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10 Best Markets in Lucknow for Shopping

Lucknow also known as the ‘City of Nawabs’ or the ‘City of Tehzeeb’ is the capital of Uttar Pradesh and popular for its varied culture and  Chikan and Lucknowi Zardozi it’s traditional embroidery. These embroideries are in great demand not only on India but even other countries. Lucknow markets are filled with these fabulous traditional embroidery clothes, famous products like ‘Ittars’ (perfumes) and ‘Kivam’ (a tobacco product, artificial jewellery, nawabi home decor items and other handicrafts such as silver and gold foil work, bone carving products and pottery. It is also a famous tourist destination and well known for its textile industry and delicious and expensive cuisine.

For shoppers, Lucknow is a shopping paradise. There are several big and small markets in Lucknow stuffed with variety of things, expensive and cheap are worth exploring. You can get the best street shopping experience in Lucknow and enjoy bargaining and purchasing good quality goods at a less price. Markets of Lucknow like the supermarkets, wholesale markets, weekly markets, street markets, shopping malls, and so on aims to cater to the needs of the customer and satisfy them by offering variety of good quality products at reasonable prices. Let’s have a look at the following top 10 main markets in Lucknow.


1. Hazratganj

Hazratganj a busy shopping area, where most of the bazaars of Lucknow are located was established centuries ago. But today there is a magnificent change and it is considered to be one of the popular markets in Lucknow. The market now has a similar appearance of a Victorian era walkway with bright lamps, benches and fountains and a combination of old and new shops. It is the luxurious market in Lucknow, where you can buy all types of premium quality branded items. So indeed it is not a place for bargain shoppers. It is considered as one of the best shopping markets in Lucknow and a home to shopping malls, showrooms with glamorous branded clothes, hotels, restaurants, theaters, offices and factory outlets.The Sahara Ganj Mall one of the largest shopping malls is located in Hazratganj. The shops in Hazratganj sell famous and awesome Chikankari, hand-made kurtas/kurtis, embroidered sarees, khadi, variety of textile materials.

Hazratganj Market, Lucknow

Besides you can find car dealers, jewellery stores, shops selling various accessories, shops  with antique items, books shop and cosmetic shop. Gurjari Emporium, Kashmir Government Arts Emporium and Gandhi Ashram in Hazratganj is the best place to visit for various handicrafts and handmade objects. It is also a well known market for computer/IT goods and there are several computer software and hardware retail stores. Here you will find multi cuisine restaurants that serve delicious food and the popular and rich Lucknowi cuisine. There are several food joints like Pizza hut, Domino’s pizza, Mcdonald, Baskin Robbins,Royal Cafe,Cafe Coffee Day, Chaat bhandar, subway. For sweet lovers Moti Mahal is the best place that serves wide range of sweet delicacies. This market remains closed on Sundays.

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2. Aminabad

If you wish to visit the oldest market surrounded by buildings and architecture of nawabi times and one of the most famous chikankari markets in Lucknow then Aminabad is the perfect choice. Since centuries it has been a business center for traders, merchants, craftsmen and artist and also one of the wholesale markets in Lucknow specially for ladies wear. Even today some of the oldest shop selling sarees,dupattas and other attractive clothes still exist. It is the top market in Lucknow to bargain before purchasing and get the necessary items at very less price. In this market most of the  products sold are locally produced. It is the best place for purchasing Chikan embroidered clothes for all. Besides this people enjoy shopping variety of things available here like handicraft items, household things, books, food items, artificial jewellery, fashion garments, fancy dresses, women’s wear, chikan menswear, kidswear, footwear etc.

Aminabad, Lucknow

Very large garment shops where wedding lehengas and sherwanis and other wedding clothes are available at premium or budget prices. There are shops selling variety of pickles,papad at very reasonable prices. You can see ladies crowd at the well known and biggest bangles matching centre where you get colorful and attractive bangles. Thursday footpath market is very crowded with people where you get to purchase all kinds of things at very cheap price. You can also find sweet shops selling delicious Lucknowi sweets, bakeries and paan shops selling famous Lucknowi paan. After shopping you can even drop in at non-vegetarian restaurants that serves delicious kebabs, biryani and many more Lucknowi dishes. There are famous food joint where you get mouth watering dishes like Chat, Kachori, Tunday Kabab, Kulfi and so on. It is one of the cheap markets in Lucknow where all the shopping needs of  people are satisfied at affordable prices. But this market is closed on Sunday.

3. Chowk

Chowk is one of the oldest market in Lucknow city which has a view to it’s cultural heritage. There are showrooms having local and international products.The main attraction are the shops that sell  handicraft items made from wood, bamboo and ivory like lamp shades, wall paintings and fabrics with Chikan embroidery work. It is the best market in Lucknow for Chikankari garments and zardari garments and you can also get them in wholesale. Chowk consists of interconnected streets that have several shops that sell flowers, footwear, perfumes made of essence of beautiful flowers.

Chowk, Lucknow

People frequently visit this market as it offers good quality items at reasonable rate and also there are food joints that serves famous non vegetarian awadhi food like kebabs, biryanis, paratha with chicken or mutton and milk products as well. Some other food joints serve non vegetarian food and also famous  desserts made of pure milk and ghee. Here there is  famous sweet shop that sells mango kheer, makhan malai, delicious jalebi, kachoris, shahi tukda. There is a particular shop that sells malai paan which is delicious and never been tasted before.

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4. Janpath Market

For shopping at one of the best markets of Lucknow, you can visit Janpath market where different products are available at reduced prices. If you have the bargaining skill, you can get the required product at a very cheap price.

Janpath Market, Lucknow

There are big and small shops that offer chikankari  sarees, dress materials, readymade salwar suits, kids wear, men’s wear, woollen garments, belts, artificial jewellery, perfumes, footwear and any more at reasonable rates. There are showrooms that exclusively sell chikan embroidered fabrics and readymade clothes both men’s and women’s wear.

5. Nakhas Market

Nakhas Market is also one of the most oldest market in Lucknow, India popular for it’s Zardozi embroidered garments, wooden handicrafts, jewellery. There are maximum number of shops from old to new located in this market that sell variety of merchandise at different prices that can be within  your budget. You will also find bird market and vegetable market within this market. Bird market is very popular as people visit this market to purchase beautiful pet birds like parrot and also pet animals like rabbits. Fresh vegetables and fruits at very less price are  available in the vegetable market.Here you can enjoy bargain shopping and get required items in cheap rates.This market is very busy all the days of the week. But the Sunday weekly market is the busiest when local people crowd for shopping groceries, shoes, house articles, other accessories, apparels, electrical items, artificial jewelleries, and second hand items at the cheapest rate by bargaining. So it is also considered be one of the best weekly markets in Lucknow.

Nakhas Market, Lucknow

You can also enjoy eating in the famous food stalls in the market serving delicious kebabs, biryani and other Lucknowi dishes. Besides this tasty different types of paan are also available. There is a lot of hustle bustle in this street market especially on Sundays when the market is overcrowded with locals. This place is worth visiting for tourist as they can have a good time visiting this market which has a complete storehouse of antiques and other amazing items that can be purchased at reasonable price.

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6. Yahiyaganj Market

For best wholesale markets in Lucknow selling garments, cosmetic products, metal bartans or utensils, toys, crackers, different masalas or spices, variety of gifts, and other household items at wholesale rate Yahiyaganj Market is the perfect place. This market is usually closed on Thursdays. Those retailers who want to buy metal pots, brass pot, copper pot,ceramic pot etc. at wholesale rates  can visit this market.

Yahiyaganj Market, Lucknow

Several wholesale shops selling Chikankari garments, other garments, mens,kids, ladies wear, woollen hosiery, variety of fabrics and many more are available at this market.  Apart from this you can also visit a very famous and historical Gurudwara in Yahiyaganj market . Tourist can enjoy visiting this market for shopping fabulous things at wholesale rates and saving their money. For shopping at best cheap markets in Lucknow you must consider Yahiganj in your list.

7. Latouche Road

Latouche Road is one of the well known street market in Lucknow for purchasing electronic items like television, air conditioner and many more and even electronic spare parts at reasonable rate. There are several shops selling variety of products at different prices. You need not purchase electronic items from only one shop, instead enquire about that same item at other shops to get them at cheaper price.

Latouche Road, Lucknow

If you have the best bargaining skill then you can get the product at a very low price than the original rate. But before purchasing the product be sure of the quality of the product. You can see many youngsters visiting this market as they get the required product at cheap rates. Visit this market at any time during the week but not on Sundays as it is normally closed.

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8. Alambagh

Alambagh one of the famous markets in Lucknow has branded showroom and shops selling beautiful and trendy outfits, gold ornaments of fabulous delicate designs, gemstones, shoes,electronic goods, kitchen utilities and many more. You even get fresh fruits, vegetables, groceries and sweets. Here you will even find malls, shopping complex, hotels, restaurants.

Alambagh Market, Lucknow

There are also street shops for  those who want to purchase clothes and other items at lesser rate within their budget.  You can even try mouth-watering dishes at street food stalls. This market remains closed on Mondays. Alambagh is the best  market to visit in Lucknow for all branded as well as non branded items of your choice.

9. Bhootnath Market

The market is named Bhootnath because of  famous Lord Shiva temple within the market premises. It is one of the good markets in Lucknow where you can find big showrooms selling expensive branded and latest fashion clothes as well as small shops that sell clothes at reasonable rates.

Bhootnath Market, Lucknow

Besides there are shops where you can purchase jewellery, electronic goods, kitchen utilities, household items etc. Fresh fruits and vegetables are also available. For you can enjoy eating at popular food joints and restaurants that serve Chinese, North Indian, South Indian, chaat, and other fast food and Indian food. It is one of the busiest market that is open on all the days of the week except on Wednesday.

10. Naka Hindola

Naka hindola is the ideal shopping markets in Lucknow for purchasing best electronic goods at reasonable price. This market has several shops that sell varieties of electronic items and accessories like mobile phone, MP3 player, tablets,mobile cover and many more.

Naka Hindola Market, Lucknow

They even provide best sale service and repair service to customers. There are many shops that deal with electrical goods, cable wire,fan, led light and so on. Those in need of good electronic and electrical items and best services can visit this market any day, but not on Thursday as the shops here are closed.

Apart from the top markets in Lucknow offering traditional as well as latest fashion goods there are some big Super markets in Lucknow like Spencer, Big bazaar, Family Bazaar-9 that offers variety of items like pulses, cereals, cosmetic products, cold drinks, biscuits, apparels, fruits, vegetables and many more  at subsidized rates. Most of the people visit these markets as it is spacious and you get everything under one roof. Besides, fish lovers can also visit the fish markets in Lucknow. For tourists visiting Lucknow can be a memorable experience because of its amazing and lively markets and rich traditional handicrafts.

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