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15 Best Markets in Hyderabad for Shopping

The city popular for being ruled by the highly skilled Nizams with a hint of Urdu sophistication and happy-go-lucky culture, Hyderabad has with time turned into a beautiful commercial centre that attracts visitors and business personnel from different parts of our culture-rich country and even from land overseas. The city attracts fame for its pearls, indigenous goods, and the ever-popular aromatic and lip-smacking biryani. While the city is streaming with malls and shopping centres, the joy of shopping in the local streets can add to the nostalgic charm of the city. So if you have been out on the hunt for markets in Hyderabad, let us make it easy for you by listing the top places you need to visit to bag amazing deals from the best markets in Hyderabad.


1. Shilparamam

Shilparamam is one among the markets of Hyderabad that is famous for its authentic, rich and indigenous fabric along with various other products and goods. Located at the backdrop of a sprawling village comprised of amazing art and craft pieces, one can bag luxurious fabrics as well as clothes from this market. Not just shopping, one can also spend good time at the museums & recreational area located in this market which is at the Hitec City.

Shilparamam, Hyderabad

The market is particularly famous for local crafts, pochampally fabric, jewelry, and wooden sculptures. The market is packed with permanent stalls that are operational throughout the year. The periodic fairs organized in this top-ranker among the flea markets in Hyderabad brings together sellers and artisans from different areas all across India which include dress materials and chanderi saris all the way from Indore, Ikat Fabric brought from Pochampally, and madhubani paintings acquired from Madhubani district of Bihar.

2. Charminar Market

Little things always bring joy and the same rule applies for shopping sprees. When hopping through wholesale markets in Hyderabad, you will come across the Charminar Market that is hustling and bustling with crowd that is looking for easy bargains and quality items. The sweet aroma of Irani chai and kebabs paired with the glittery glass bangles is the best nostalgia one can carry along when going back home after an amazing pocket-friendly shopping experience. At Charminar Market, you can shop from a large collection of things such as fresh flowers, dainty crockery, pearls, and several other unconventional items that might surprise you.

Charminar Market, Hyderabad

If you need to fill your bag with necessary items without burning hole in the pocket, make sure you drop down to this popular name among the budget markets in Hyderabad. Get a gorgeous sling bag to pair with your newly acquired attire or add some chunky jewelleries to your collection. If you are a fan of ethnic shoes and slippers, get those beautiful Juttis or the shimmery wedges at a price which go all the way down to INR 100 making them a perfect deal to steal. The alleys of this market look nothing less than a paradise for a good collection of authentic pearls. From cultured pearls to Basra, you can bag yourself rare and expensive varieties of pearls that are sorted with various techniques used for production that includes sizing, drilling, sorting, threading, and designing.

3. Laad Bazaar

Laad Bazaar, also known as Choodi Bazaar is one among the popular jewellery markets in Hyderabad. Known for its exquisite collection of bangles, the market is located at one among the 4 main roads branching out from Charminar, the popular architectural marvel of Hyderabad. Laad is the Hindi translation of lacquer which is a material used for creating bangles studded with artificial diamonds. The market is one-kilometre-long with shops consisting of bangles, wedding items, sarees, as well as beautiful imitation jewelleries. The market has been operational since the area was being ruled by Qutb Shahis as well as the era of Nizams.

Laad Bazaar, Hyderabad

The market flaunts close proximity to major landmarks such as Makkah Masjid, Charminar, and the Chowmahalla Palace. So, if you are looking for popular markets in Hyderabad near Charminar, make sure you give this market a try. Look for jewelleries with pearls or semi-precious stones or bring home products like Kalamkari paintings, Nirmal, Silverware, Paintings, Lacquer bangles, bidriware, handwoven silk sarees, fabrics embroidered with gold, or even perfumes. The market has several origin stories but the most popular one comes from Ladli Begum, Mir Mehboob Ali Khan’s wife who was Hyderabad’s 6th Nizam. It is said that the market’s name is derived from her name itself. It all started with 30 shops and now flaunts 300+ markets today. The collection here starts at a pocket-friendly price of INR 50 going all the way to thousands for the highly expensive ones.

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4. Sunday Book Bazaar

In search for cheap markets in Hyderabad for new or second-hand books? This place is a heaven for students who are in search for books at budget price or looking for amazing deal with second-hand purchase of desirable versions of course books, novels, or biographies. From Robin Sharm to Robert Ludlum, you can find experience the intellectual euphoria of getting your favourite collection of books.

Sunday Book Bazaar, Abids, Hyderabad

Not just that, if you have been planning to sell the old books you have in the house just lying around, you can easily fetch yourself good prices to buy new ones or do as you please with the money. Markets in Hyderabad, India especially the ones that sell books, also house rare-editions that aren’t available easily. Bargaining is what will get you good deals regardless of the fact that you are selling a book or buying one. It is located at the Abids Road and the best time to shop here is during the afternoon. So if its book markets in Hyderabad that you need to locate, its Sunday Book Bazaar for you.

5. Gudimalkapur Flower Market

Hunting for some colours and aroma at this popular metropolis? Why not hop into a local transport and visit the flower markets in Hyderabad to get an eye-soothing view paired with amazingly fresh aroma. Gudimalkapur is known for its bright flowers that are fresh from the farm where people head in to get some for mosques, temples, funeral pyre, weddings, and birthday celebrations. This market was part of the Moazzam Jahi Market which was shifted in the year 2009.

Gudimalkapur Flower Market, Hyderabad

Local markets in Hyderabad always flaunt an amazing collection of flower varieties and the same is also true for this flower market which include daisies, marigold, mogra, rose, dahlias, and many more. Not just that, one can also score some exotic varieties such as peonies, tulips, and orchids at affordable prices. Not just flowers, Gudimalkapur is also one among the vegetable markets in Hyderabad that comes with the local fresh produce at cheap prices to add to the taste of your favourite dish.

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6. Ramnagar Fish Market

Yearning for some fresh-fried seafood? Why not visit this rank-holder for popular fish markets in Hyderabad. Now, what makes for the best shopping markets in Hyderabad for seafood? The perfect answer to this question is fresh catch from the nearby water body and what better place than the Ramnagar Fish Market to get yourself a wholesale deal for the amazing collection of fishes, crabs, shrimps and many other varieties found in the area.

Ramnagar Fish Market, Hyderabad

The fish you get in this market comes from various locations such as Kadapa, Karimnagar, Anantapur, Kurnool, Nizamabad, Mahbubnagar, Godavari districts, as well as Khammam districts. Ramnagar Fish Market ranks among the top ones when it comes to local shopping markets in Hyderabad for varieties such as Lobsters, Tiger Prawns, Crabs, Black Pomfret, White Pomfret, Bengal Carp, Mullet Fish, Red Snappers, etc.

7. Secunderabad General Bazaar

If you happen to hike into the streets of the M.G. Road, wholesale cloth markets in Hyderabad such as Secunderabad General Bazaar has a lot in store for you. This is a market in the city that houses some of the traditional versions of handmade jewellery. Being one of the popular old markets in Hyderabad, the market for gold is flourishing in this area for more than 150 years. Supermarkets in Hyderabad usually do not house authentic Kanchi/Zari sarees, but you can surely get a unique piece when at Secunderabad General Bazaar.

Secunderabad General Bazaar

Go ahead and browse through the colourful and trendy imitation jewelleries as well as hair accessories that are sold at this market. This destination is also perfect for party and wedding shopping. Go desi with a hint of urban touch with affordable statement jackets that are available in stunningly vibrant colours. Get some reasonably priced earrings and dress materials with some beautifully intricate designs that are a perfect mix of ethnic culture and sophistication. It is undoubtedly one of the best wholesale markets in Hyderabad.

8. Sultan Bazar

From street markets in Hyderabad, we now jump all the way to the pearl markets in Hyderabad. Marked as one among the oldest locale for shopping in the metropolis, this market lies amidst the area which is a commercial extent aligned between the Koti and Abids. Back when India was under the British colonization, this market was actually known by the name “Residency Market”. This market is pretty old and hence the popularity and trust that comes from shopping in the market for pearls.

Sultan Bazar, Hyderabad

Out for shopping pearls at popular markets in Hyderabad? Well, Koti Sultan Bazar (or the Sultan Bazar) is the one that will never disappoint one in terms of variety with accessories such as earrings crafted from pearls, bangles, necklaces, and braces of amazing colours and shapes. Although this market is decked with silver jewelleries, you can bring home beautiful pearl bangles that would surely look stunning with your newly acquired saree or salwar suit.

9. Jagdish Market

Have you been planning to get yourself the latest smartphone? Or maybe you would like to give away your old one at amazingly profitable price? If any of this is what you want, then make sure you plan a visit to the Jagdish Market which serves as a prime destination when it comes to mobile markets in Hyderabad. The market brings you a huge variety in terms of smartphones from different brands at amazing price ranges. You can easily add an affordable piece to your collection or gift one to your friend. Additionally, you can also get your mobile repaired at cheap prices. Being one among the big markets in Hyderabad, you can also look for second-hand sales for some varieties that are available for a price tag as low as INR 500.

Jagdish Market, Hyderabad

The best thing about this market is the fact that you can see amazing varieties even for the second-hand sale. Jagdish Market doesn’t just serve as a destination for smartphones, but other gadgets as well. Here you can look for accessories such as headphones, chargers, earphones, keypad, speakers, motherboard, etc. Although the market is frequented by youngsters looking for a change, the market caters to everyone regardless of lifestyle or age with ample collection. If you recently acquired a smartphone without having it unlocked, you can get the same done at this market with addition of security features to the cellphone. However, practice caution when purchasing things from this market as you can easily be duped with cheap or fake products that are also available in the market. So make sure you are accompanied by a local who understands the place for a good deal.

10. Begum Bazaar

Known popularly as the “Queen of all markets”, the Begum Bazaar which is located in Hyderabad’s Old City is one for the local tobacco takers. However, that’s not just the thing that makes Begum Bazaar one among the popular markets to visit in Hyderabad. You can find an array of products that are sold here at reasonable prices. The collection includes home décor, household products, cosmetics, kitchen essentials, items for daily use, perfumes & toiletries, and this list goes on. The most amazing fact about this market is its existence. The market has been up and running as a shopping hub in Hyderabad for more than 150 years now.

Begum Bazaar, Hyderabad

With a stunning collection of jewellery materials such as silver or gold, Begum Bazaar can easily compete with any popular jewellery market in the country with quality products and amazing deal. Oh, and not just that, if you love dry fruits, bring some for yourself at this market at wholesale prices. Fresh fish is one more thing you can get at this market. So get ready with your purse and head straight to the Begum Bazaar. However, refrain to visit on Sundays as the market remains close.

11. Moazzam Jahi Market

In search for list of supermarkets in Hyderabad coming all the way from 1900s? Well, you got yourself a superb deal when you decide to visit the Moazzam Jahi market serves as a rather impressive arcade decked with quaint appeal that was built by Mir Osman Ali Khan who was the last from the line of Nizams who ruled over Hyderabad. A walk to the past, you can find things such as Brass ware & Ikat Weaves at this major shopping locale which is one among the top markets in Hyderabad. Moreover, if your eyes are searching for fruit markets in Hyderabad, get yourself to this market which originally served as a fruit market.

Moazzam Jahi Market, Hyderabad

Do not forget to get some earthen wares from this market that reflect the local tradition aligned in the form of an attractive display. It is popularly known as MJ Market which is considered as a heritage structure maintained by the government. From electronic gadgets to dry fruits, one can find almost everything at this place. The market is marked by a huge dome with clock tower that looks beautifully historic. With fresh and local produces being sold in the market, the Moazzam Jahi market is also among the popular choice for the ones looking for organic markets in Hyderabad.

12. Jiyaguda Market

Among the major markets in Hyderabad, the Jiyaguda Market is a place frequented by foodies with a weakness for fresh meat that can be homecooked with fresh herbs and spices. This popular choice among the sheep markets in Hyderabad acts as a central hub for wide variety of livestock such as chicken, goat, or sheep.

Jiyaguda Market, Hyderabad

Despite the fact that the city houses modern slaughterhouses such as the ones at Chengicherla, Gowlipura, Amberpet, Ramnasthpura, and New Bhoiguda, this market still ranks at the top number when it comes to popular markets in Hyderabad for livestock which attracts higher customer traffic during festivals such as Bakrid when the Muslim population of the city drops down for easy bargain.

13. Perfume Market

Located amidst the Laad Bazaar & Moti Chowk close to Charminar, the Perfume Market is lined up with rows of several shops that sell Ittar which is a locally produced version of perfume that is packed into small vials made of glass. Unlike the perfumes made from alcohol base, Ittar is usually a concoction obtained from sandalwood oil as the base paired with fragrances such as jasmine, rose, and musk. As you enter this popular choice among the perfume markets in Hyderabad, you will experience a blast of aromas flowing in from different directions.

Perfume Market, Hyderabad

It’s literally a pleasurable and rejuvenating experience for your sense of smell. Walking into the market is nothing less than walking inside an expensive spa with aromas that wonderful to gift or apply when out for a function or dinner party. Unlike generic perfumes that do not last long due to their highly volatile nature, ittar will surely last long while soothing your senses and that of everyone around you. Purchase some for yourself and support the indigenous industries.

14. Jumme Raat Bazaar

If you are in search for something cheap yet of high quality, you will surely get the same at Jumme Raat Bazaar. Ranked among the most visited flea markets in Hyderabad, this market is a place where you can find everything from wheelchairs to antiques. The area flaunts a huge population of 500+ vendors that have been selling their items at this market for decades comprise of a diverse range of items. Jumme Raat literally translates to “Friday Night Eve”. The variety being sold at Jumme Raat Market include things such as steel & wooden furniture, electronic goods, old currency, shoes, equipment for body building, construction materials, and so much to shop for.

Jumme Raat Bazaar, Hyderabad

The market starts as early as 4 am in the morning. Looking for antique markets in Hyderabad? Jumme Raat Market has some of the best vintage collection in store for you to purchase. What you get at throwaway prices at Jumme Raat Market just might blow away your mind with items ranging all the way from tiny safety pins and old coins to bulky items that include things like beautiful horse carts. Make sure you drop in during the early half of the day to get some lucky deals.

15. Madina Market

If you are hunting for wholesale textile markets in Hyderabad, make sure you hop into a ride for Madina Market. Madina is one among the oldest suburbs popular for commercial crowd with a historic charm that comes from its close proximity to Charminar. The Madina Market gets especially crowded during Ramzan with people shopping at the retail shops all through the day and even night. Sarees, bedsheets, dress materials, dresses, as well as upholstery materials make this market a popular choice for visitors looking for cheap clothes markets in Hyderabad. Apart from dressing options, you can also bargain for materials that can be used to deck the beauty of your home décor.

Madina Market, Hyderabad

The market is a mix of roadside vendors as well as shops that spread out their wares all along the sides of the footpath. Shopping for clothes at Madina Market is shopping for iconic styles that dominate the traditional, trendy, and chic population of the city. You can catch the local TSRTC buses run by the government connecting all major areas of Hyderabad. If bus isn’t something you are comfortable with, you can hail a cab to this amazing shopping destination. After you are done with shopping, make sure you have some popular local cuisines at the array of restaurants dominating the area.

Now that you have learnt a lot about the famous shopping markets in Hyderabad, its time for you to indulge in the awesomeness of this metropolis by grabbing the amazing bargains instead of looking for the expensive malls or shopping marts. Do not forget to eat the biryani though! Learn some skills to bargain when shopping at the local markets. Get those aromatic ittar from Hyderabad’s Old City or score some smashing deals for electronic products to boost your gadget collection. Well, none the less, you will surely enjoy the shopping trip especially if you have a good hold over the local language to allow better communication with the street stall owners.

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