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15 Best Markets in Mumbai for Shopping

Mumbai evolved from an archipelago comprised of 7 islands to a location known as the epitome of entertainment, business, and commercial activities. This shopper’s paradise has everything needed by the locals and visitors regardless of the budget. The city brings forth best aspects of budget street shopping as well as the comfort that comes from luxurious mall hopping. So regardless of the fact that you have been searching for some stylish clothes, local spices, sarees, souvenirs, antiques, and even some leather jacket, Mumbai is a city that will serve you all that is needed during your shopping spree at the best markets in Mumbai. The city is well-connected to various parts of the country and even international locations which is why you can even find imported goods at the local markets in Mumbai.

Here is a list of some of the highly popular local markets of Mumbai that should definitely be visited by anyone planning to visit the city.


1. Linking Road

This particular shopping spot in Bandra is one among the best shopping destinations when it comes to wholesale markets in Mumbai for clothes. The market consists of a wide variety of trendy fashion items. The place is lined up with stalls that house everything from Indian clothes to shoes, bags, and beautiful jewelleries to pair with the dresses brought here. The collection flaunted by the stalls in the market although vivid, houses some that sell similar items. This gives you a chance to bag the best bargain while browsing through the sellers with similar items.

Linking Road, Mumbai

Not just that, you can even indulge in window shopping for the high-end brands while satiating the hunger with some eateries in the area that sell amazing fast food. The market can get very crowded during weekends, so if you want to spend some good time shopping at Linking Road, we recommend you visit the place during the weekdays. If you have been looking for cheap markets in Mumbai for Indian style bags and chappals, make sure you get down to Linking Road.

2. Hill Road

Also located at Bandra, the Hill Road is one among the popular flea markets in Mumbai that enjoys a similar recognition as the Linking Road. However, Hill Road enjoys a rather laidback vibe with less crowd as compared to the Linking Road market. This market in Mumbai is perfectly lively with the vendors jostling and looking for spots to sell all their items at budget prices.

Hill Road, Mumbai

When shopping at markets in Mumbai for clothes, you can get yourself things such as fancy clothes, jeans, tunics, Indian clothes and materials, and many more. Apart from the usual lookout for clothes, you can also pick yourself some accessories, footwear, hats, and so on. Hill Road truly comes alive during December and November when the vendors here start preparing for the Christmas season with decorations, Christmas trees, Santa hats, and amazingly delicious Christmas sweets.

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3. Colaba Causeway

This South Mumbai miracle can be your go to hangout destination with friends or family if you are looking for shopping at the best markets in Mumbai. Colaba Causeway is an endless collection of several stalls that seemingly never end housing things that are ever so tempting. As you approach the entrance of the market, you shall be greeted with the galaxy comprised of beautifully crafted bags, amusing items for house, exotic shawls, T-shirts with slogans, accessories, and fabulous collection of trendiest clothes in the present.

Colaba Causeway, Mumbai

Colaba Market, Mumbai is a perfect destination for the shopaholic inside you. This market brings you an access to hidden treasures with the search getting deeper with every step you take forward into the collection of stalls. Bargaining being a vital necessity when shopping at this market, make sure you do not forget to brush up on your skills. A key tip for you, never ever agree to initial three prices that are offered to you by the sellers in this famous destination among markets in Mumbai for shopping. If you are a fashionista or a foodie, you will surely fall in love with Colaba Causeway and its mega collection for shopping exclusively when it comes to the creatively crafted Junk Jewelleries.

4. Crawford Market

Crawford Market which is also popular by the name Mahatma Jyotiba Phula Mandai is actually an area populated with people who follow the Muslim religion. As you enter the area, you will notice a beautiful mix of red and green flags hanging overhead with the ever-so-melodic sound coming from the daily azan prayers. The echoes create a beautiful environment for the ones shopping in this area. If you are looking for vegetable markets in Mumbai, Crawford Market will surely serve your requirement with its fresh collection of wholesale vegetables and fruits.

Crawford Market, Mumbai

Not just that, you can look for stalls decked with some unimaginable props meant for parties, or buy some amazing toys for your kids when shopping at Crawford Market. With uniqueness and mix of colour, Crawford Market makes up at one of the top rankers when it comes to best markets in Mumbai. If you love the amazing saffron colour of Henna on your hands, make sure you get your hands painted with beautiful designs being dedicated by the remarkable artisans that deck the sidewalks of this market.

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5. Chor Bazaar

Chor Bazaar, located at the city’s heart is actually a district packed with Muslim population. This market has a history of its own that spans 150+ years. Now, its name might be a little confusion but it didn’t start the way you think it did. The word “Chor” here means “Thieves” suggesting that the items being sold here are actually stolen goods. However, the initial story was quite different. It was initially known as “Shor Bazaar” or the “Noisy Market” due to the huge crowd that visited this market.

Chor Bazaar Mumbai

However with years of being mispronounced by the British, it eventually turned into Chor Bazaar. It is one among the famous markets in Mumbai that opens its door to you with an amazing collection of bronze items, antiques, vintage items, treasure & trash collection, and many more. With the name being it’s accomplish, stolen goods slowly started taking over the collection found in this must-visit from the list of local markets in Mumbai.

6. Mangaldas Market & Mulji Jetha Market

If you have been hunting for the best among the textile markets in Mumbai, make sure you look for the one from a huge collection of un-stitched or metered clothes from Mangaldas Market & Mulji Jetha Market. Renowned as one from the best fabric markets in Mumbai, the Mulji Jetha Market is also known by the name M.J. Market. Both these markets are located side-by-side and ranks as one among the biggest textile markets located in Asia.

Mangaldas Market & Mulji Jetha Market, Mumbai

When visiting here, you will come across rows of variety stalls that are filled up to brim with diverse assortment comprised of fabrics that range from bling materials to the ones with block prints. While you shop in these markets to visit in Mumbai, make sure you walk through a lane that leads all the way to the infamous Jama Masjid which is actually a mosque in Kalbadevi region. And yes, do not forget to visit the Mumbadevi Temple after you are done shopping. The Mumbadevi is a temple behind the current name of the city.

7. Fashion Street

Looking for some hippy clothes for yourself? Why not visit the Fashion Street, which is one among the infamous dress markets in Mumbai? Fashion Street serves as a great treat for the young generation looking for cheap deals for amazing collection of clothes. It is one among the popular shopping sites in the city which is located by the MG Road which is at the southern periphery of Mumbai.

Fashion Street, Mumbai

This market operates by the sidelines of the massive road that comprises of 150+ stalls. Here, you can easily get yourself chunky jewelleries, cute accessories, ethnic clothes, jeans, t-shirts and many more. Here one can get the rip-offs from brands at low prices along with latest collection of the western clothes. If you are in for the Gucci bag that comes with triple Cs or maybe a Puma that comes with the spelling “Pume”, you are in for a treat that comes with the same style as the renowned brands but at cheaper prices.

8. Zaveri Bazaar

Looking for the markets in Mumbai for wedding shopping for jewelleries? Zaveri Bazaar is something that you will surely be interested in. At Zaveri Bazaar, everything that glitters is surely gold, silver, or maybe ornaments with similar materials. This bazaar essentially features the notable jewellery makers such as UTZ, Dwarkada Chandumal, Tribhovandas Bhimji Zaveri (TBZ), and the Dhirajlal Bhimji Zaveri, all of which operate as independent boutiques.

Zaveri Bazaar, Mumbai

This market is decked with rows of local shops that trade in the craft of jewelleries and gems. When you take a look through the list of supermarkets in Mumbai, you will notice that the Zaveri Bazaar and Crawford Bazaar are both located close to each other. However, it’s practically impossible for anyone to visit the two in the same day. This is because; both Zaveri Bazaar and Crawford Bazaar are massive in terms of size. You need to dedicate at least a day for each to explore them in a proper manner.

9. Mahim’s Wednesday Market

Ranking among the main markets in Mumbai, Mahim’s Wednesday Market is famous for attracting the tourists due to the old church constructed by the Portugese visitors. The St. Michael’s Church is the main reason Mahim has become a popular tourist destination in the city while the second reason is the Wednesday Market that makes the streets just outside this church come back to life with the noise of the hawkers trying to sell you exclusive deals when it comes to clothes, books, bags, shoes, and some of the tastiest sweets all the way from east India.

Mahim’s Wednesday Market, Mumbai

Not just that, with time, the market has evolved into something that caters to the requirements of the tech geeks in the city with plentiful bargains for products such as remotes, radios, electronics, cellphones, games, and many others. This rapid expansion of the Wednesday Market has led to it becoming one of the must visit markets in Mumbai with almost everything that you need available for you at surprisingly low price tags.

10. Lokhandwala Market

Add amazing styles to your wardrobe at bargain prices when shopping at the Lokhandwala Market. Being one of the amazing dress markets in Mumbai, Lokhandwala Market serves you an amazing range of collection in terms of stylish clothes for both men and women. One thing you can always find in this market is a collection of sneakers that come with an array of styling options.

Lokhandwala Market, Mumbai

Be it brightly coloured ones or classic whites, you can find yourself amidst an amazing collection that can easily be paired with your distress jeans and a cute top when going out for a picnic or trip with friends. Located at the Andheri West of Mumbai, it is easier to shop around this market during the early half of the day given the fact that it gets crowded during the evenings. If you are planning on getting yourself a sweet deal to add to your collection of sneakers, popular markets in Mumbai such as Lokhandwala Market will surely bring you access to amazing deals but only when you bargain in the right way.

11. Lamington Road

Is your mobile not functioning the way it should? Do you need an upgrade to the current laptop you hold? Why not visit the famous mobile markets in Mumbai that will surely get you exclusive deals over the electronic goods that you purchase. Lamington Road is the perfect location for the nerd inside you that seeks amazing deals when treading through the electronics replica markets in Mumbai. You can either get yourself branded gadgets or bring home the exact replicas of the same at lower price tags.

Lamington Road, Mumbai

This electronic asset has been serving the Mumbaikars for more than 2 decades. This market slowly gained its popularity with an amazing collection comprised of laptops and computers for the techie inside you. It is one of affordably priced supermarkets in Mumbai that flaunts a massive collection of hardware for the IT folks. Lamington Road can aptly described as a haven for the techies in a way similar to the love that holds the hearts of fashionistas when it comes to fabric markets in Mumbai or wholesale readymade market in Mumbai such as Collaba Causeway or Fashion Street.

12. Malad Fish Market

Mumbai being located by the massive Arabian Sea brings for the citizens a major collection of fresh seafood. Fish markets in Mumbai have a wide variety of fresh water as well as seawater fishes that serve as a tasty weekend dish for the entire family. Malad Fish Market is one among the wholesale fish markets in Mumbai that serves a collection of rare as well as popular fish varieties such as the Bombil or Pomfret.

Malad Fish Market, Mumbai

From small shrimps to mammoth fishes, you can get it all here but remember that you need to bargain your way in to get the best fish at cheap prices. Located close to Malad Railway Station, this market is easily accessible via local trains. The fishes sold in this market comprise of the ones that come in bulk from seas via trucks as well as the ones that are caught by local fishermen.

13. HindMata Market

Located at Dadar area of Mumbai, this market ranks among the best ones when it comes to wholesale markets in Mumbai for sarees. If you have been searching for the best saree for your wedding or a cultural festival, make sure you drop down to the HindMata Market for a trip to exclusive collection of sarees. These sarees are aesthetically pleasing with availability at budget prices. This market is always stocked with the latest. HindMata was established long back at least 60 years ago by the traders based from Kutch.

HindMata Market, Mumbai

These stalls and shops line alongside the lanes of HindMata flyover. Here, one can easily get themselves unstitched materials for dresses, salwar, and many other ethnic clothing items. If you are looking for the perfect wedding markets in Mumbai to shop for your wedding dress at a budget price, make sure you plan a visit to the HindMata Market. Look for saree materials such as Mangalgiri cotton, Supernet Kota, Chanderi, Chiffon Zakad, Bhagalpuri Silk, Induri, etc acquired from different parts of the country famous for producing local designs such as the ones from east, south, and north. The market is too big to be scoured in just a single day. So make sure you have ample time in hand before you get to this market and get the perfect saree at your budget after looking through hundreds from the lot.

14. Oshiwara Market

Oshiwara Market is among the oldest when it comes to the furniture markets in Mumbai. With a popularity developed over more than 50 years, the market houses beautiful replicas of exquisite and beautifully crafted furniture that adorn the famous palaces of Gwalior and Kathiawar. This market is mainly renowned for its amazing collection of wooden furniture, however, one can also get their hands on affordably priced items such as beautiful paintings, ottomans, ceramic tiles of various colours, antique clocks, and even luxuriously delicate chinaware that can be bought for home. The famous online shopping site named Pepper fry also has a branch in this stretch comprised of preciously intricate furniture collection.

Oshiwara Market, Mumbai

A trusted name for the home decor requirements, Oshiwara Market is the go to antique market which is similar in some ways to the Chor Bazaar which is located towards the south of Mumbai. Not just that, if you love object shooting with your DSLR, this market can be a great subject with colours and art mixed together in the best way. You can also pick the discounted refurbished furniture available in this market. Get those antique Bollywood posters for your room decor if you are a fan or get some antiques such as a watch or maybe wall hanging to give your house a more rustic look. Each shop present in this market houses exclusive collections that come with its own taste of class and luxury. You might notice dust sitting on the furniture due to the market being an open one but don’t worry, when you buy something from here, the shopkeepers usually clean the item before it gets packed for you.

15. Phool Gully

If you seek a colourful madness decked with amazing aroma of beautiful flowers, make sure you visit the Phool Gully in Dadar that starts as early as 6 am in morning. The narrow lanes carry a sweet fragrance of variety of flowers as you pass through while capturing those eye-soothing sights of colourful flowers that were picked up fresh from the farm. Get yourself a beautiful collection of pretty flowers such as Lilies and Roses with the vendors giving you an amazing bargain, especially if you can bargain well enough.

Phool Gully, Mumbai

From common flowers such as marigolds, lilies, crimons, gerbera, lotus, roses, chrysanthemums, and many more to exquisite collection of rare varieties such as orchids, this markets brings for you everything that can be added to your basket if you have been planning an event or for an upcoming festival. This market is especially crowded during the festive seasons such as Ganesh Puja, Durga Puja, Holi, Diwali, etc. If you have been planning to get some flowers for any occasion, especially in bulk from flower markets in Mumbai, make sure Phool Gully at Dadar is your very first choice.

Mumbai is a happening city that is crowded with people. If you need to cover all these popular markets in Mumbai such as saree markets in Mumbai, or maybe markets such as Collaba Causeway, make sure you have ample time in hand to know, shop, and understand the city in the best possible way. Whether you are a tourist visiting the city, or a local here, Mumbai will never disappoint you with is amazing collection of street shops at budget prices.

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