or hit the floor, the best way to celebrate New Year in Pune is to be a part of this happening pub. Step into your shoes soon as the seats here don’t sit over!

19. The Hyatt

The Hyatt, Pune New Year Party

Celebrate the last day of the year with extravaganza at The Hyatt at Kalyani Nagar. A grand way to experience the New Year, the place has three amazing locations to choose from as according to your choice of party. Be spoilt at the party halls and revitalize yourself for a fresh energetic start. The lavish soiree that the hotel organizes is beyond the description by words and a must experience by self. Catch hold of the passes before they fly away!

20. Post 91

Post 91, Pune New Year Party

Last but not the least, Post 91 at the 9th level of Icon Towers in Baner Road has so far maintained its position to be the best place to celebrate New Year eve in Pune. The awestriking hue of the place, heated up atmosphere and the chilling DJ to bob and hop you to a virtual world of excitement, live audience, dance performances, tattoo bars, famed bands, rock stars and many more, the options for entertainment are endless.

New Year is a big affair in Pune, full of champagne, fun-makers and fire arts. For the question popping in your gang about where we can celebrate New Year in Pune, the above mentioned list guides to the best places in Pune to have a night-out. It’s on you to decide which amongst these places goes into your bucket list. Stay safe this New Year, if drunk opt for a cab, for there are plenty in the city. Have fun to the fullest! Cheerio!

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