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20 Best Places to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Hyderabad

Time flies over the wings of the lightning! Doesn’t it seem like yesterday when you were out welcoming the New Year with your friends and yet again, we are about the enter another year pretty soon. So whether you are grabbing on to your glittery dresses for that awesome party date or looking for a peaceful venue to lounge around and enter into a beautiful New Year, Hyderabad is your place to be this New Year. Wondering how to celebrate New Year in Hyderabad? Well, we have curated a list of some of the best destinations in the city just for you. So try them out and make your New Year party a fruitful one.


1. 10 Downing Street

10 Downing Street, Hyderabad New Year Party

Seeking entry into that feeling of vintage British bars? Why not walk down to the 10 Downing Street and make the best of your New Year delight. Located at Begumpet, this bar cum party venue ranks high amidst our list of places recommended for you this New Year. The artistic artwork decorated over the walls along with some wooden furniture will surely make your evening relaxing while turning the night a bit to the wilder side. Indulge in activities such as karaoke and showcase your singing skills to the crowd that cheers you up as you rejoice the playful cheeriness of the night.

2. Kismet

Kismet, Hyderabad New Year Party

Ranked as one among the largest party venues in Hyderabad, this bar cum party pad is spread over a ginormous area to welcome the youth from different parts of the city looking for a great New Year night. Comprised of sophisticated décor that comes with metal finishes and soft lighting, Kismet located in Somajiguda lends its party people with a classic ever-to-last memory and perfect ambience to party through the night. It isn’t wrong to say that Kismet is probably the best place to celebrate New Year in Hyderabad.

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3. Altitude Lounge Bar

Altitude Lounge Bar, Hyderabad New Year Party

What’s better than partying at a place that comes with an amazing view of the popular Hussain Sagar Lake? At the Altitude Lounge Bar, you get to experience the pleasure of an offbeat party night on the 31st that comes with amazing cocktails and sumptuous food menu. If you love to dance, there is a groovy dance floor just for your needs along with a cool bar with any drink of your choice. So, if you are in search of places to celebrate New Year in Hyderabad, get down to the Altitude Lounge Bar located near Necklace Road and make your New Year a special memory to be cherished for long.

4. MOB

MOB, Hyderabad New Year Party

An acronym for the phrase Mad Over Beer, this place is just what any beer lover would want to spend time at especially when it’s the New Year night. Your New Year celebrations in Hyderabad will surely become the best one when spending time at a bar that takes the art of beer making to a whole new level. With wooden furniture and a rustic décor, MOB is your stylish go to party destination in Hyderabad at Film Nagar.

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5. Liquids Pub

Liquids Pub, Hyderabad New Year Party

Nestled at the Banjara Hills area of Hyderabad, Liquids is an exquisite and exclusive bar meant for your New Year parties. Although small, this perfectly decked bar comes with comfortable booths, glass windows along with a great view of scenic beauty outside the bar. A party planned at Liquids is probably the best way to celebrate New Year Eve in Hyderabad. This bar comes with its very own dance floor that serves as an optimum place for parties that goes on late at night. So barge down to this exclusive bar and chill with your friends over drink and enjoy your New Year party.

6. The Sky Lounge

The Sky Lounge, Hyderabad New Year Party

What’s better than standing witness to the amazing glittery night sky of New Year with crackers lighting up the dark night? At The Sky Lounge, you experience the exquisite service of a dance floor located at the rooftop with music that makes to move with the beats. With an ambience that takes you to your happy place, celebrate this New Year near Hitech City of Hyderabad at The Sky Lounge. So if you haven’t yet sorted a place where to celebrate New Year in Hyderabad, this lounge could be the right answer to your queries.

7. Over The Moon

Over The Moon, Hyderabad New Year Party

Just as the name describes it, Over The Moon is your luxurious ale to any needs for the go-to party place in Hyderabad. With a beautiful view of the skyline, this lounge is just what you need when out partying in this city. Stop worrying about questions like where we can celebrate New Year in Hyderabad, because this ultimate destination located in Jubilee Hills is just what you need. At Over The Moon, you get to experience a charming place, great music, with luxurious décor that makes you want to hit that dance floor with sexy steps.

8. Air Café Lounge

Air Café Lounge, Hyderabad New year party

Who said parties can only happen at night? With a setting like the Air Café Lounge locatead in Jubilee Hills, the day-light parties can be much more than an amazing experience. This rooftop ambience serves best when it comes to dancing and drinking your favorite drink to your content. Surely it is the best place to celebrate New Year Eve in Hyderabad.

9. Komatose

Komatose, Hyderabad New Year Party

Komatose located at Gachibowli surely is one among the unique places for celebrating New Year in Hyderabad. This particular bar caters an amazing time for the youth of the city for New Year based events and celebrations. The DJ at the house is expert at making you groove through the music while you wait for the New Year to arrive.

10. Spoil Lounge

Spoil Lounge, Hyderabad New Year Party

Based at Jubilee Hills, the Spoil Lounge is one among the ultimate venues in Hyderabad for the party lovers seeking the right place to celebrate the New Year’s Eve. Decked with a dark ambience that makes you ready to welcome what’s ahead, this party terminus comes with mind-boggling music that will surely compel even sombre ones to dance on the floor. A mad mix of cocktails along with tempting starters is just what you need to add to your various ways of how to celebrate New Year Eve in Hyderabad when at Spoil lounge.

11. Hard Rock Café

Hard Rock Café, Hyderabad New Year Party

Hard Rock Café is one among the countless places to celebrate New Year Eve in Hyderabad. If you are a party animal, this club is the right party destination serving the best to its groovy folks. As the sun drops down the horizon, this lounge welcomes some of the most enthusiastic crowd in Hyderabad looking for an awesome night out. So why wait when you can make that New Year party all the more fun with mouth-watering dishes with American touch when hunting for party venues near Banjara Hills.

12. Mustang Terrace Lounge

Mustang Terrace, Hyderabad New Year Party

Flaunting a strategic location at Vinayak Nagar, the Mustang Terrace us a resto-lounge nestled in the city of Hyderabad. This lounge is an apt destination for anyone who loves to eat, drink and party. New Year celebrations at this lounge are especially a sight for the sore eyes with live performances and a platform that caters to the budding singers. So this New Year when planning the best way to celebrate New Year in Hyderabad, make sure you spend some time at the Mustang Terrace.

13. Beer House

Beer House, Hyderabad New Year Party

Classic taste of fresh booze with a good company of close friends, what more do you need? This New Year head to this lounge located at Inorbit Mall of Hitech City. New Year is much more than just loud music or dancing, it’s also about spending a good time with friends or family as you welcome the New Year with bang. So, let your spirit go high in the sky as you enter the new spin of 365 days or maybe 366 if it’s a leap year.

14. Masti Sports Bar

Masti Sports Bar, Hyderabad New Year Party

If you need your New Year to be filled with fun & frolic, the Masti Sports Bar is where you need to be. The bar comes with a scenic location near Gachibowli which makes it reason enough for someone to visit this bar. Enjoy the collection of finest liquor with delectable food. This pub sports a dance floor illuminated with beautiful amalgamation of colorful lights along with some live performances to make your New Year party a special experience. So if you haven’t yet decided the answer to this question-Where to go to celebrate New Year in Hyderabad, make sure you drop in to this pub for a great evening.

15. SKYHY Terrace Lounge

SKYHY Terrace Lounge, Hyderabad New Year Party

Dubbed as a casual resto bar for dinning, the SKYHY Terrace Lounge is also the most vibrant place when you travel to Gachibowli area of Hyderabad to hit a chic destination for New Year party. With spacious ambience and open terrace that offers a scenic view of surrounding area, this lounge is one among the highly recommended places by the party poppers in Hyderabad. They serve you a wide range of drinks and food with live performances and a happening DJ to make you want to dance all night long.

16. Karma Shack

Karma Shack, Hyderabad New Year Party

Located at the Shangri La towers of Banjara Hills, Karma Shack is a bistro lounge with live performances by music enthusiasts and the DJ spinning the record just for you. Dance to your favorite tune as the DJ mixes uptown beats with your requested song. The beauty of its dance floor is so enthralling that even someone who shies away from dancing will surely get up and groove to that sick beat. Not just that, at Karma, you are served with a delicious platter of food that comes from North India and continental style recipes.

17. Tipsy Stories

Tipsy Stories, Hyderabad New Year Party

Let your New Year speak out a whole new story at this happening destination with a crowd that can be dubbed as the coolest in the city. Tipsy Stories is just the right place to let your heart out with a friend as you enjoy the finely mixed drinks. Apart from serving delicious food, this space is known for proving the young and talented crowd a platform to share their talent with the crowd by opting for live performances. The nights at Tipsy Stories surely get a bit crazy with fun, so make sure this New Year you invest some time at this happening venue.

18. Stone Waters Kitchen and Lounge

Stone Waters Kitchen and Lounge, Hyderabad New Year Party

Stone Waters Kitchen and Lounge is the right place for someone looking for a scenic place to catch up on past memories with some old friends as you wait for the clock to strike 12 on the New Year’s Eve. This lounge located on the 5th floor of Aruna Arcade can be reached by getting to the Jubilee Hills area in Hyderabad. This lounge serves optimum quality chilled beer with DJ playing ear-soothing tunes as you sip in your drink. The music being played here is surely foot-stepping so make sure you make the best out of your New Year night.

19. Sounds and Spirits

Sounds and Spirits, Hyderabad New Year Party

What describes Sounds and Spirits the best? It is the perfect balance of lovely interiors, relishing food, and fabulous music that stays as an experience with you throughout the year. This particular pub cum lounge is one among the most loved places when partying in Hyderabad on the New Year night. They say that once you visit this pub, there is no going back from the memorable experience. This makes it the perfect spot for a great date as you both groove to mind-blowing music.

20. Aqua

Aqua, Hyderabad New Year Party

Celebrate New Year in Hyderabad at the Aqua located near Raj Bhavan Road at Somajiguda. This bar cum lounge is one among the highly appreciated glittery places for a perfect night out in Hyderabad for New Year parties. This particular party venue consists of a massive infinity pool, excellent décor, and luxurious seating arrangements. The bar here serves an array of spirits, wines, mocktails, and cocktails with music as the perfect combination in the background.

So if you live in Hyderabad or new to the city, your New Year should be a cherishing experience. Whether you are a sober soul or a party animal, make sure you hit the above listed party places to welcome this New Year as you meet new people and make new friends.

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