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10 Best Markets in Pune for Shopping

Pune, located in the western periphery of India in the state of Maharashtra is a thriving and vibrant metropolis. It is the eighth largest metropolitan city in India with the tag as an academic centre and business industry that effectively epitomizes the feeling of “New India” that serves as a baffling concoction of capitalism as well as spiritualism that comes from an ancient as well as modern background. With popularity so high, the city attracts people from far and wide coming down to the city in search of authentic collection of some of the beautiful local specialties as well as international imports. Markets in Pune are comprised of surprisingly affordable things such as attractive bags, accessories, jewelries, clothes, books, creatively crafted footwear, and many more. Chic stores, major malls, and local flea markets trend among the shopping enthusiasts, be it day or night. The local markets in Pune are the perfect mix of brands and local produces with a beautiful ambience created by the hawkers and local stall owners with colors that involve everything from a beautiful palette of the rainbow.

So let’s get acquainted with some of the popular local markets in the Maharashtrian city of Pune.


1. Fergusson College Road (FC Road)

If the talks in the street are about the best markets in Pune, Fergusson College Road is surely the top conversation starter. It is evidently the youth’s paradise that is known for being the location with finest collections for anything that is trending in the fashion market all around. A huge crowd comprised of adults as well as young kids visits this shopping destination in Pune all through the year.

Fergusson College Road (FC Road)

When it comes to famous shopping markets in Pune for trending clothes, fashion accessories, or footwear, the Fergusson College Road market is a popular choice that never disappoints the visitors. With an average cost of INR 200 when shopping at the market, you can find beautiful garments such as tops, tunics, and other similar varieties at a price tag so affordable that this trip will surely turn your day into an amazing delight. The vendors that sell their things here generally drag the crafts to this street during evening.

2. Juna Bazaar

There is something about the proverb “Old is Gold” that fits like the perfect pieces of puzzles when shopping at this market in Pune for dress materials. At Juna Bazaar, one can invest some time searching for the best piece of clothing from the huge collection comprised of the beautifully handcrafted ethnic dresses. Located at the Kasba Peth, this market is open all day long till 10 at night. It is among the oldest market in the city where you can find amazingly striking antiques as well as refurbished goods.

Juna Bazaar, Pune

If you have been looking for flea markets in Pune that can help you fill your bag with amazing deals that go straight to your priced collection of antique artifacts, jewelry, footwear, and so on, your visit to the Juna Bazaar is the right choice. It is also termed as the “Old Market”. If yours is a habit of collecting rare and old coins, the Juna Bazaar could easily be your first choice with a shopping experience that is perfectly enhanced with the amazing collection available here. This market ranks high among the wholesale market in Pune for kurtis that will surely satisfy your shopping cravings.

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3. Hong Kong Lane

The Hong Kong Lane is located close to the Garware Bridge at the Deccan Gymkhana with specialty in apparels for women and men. This comfortably arranged stall based market is spacious enough for the shoppers to fill in their bags without having to worry about getting stuck in the crowd. Here you can find attractive dresses for both genders with amazing accessories such as jewelries, bags, books and many more. Now, judging by its name, you would have guessed where the objects being sold in this market comes from.

Hong Kong Lane, Pune

The Hong Kong Lane is among the top markets in Pune to hunt for items from the far-off lands. You get exclusively imported items from Hong Kong at cheap prices. One can find amazing collection of denim, tops, footwear, etc, at this place which is why it is one of the best local markets in Pune. Not just local collection of junk jewelry, belts, perfume, and cosmetics, you can get famous brands in this market as well which includes names such as Deisel and Nike. So wait no more and hit the Hong Kong Lane to bag great deals along with fashionable outfits that wait for you here.

4. Laxmi Road

This renowned street market in Pune offers a great chance to “Shop Till You Drop” for items such as ethnic dresses that are simply jaw-dropping and some colorful bangles and jewelries to pair with your outfit. If you are in search for local shopping markets in Pune, grab your purse and hit for the Laxmi Road to reach this market to grab some of the best deals you might have never heard before.

Laxmi Road, Pune

Not everyone is a fan of fabric shopping which is why many tourists as well as locals visit this top choice for wholesale markets in Pune for cheap and affordable readymade garments. You can find a large collection of things such as sarees, salwar-kameez, t-shirts, blouses, etc. The best thing about this market is the fact that it is spread over an area of 4 kilometers.

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5. Phule Market

From fabrics to accessories, now that you know the best fabric markets in Pune, let’s get to a market that helps you serve a fresh collection of local produce in the kitchen with tasty dishes crafted from vegetables and fruits that are straight from the farm. If you have been in search for the vegetable markets in Pune, prepare that shopping list and bag all the necessary items that you need to make your favorite dish.

Phule Market, Pune

Everything here is farm fresh and available at comparatively cheaper prices as opposed to the supermarkets in Pune. The Phule market is located in the Shukrawar Peth with specialty in both vegetables as well as fruits. The market comprises of 500+ stalls and has been in existence back from India’s British era with maximized opportunities to stock up the kitchens with colorful produces that makes it a delight for homemakers.

6. BajiRao Road

Are you in search of furniture markets in Pune, meet all your needs when at the BajiRao Road. Make sure you deck your house with the latest trend in home décor by getting affordable furniture from this market. Instead of going for the branded places while paying a hefty price tag for the same, you can look for amazingly crafted furniture in this area at prices that are way lower but of equal quality.

BajiRao Road, Pune

Not just that, the BajiRao Road is also among the cloth markets in Pune that houses some garment shops to help the visitors shop for furniture as well as clothing items. Customization is also an option for visitors coming down to this market for furniture that is crafted as per their choice and also at prices that are amazingly unbelievable.

7. Fashion Street

When at Fashion Street, you can see a large crowd comprised of youths that visit this market to shop a collection that is dedicated to fashion and clothing accessories that isn’t generic but a carefully selected assortment that helps you stand ahead when it comes to being fashion forward. Weekly markets in Pune list the fashion Street among the top ranks with a mix of the 70s market as well as latest trends available at cheap prices. From skin-fitted jeans to belt bottoms, this market comprises of everything that can help you become the fashionista you always wanted to be with prices that don’t pick a hole in your pockets.

Fashion Street, Pune

Looking for best street markets in Pune? Make sure you don’t miss this market and invest in reasonably priced fashion market. Not just the trend, you can also look for the traditional aspect of fashion when shopping at the Fashion Street. Most of the items sold in this market comes from Mumbai making it easier for the fashion lovers to score beautiful garments without having to travel all the way to Mumbai. It is one of the main markets in Pune that is considered as a posh destination for shopping in Pune. Make sure you compare items from at least two or three shops in order to bag the best deals available. You can also use your bargaining skills to bring down the prices down a notch.

8. Ganesh Peth Fish Market

Craving for some freshly fried fish sticks or a big juicy piece of fish caught from the blue water and grilled with some amazing sauce? If this is what you have been craving on a beautiful Sunday morning, you should surely look for fish markets in Pune that bring an amazing collection of fresh fishes of various variety for you. Ganesh Peth is one such fish market in Pune city where heavy duty trucks bring blue crates full of freshly caught fishes that are kept intact through the journey from waters to the market by keeping them enclosed within ice.

Ganesh Peth Fish Market, Pune

If you are searching for markets in Pune that starts early in the market, make sure you plan your visit to Ganesh Peth early in the morning to avoid any unnecessary crowd and acquire the best from the lot. The hawkers here shout out their competitive prices that can easily be bargained for if you are looking for a special piece of that fresh catch.

9. Budhwar Peth

Do you urgently need to change the existing laptop you have with a newer version or maybe looking for smartphones at amazing prices? Computer markets in Pune such as Budhwar Peth is the answer to all your problems related to electronics. From household appliances to electronic gadgets, one can find a good collection of everything necessary for your house and office requirements. This top ranker from the mobile markets in Pune gets you some amazing deals over the latest smartphones that just entered the market. Get the high end appliances for your house that actually fit within your budget.

Budhwar Peth, Pune

At Budhwar Peth, you can get things such as geysers, air conditioners, room heaters, fairy lights, party lights, lanterns, and many others. You might not believe it but Budhwar Peth is among the popular markets in Pune that provides you access to appliances that are way cheaper than their retail rates which goes as low as 40 percent deducted from the standard market price. You get iPhone that starts from price as low as INR 15,000 while you can acquire feature decked laptops available at a price range starting from INR 21,000. Additionally, you can also get affordable power banks, headphones, Bluetooth speakers, and hard drives sold between price tags of INR 500 and INR 2,500.

10. Raviwar Peth

This market is Pune is located in an area that was formerly known by the name “Malkapur” which was developed during the 1670s by Nilopant Mujumdar. This market is famous for silver and gold jewelries with a knack for affordable wholesale market for quality textile. Not just that, if you are looking for market in Pune for toys, make sure you visit this market.

Raviwar Peth, Pune

You can also opt for jewelry customization with old or trendy designs both available at subsidized prices. If it’s your niece’s birthday or you are planning a fun gift for some young member of your family, make sure you get the best option from the collection of toys crafted from safe plastic that is designed for kids to play without getting hurt from any sharp edges.

So the next time you visit Pune but don’t want to go all the way to the crowded streets of Mumbai for shopping options, you can choose to shop at the markets to visit in Pune, especially the ones that import items from Mumbai. Even if you don’t want to shop, window shopping and exploring the markets in Pune can also be another option to spend some leisure time with friends or family.

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