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20 Best Places to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Jaipur

Rajasthan is a state popular for its traditions and vividness that has been sampled by the tourists visiting this location for centuries on the run. Jaipur, also deemed as “The Pink City” is much more than a place to relish the beauty of the past and its traditions. This might drop down to you as a surprise but this city actually houses a collection of places that can make your New Year all amusing as you are gratified with jollification.

So here you go with the top destinations that can take you to a party trip ever so memorable.


1. Nahargarh Fort

Nahargarh Fort, Jaipur New Year Party

Say good bye to this lovely year and open yourself to welcome the upcoming year while enjoying the nightlife at Nahargarh Fort where New Year parties take a unique swing. Celebrate New Year in Jaipur at the city’s most gorgeous and happening place that is known for being a grand example of mega parties for all those who love to keep is rocking through the night. Nahargarh Fort located at Krishna Nagar is where you get delicious food, drinks, and the sense of rock music that will surely make you get tipsy to dance all through New Year Eve.

2. BlackOut

BlackOut, Jaipur New Year Party

Do you seek the best place to celebrate New Year in Jaipur? At Blackout, you have everything that you could ever ask for when it comes to partying hard. With a great grand New Year celebration in the city, this pub cum nightclub tends to attract youngsters from the city who want to explore the hidden vibe of the city that stands way opposite to its traditional identity. Located at Ashok Marg, Blackout is all about unlimited drinks, grooving music, and dishes that will surely make you melt with happiness.

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3. Lohagarh Fort Resort

Lohagarh Fort Resort, Jaipur New Year Party

Lohagarh Fort Resort located at Kachera Wala near Kukas is one of the most renowned hosts when it comes to New Year parties in the city. If you have been perplexed when looking for places to celebrate New Year in Jaipur, you will surely get to experience a whole new side to New Year celebrations. There are performances comprised of magic shows or folk dances. Treat yourself to lavish dinner when celebrating the gorgeous environment at Lohagarh Fort Resort. It is a complete family destination when it comes to celebrating New Year.

4. The Lalit

The Lalit, Jaipur New Year Party

Are you bewildered with the constant question ringing around your mind when it comes to the best way to celebrate New Year Eve in Jaipur? Get access to a posh and elegant New Year celebration ambience at The Lalit. As a host, this venue needs no introduction. They always tend to host the fanciest New Year parties meant for young adults as well as families. Located at the Jawahar Circle, this luxury destination is known for organizing live performances while playing some reverberating music. If you love fireworks, be ready to get dazzled with food and unlimited booze.

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5. Chokhi Dhani Resort

Chokhi Dhani Resort, Jaipur New Year Party

Ranked by far as one among the most attractive tourist destinations in Rajasthan’s Jaipur city, Chokhi Dhani is much more than just a place that showcases what the Rajasthani culture is comprised of. As you get to Chokhi Dhani Resort on the 31st night, you can evidently put a halt to your search for the perfect place where to celebrate New Year in Jaipur. The New Year celebrations here start with buffet breakfast, non-alcoholic drinks, mouth-watering authentic Rajasthani delicacies, all leading up to the night with live DJ to rock your feet to his magic tunes. So get to Sitapura in Jaipur and mark a great beginning to your New Year.

6. Cambay Grand Kukas

Cambay Grand Kukas, Jaipur New Year Party

Located at Kukas area of Jaipur, the Cambay Grand Kukas is a place where you can enjoy a pleasurable night stay as you party through the night. Now there is no need to drive after you are exhausted from all that partying. This hospitable facility lets to enjoy their 5-star facilities that come with easy access to comfort and opulence. There is no hard and fast rule when it comes to celebrating New Year so instead of loud party music, why not indulge in the spa and salon services available at this resort to make your day all the more pleasant as you let go off that stress and anxiety from months and months of hard work.

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7. Fairmont

Fairmont, Jaipur New Year Party

Known as one of the highly posh and loved New Year party hamlet, the Fairmont near Kukas comes with the offer of a complete New Year package that sets you right in the mood. Now throw off all that stress from your mind and relax to the core as you unleash the dancer and the fun-flamboyant nature hidden inside of you while you put forth your right step into a completely new year. The services provided by this resort include a special and gala dinner with the side of live performances comprised of Bollywood music and a wild dance party.

8. Clarks Amer

Clarks Amer, Jaipur New Year Party

Love yourself a poolside party for New Year? Well, what are your waiting for. Mark your New Year celebration in a gala way as you beat that heat of being at a desert state with splash of water on your skin. Still wondering if the Clarks Amer is the best place to celebrate New Year Eve in Jaipur? Well let us add to the list of amenities you are served on the platter which includes live band, item dance performances from Bollywood troupes, belly dancers, international DJs, and the list goes on. So get to Jawahar Circle and enjoy the full scale arrangements for New Year by Clarks Amer.

9. Hashtag

Hashtag, Jaipur New Year Party

Now, whatever is young & happening in the city surely comes from Hashtag. Tucked away inside a vertical yet beautiful building in Jaipur, this party destination has surely become what we call the go to place for the young population of the city. With a particularly glamorous look and feel, you will surely feel enchanted as you enter this energetic disco. Hashtag is what you can easily describe as the right way on how to celebrate New Year Eve in Jaipur. With a bar alongside the suspended DJBox, you get to please your eyes with some playful LED lighting all around this venue near Lalkothi.

10. Lemon Tree Premier

Lemon Tree Premier, Jaipur New Year Party

Another star hotel located at Bani Park in Jaipur, the Lemon Tree Premier is your ultimate terminus when it comes to partying in style and luxurious comfort. You can opt for a packaged service at this resort to get access to complimentary breakfast, unlimited liquor on New Year night with a festive dinner served to you with style. Additionally, you can have fun playing around in the pool while the DJ plays his tunes making it the best way to celebrate New Year in Jaipur.

11. Steam Lounge Bar

Steam Lounge Bar, Jaipur New Year Party

Jaipur surely won’t disappoint you when it comes to partying in a royal style. Take for example the Steam Lounge Bar which is located inside the Taj Rambagh Palace that once used to serve as a home for the ever so glamorous and graceful Maharani Gayatri Devi. Spend your New Year at this venue as you choose your poison for the night with a lounge bar based on wheels. Steam Lounge Bar can easily be termed as the winner among places to celebrate New Year Eve in Jaipur.

12. Grunge Lounge

Grunge Lounge, Jaipur New Year Party

At Grunge Lounge , you have to yourself an exotic menu comprised of lip-smacking snacks along with exclusively concocted cocktails that will simply blow away your brains. Located at Tonk Road in Jaipur, this venue is where you simple have to come down to experience what class and fun become when combined together. So if you are out of places for celebrating New Year in Jaipur, The Grunge Lounge Bar will surely raise the bar a bit higher with its exclusive aura.

13. Bar Palladio

Bar Palladio, Jaipur New Year Party.

This electrifying restaurant cum café at Adarsh Nagar will surely rank high amidst your top picks for New Year night. Need a vibrant opening to your evening that leads to that fun tick tock of the clock as New Year approaches? Well, head over to the Bar Palladio and enter to the doors that lead towards a beautifully magnificent destination. Whether you need to hang out with your friends on New Year Eve or have a candle-lit romantic dinner, the Bar Palladio has always got your back.

14. 100% Rock

100% Rock, Jaipur New year Party

100% Rock is probably the love child of right party vibes and a thrilling New Year night. Located a Hotel Sikha near Ashok Nagar, this pub offers you what can surely be described as a place to truly relish the essence of Jaipur’s nightlife. This pub is often a go to destination for the young crowd making it just the right place to make some friends and socialize this New Year. What are their highlights you ask? Well the karaoke along with an outdoor seating arrangement makes it just the right place to hit this New Year.

15. Henrys The Pub (Formerly Geoffrey’s Pub)

Henrys The Pub (Formerly Geoffrey’s Pub)

Are you someone who loves sufi songs as well as the rocking tunes? Well, if that’s the case, you should probably head down to the Geoffrey’s Pub located at Prithviraj Road with interiors that are British styled along with a wide collection of amazingly tasty cocktails. Enjoy the Chinese cuisines and myriad of alcoholic drinks when you enter this venue power packed with electric vibes and intoxicating music.

16. Hardy’s Pub

Hardy’s Pub, Jaipur New Year Party

Where to go to celebrate New Year in Jaipur? Well, this question is aptly answered by the Hardy’s Pub located inside the Jaipur Palace Hotel at Sahakar Marg. This places serves as an ideal New Year get away for party lovers as well as couple looking for some fun through the night. Apart from pleasuring your eyes and ears with electronic music and a rejuvenating ambience, the Hardy’s pub also serves you multi-cuisine dining choice along with a collection of drinks that makes you want more.

17. The Fireball

The Fireball, Jaipur New Year Party

A well-managed lounge cum bar, The Fireball is a place that perfectly exudes the vibrant colors of a cheerful New Year night. This discotheque at Ramada Hotel near Raja Park is a particularly special mention into our category given its courteous staff and amazing security making it safe for anyone to party hard without worrying about any safety issues. The cost here is fairly affordable with wonderful blazing lights along with cozy environment to make you feel more up to your game as you rock the dance floor with your friends by your side.

18. Rajasthali Resort

Rajasthali Resort, Jaipur New Year Party

If you are in search of great locations to attend New Year celebrations in Jaipur, Rajathali Resort is a perfect place for you to end your search. From the inclusion of electrifying music going all the way to classic taste of authentically delicious liquor, this resort is right where you need to be this New Year. Named as one among the luxurious resorts located in Kukas, Jaipur, Rajasthali Resort has always stood to its promise when it comes to catering the visitors access to a doorway that opens up to an opulent New Year celebration.

19. Appu Ghar

Appu Ghar, Jaipur New Year Party

Appu Ghar located near Vishwakarma Industrial area holds all the right answers to your question-“How to celebrate New Year in Jaipur”. This adventure park is just what you need when it comes to breaking away from hustle-bustle of the fast-paced city life during the New Year week. This amusement park organizes live singing with musical nights as your go to New Year treat. Enjoy the dance troop all the way from the land of Bollywood and enjoy the plethora of adventure rides and games available for you.

20. Maharana Greens Resort

Maharana Greens Resort, Jaipur New Year Party

When wondering where we can celebrate New Year in Jaipur, Maharana Greens Resort will surely take away that dilemma of yours. Located just opposite of the Le Meridien Hotel at Kukas, this beautiful resort is just what you need when you are tired of that noisy city life. Get ready for a New Year bash that brings in famous dance troupes from different parts of the country along with renowned celebrity DJs. The best thing about parties at Maharana Greens Resort is access to unlimited stream of branded liquor along with exotic dance performances by trained dancers.

Jaipur is a city full of vibrant colors and what describes it best is its ever-so cheerful young population that makes the city a place to party just the right way. So if you are planning to make the best of New Year in Jaipur city, make sure you try any one of these places to grow through a night filled with fire and fantasy.

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