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20 Best Places to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Goa

New Year is a time when everyone gets desperate to indulge themselves in exuberance, especially whilst in Goa. It’s time to go crazy and mad at the most lunatic and wild places to celebrate New Year in Goa. Every nook and corner of this state adds zing to the air as the New Year approaches. So, get set to kick off the New Year with a bash at the most demanded party halls of all time in Goa.Take a sneak peek into the following avenues, hurry up and grab your bag packs to have penultimate levels of fun.


1. Club Cubana

Club Cubana, Goa

The most happening and lively night-club in North Goa, Club Cubana sums up all the fun of New Year’s Eve into one giant party. Hit the neon-lit dance floor grooving along the exciting music being played by the most renowned DJs of the country! Lighted up all through the night like a strobe beam, this place throws a ravishing party that has no limits to fun. The night club is completely meant for the creatures of the night to descend.

2. SinQ

SinQ, Goa

If you prefer never-ending exciting music by live bands, lip-smacking appetizers, open outdoor bar along the beach and exciting games then SinQ is just the right place. Shout aloud all through the evening and go wild like an animal with the music beats at this club. The stunning, unparalleled fireworks in the sky as the countdown to the New Year begins will enliven you. The night club organizes the most flattering party in the town. This is undoubtedly a one-stop destination for the partygoers.

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3. Café Mambos

Café Mambos, Goa

Bid a final wave to the past year with a high-spirit at Café Mambos in Tito’s Lane near Baga Beach. Lively music, full bar, swanky food, lush pool and buzzing zestful crowd will set you on a rock and roll mood. The entire place is high on energy and the levels go higher as clock ticks to the midnight. Parade past the poolside and give a free rein to the exhilarating games as well. The pub is positively the best place to celebrate New Year eve in Goa.

4. Hilltop Goa Lodge

Hilltop Goa Lodge

Surprise yourself with impressive music of the rock bands, neon-lit dance floor beneath the coconut grove along with a massive pool and sandy beach. Hosting one of the largest parties in India, The Hilltop at Vagator Beach knows the best way to celebrate New Year in Goa. It has everything you need, be it great food, exotic drinks or the amazing vibes. Dance to the funky tunes of the house at all hours of the precious night.The multi-million hues in the night sky at midnight will stupefy you. A New Year at this pub is a phenomenal experience.

5. Tito’s Club

Tito’s Club, Goa

The Tito’s Club at Baga Beach has always been the talk of the town. It sets the trend of how to celebrate New Year in Goa. Rave it up at this supreme disco of Goa under the bright laser lights and bop along the remix played by International DJs. Tito’s has its own very interesting liquor menu, specially penned down for the night and served by world famous bartenders. Aerial artists, tattoo and face painters, fire dancers, stilt walkers, the place has everything! All of these are available at great deals and discount. So, grab your seat as fast as you can!

6. Curlies Goa

Curlies Goa

One of the best places known in Goa to serve toothsome rustic beach snacks is Curlies on Anjuna Beach. This place has a quite distinct atmosphere of its own. Enjoy the New Year rave party to the fullest with trippy songs played all night long at this beach restaurant. The coolest Curlies’ crew hosts the hottest party in Goa. Bring the New Year in the wackiest partying way only at this place. You need not reconsider where to celebrate New Year in Goa if you have The Curlies to lose control.

7. 9 Bar Club

9 Bar Club, Goa

The most legendary party of Goa is organized by this bar and night club in Vagator Beach. Ring out the passing year and ring in the New Year in the most astounding way at this iconic place. Party hard all night long until you drop out, is what the bar aims at. The energetic mind boggling music, bright hues, stunning dance performance, fire jugglers, bartenders and nevertheless the ambience of this night club encapsulates the party-animals from dusk till dawn. Gear up for an experience like never before!

8. Kamaki

Kamaki, Goa

Are looking for the sickest party at an ebullient night club? Then beyond any doubts, visit this rip-roaring pub at Tito’s Lane near Baga Beach. Dance deep enough this New Year as the DJ spins the hits of latest releases in a row. A popping menu of international cuisine, tongue twisting drinks and excellent spirit of diligence are what that makes this place the preferred one. The clear winner amongst all the places where we can celebrate New Year in Goa is Kamaki. New Year at this very place is a big-screen event.

9. Shiva Valley

Shiva Valley, Goa

Make your last moments of the passing year the most unforgettable ones at this extraordinarily themed club at Anjuna. Fall in love with the starlit sky and gazing beauty of the vast sea beneath the moonlight as the music takes you by a hypnotic state. The place is definite to get in touch with your ecclesiastic side that will leave you amazed. Drop in to The Shiva Valley at boast about your experience all-round the year. This partying hub leaves quite an impression on how to celebrate New Year eve in Goa with an excellence.

10. Leopard Valley

Leopard Valley, Goa

At Goa but not at Leopard Valley to celebrate New Year! You might make the gravest mistake, for this place is all set to bring in the wild party animal in you alive. This club at Padolem is vigorously energetic when it comes down to celebrate New Year’s Eve. The ultra-hip environment set up by the DJs is absolutely bewildering. The classy food, favorite cocktails and essence of high-energy in the air will leave you befuddled. The jaw dropping fireworks in the night sky as the clock strikes midnight will blow your senses away. Celebrate New Year in Goa in high style and head to this top class dance club.

11. Club Love Passion Karma

Club Love Passion Karma, Goa

Craving to visit the most happening, funky and kicky night club scene? Step ahead to this pub and sense an astounding combination of music, dance and liveliness. Get your moves on surrounded by the grandiosity at this night club in Candolim Beach. Experience some of the foremost bands playing to amaze the party-lovers with their sensational beats. Club Love Passion Karma is certainly the place to be when the discotheque beckons. Amaze yourself with the stunning milieu of the club.

12. Hype

Hype Club, Goa

Unleash the wild partying side of yours for one-of-a-kind New Year celebrations in Goa. The Hype offers an array of high energy performances that you will never forget. Go benders on the heart-thumping music, eats from popular chefs and cocktails from renowned bartenders. This top destination at Baga will transform your expectations into reality and beyond. Rightful to its signage, this place is worth the hype it has all around. Take a halt by this New Year at The Hype and participate in the fieriness and energetic aura of this night club.

13. Café Lilliput

Café Lilliput, Goa

Turn your heads towards this beach shack along the borders of Anjuna Beach for some psychedelic experience. One of the oldest eateries of Goa, Café Lilliput is famed to throw the hottest and ravishing party on the eve of 31st December every year. Disconnect yourself from the real world along the incredible beats of the live bands, delicious culinary and authentic exotic drinks at the bar. The pub is a hotspot for ultimate fun and spree. Whoop it up aloud and party hard to welcome the New Year with grandeur!

14. Nyex Beach Club

Nyex Beach Club, Goa

Amongst the newest beach clubs of Goa, this place hosts New Year’s Eve with a totally different perspective. The dazzling lights and stunning nightlife at this club on Anjuna Cliff will take your breath away. In addition to the beautiful décor, the epic performances by the band of musicians, Sheesha lounges, garden and gazebo, scrumptious appetizers and beverages will blow your mind. Get ready to lose your foot and tap the toes all night long, for the beach club will not let your energy levels down. Welcome the New Year with a bang at this youth club.

15. Sequaa Beach Lounge

Sequaa Beach Lounge, Goa

So far the best place to celebrate New Year in Goa is at this bar and lounge located at Baga Beach. It shouldn’t be surprising that the place takes you by the wholesome level of creativity. Picture yourself with the fire jugglers and perplexing motions of the bartenders as they get you your favorite blend. Fascinating fire and ice combination isn’t it? Enjoy the open air party space and rocking music and live acts lined up for the entire night while sipping your drink and grooving along. Send out the old year in the right way with Sequaa Beach Lounge and fasten up, the ticket sale is live.

16. La Cabana Beach and Spa

La Cabana Beach and Spa, Goa

Take a delight at and luxuriate yourself at the La Cabana at Ashvem Beach. Rejoice in the sight of the great sea while dancing besides the bonfire, toasting high to the brand new chapter to be unfurled at the midnight. A night under the moonlit sky watching the fire dancers twist and twirl along the tunes, a surprise galore and creative fireworks are sure to lift your partying spirit high. Take your New Year carousal to a new level downtown.

17. UV Bar

UV Bar, Goa

Get your anxiety levels up with the world’s best band of musicians and DJs at UV Bar of North Anjuna Beach. Getaway for the most thrilling party of the town and get lost in a paradise full of fun and excitement. Belly dancers, pyrotechnics, exhilarating music, open bar, interactive games and activities, delectable buffet and many more, this place proffers a never-ending party on the festive eve of New Year. Ring in the New Year with a bang and in the craziest manner at this bar. This place deserves its name in the checklist of the worthiest places to celebrate New Year eve in Goa.

18. Alila Diwa

Alila Diwa. Goa

Dance your heart out to welcome the New Year in an extraordinary way at The AlilaDiwa. The most sensational and versatile DJs of all time are ushered in and so are the fun makers to show crazy and maddening acts. The place opens up an array of the most palatable dishes and flavors from all around the world and there is the open bar too. So, make a fitting last meal of the year before you set your New Year’s resolutions. Have an insane time at this exemplary place inSalcette. Why worry about where to go to celebrate New Year in Goa when you have this perfect place popping up in your checklist!

19. Calangute Residency

Calangute Residency, Goa

This sea facing hotel at Calangute throws a New Year party sprawling from its private beach to inside the lawns and an ever-expanding arena in between to turn your world upside down. The hotel extends rain dance, buffet, limitless alcohol, 3D visuals, live sets by the most wanted rock stars of the country and a lot more to keep you hooked. If still, the open bar and lavish dinner does not move you, then the bass definitely will. Get set for the high energy performances throughout the night. The place earns its name amidst the foremost places for celebrating New Year in Goa.

20. Silent Noise Club

Silent Noise Club, Goa

This club at Palolem Canacona caters an offbeat experience when it comes to organizing New Year parties without the noise. Silent Noise Club hosts parties with top notch DJs that play through an amazing collection of music. The most unique feature about this club is the use of wireless headphones to groove through the music. You can select a channel of your choice and let the party sensations flow through your ears as you dance the night away without disturbing others. If you are done with the music, all you need to do is simply take the headphones away and voila! So, come and experience the best way to celebrate New Year eve in Goa at Silent Noise Club.

You are now to decide which of these party places goes into your bucket list. And keep in mind that you need to be an early bird to grab the tickets online or offline, for the tickets are all sold out in a blink. Drop in and party amidst the New Year festivity at the Asia’s longest beach side festival at Goa.

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