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10 Best Places to Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Noida

The spark of Noida will take you to a new level of fun this New Year. Welcome the upcoming year at some of the hottest nightclubs in the city. Forget about the present amongst the most ravishing DJs, young, zestful crowd and amazing themes. Join the stupendous party at the unrivaled places to celebrate New Year in Noida. Let the live city enliven you too. Here comes the list of where to celebrate New Year in Noida.


1. Club Ice Cube

Club Ice Cube, Noida New Year Party

Wave a goodbye to the passing year with a bombastic party at Ice Cube in GIP Mall, Sector 38A, Noida. Dance along the electrifying music by some of the most popular rock bands of the country in the neon-lit party hall. Gear up to the exhilarating songs played one after another all through the night. You can also capture your special moments in a photograph by professionals. The aura of the nightclub is sure to get you grooving till the dawn sets in. Don’t miss the chance to enjoy to your heart’s content and join this pub to celebrate New Year in Noida.

2. Fortune Inn Grazia

Fortune Inn Grazia, Noida New Year Party

The best way to celebrate New Year in Noida is at Hotel Fortune Inn Grazia in Sector 27. This place is famed to throw the most pompous party in the town. Dance your heart out in the hall featuring the most astounding DJs and rock bands and a room full of crazy partiers. Exotic drinks and lip-smacking buffet will keep you refilled with energy. The ever loud music and the amazing playlist will hold up your partying spirit high all night long. Grab your heels fast because the party is on a runaway!

3. Quantum The Leap

Quantum The Leap, Noida New Year Party

Enjoy the most magniloquent party ever at Quantum The Leap in Sector 18. The nightclub hosts a party in with an Indian swag. The Punjabi beats, DJs catching up to the crowd, belly dancers, incredible performers, and the laser lights, what else would a party lover wish to have more! The beverages and appetizers will befuddle you. So, get set to move by the rhythm and greet the New Year with a happy foot and merriment. This place just knows the right about how to celebrate New Year eve in Noida.

4. Radisson Blu MBD

Radisson Blu MBD, Noida New Year Party

Do you yearn for an entry to the Newest Year with an eloquence and charm? Radisson Blu MBD is so far the best place to celebrate New Year eve in Noida that fills your heart and soul with tranquility and suaveness. Enjoy the delicious food and soft beverages with a music soothing your spirit. Hold your beloved’s hands to a candlelight dinner and it a smile on her face. Welcome the New Year with warmth in your heart and spark in your eyes. The elegance of the place will set poise in your mood.

5. Nysha Bar N Grill

Nysha Bar and Grill, Noida

If where we can celebrate New Year in Noida is still a matter of debate in your crew, then Nysha Bar n Grill at Sector 18 is the ultimate solution to it. Limitless food and striking blend of cocktails are definite to rave the party to a different level. The most demanded DJs of all times will keep you hooked to the aura of the party club. Unshackle the roisterer in you and party hard the entire night. Know no limits to fun at the best place to celebrate New Year in Noida.

6. Imperfecto

Imperfecto, Noida New Year Party

Why bother about where to go to celebrate New Year in Noida, if you have this very place in your checklist! Participate in the hottest and most happening jamboree of the city at Imperfecto at Sector. Get groovy along the sizzling beats and latest hits played by the DJs all through the night. The place offers an ultra-hip environment do dance the 31st night off. Elate yourself in this high-energetic atmosphere of the nightclub. Booze to your heart’s elation and shout out loud to usher the New Year.

7. Smaash

Smaash, Noida New Year Party

Say Buenos Dias to the new year with an extravagant style at Smaash in Sector 18, Noida. The place arranges a carnival on the special occasion of 31st night. Thrilling games, activities, contests and prizes, innumerable options for entertainment and the colorful theme will undoubtedly elevate your energy levels. Every corner of this venue adds up to the zing. The place proffers a truly magical experience that you will never wish to skip. Catch hold the amazing deals and packages soon before the chance slips away!

8. Cafe Turquoise

Cafe Turquoise, Noida New Year Party

Step into the smoking hot soiree at Cafe Turquoise in Sector 38A. The pub is a live example of how New Year celebrations in Noida should be like. Crack a bottle and hit the dance floor with the dynamic pulse of the musicians. Save all the energy for some exciting games and activities and try your luck on prizes as the night soars up. The pub has irresistible deals for the early birds. So, be the one to score the tickets for your gang. No place could hit a New Year’s party as perfectly as this.

9. Jaypee Greens Golf and Spa Resort

Jaypee Greens Golf and Spa Resort, Noida New Year Party

This five-starrer at Greater Noida hosts the most lavish party on the eve of 31st December. Spend a gala time with your favorite company. Twist and turn, whirl and bop with the beats. The ambiance of the place is sure to get you by trance. The exotic blend of cocktails and toothsome food will leave an ever-lasting impression on your taste buds. The hotel also extends arrangements to have an after party cozy sleep to get your hangover down. The best way to celebrate New Year eve in Noida is at the Jaypee Greens resort.

10. Gravity-Restro Lounge

Gravity-Restro Lounge, Noida New Year Party

Welcome this New Year in the most sensational and wackiest way at Gravity-Restro Lounge in Sector 26, Noida. Exciting music, unlimited drinks, and delectable food are just a part. The lounge has much more to offer to the revelers. Every nook and corner adds up to the exuberance. The high energetic theme of this place is absolutely hallucinating. Usher the New Year with whoopee and shout along with the countdowns. This is unquestionably amongst the premier places to celebrate New Year eve in Noida.

The breathtaking parties at the above-mentioned venues demonstrate the right way how to celebrate New Year in Noida. These foremost places for celebrating New Year in Noida are no less than any international destination. The ticket sale is faster than ever. So run and clasp yours before the sale gets over!

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