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15 Best Markets in Ahmedabad for Shopping

Ahmedabad has been associated with textiles and fabrics in India since several years. It  is the second largest textile raw material producing city in Gujarat. In recent times number of textile mills developed in Ahmedabad. Due to which this city is called the ‘Manchester of India’. There are several  small and medium size shops for retailers in the textile market of Ahmedabad. It is famous for its handloom, spinning and weaving and also for it’s embroidery and beadwork. There are many markets in Ahmedabad for shopping, out of which some are spectacular fashion spots well known for street shopping.

Some other shopping markets in Ahmedabad are the wholesale markets, retail markets, supermarkets, that sell the best fabrics and clothing like chaniya cholis, kurtas, sarees, salwar suits and many other essential goods at reasonable prices. Best traditional as well  as designer clothes are sold in these markets. Besides this, markets of Ahmedabad also offers the best traditional jewellery, purses, juttis, handicraft items and many more.The markets here are a blend of culture and modernity. Out of the list of wholesale markets in Ahmedabad and other markets, given below are the top 15 markets in Ahmedabad where you can go for shopping beautiful, incredible and trendy items of your choice with family, friends or relatives.


1. Lal Darwaja

Lal Darwaja is one the most famous and busiest street market in Ahmedabad Gujarat. Here you get to purchase children’s garments, gents garments, sarees, chaniya choli, wallets, shoes, belts, bangles, electronic goods and many more things. If you have bargaining skill then you can buy things in this market at a very less rate or you will end up paying more. Important thing to remember is that customers should be aware of the quality of the product and if satisfied must purchase it.

Lal Darwaja, Ahmedabad

It is also one of the cheap markets in Ahmedabad. Lal Darwaja is well known for its street food like sev puri, ragda patties, pani puri, samosa, dhokla, dosa etc.  People who like to have street food visit this market quite often.It is very crowded in the evenings. You have to be very cautious, as there are many pickpockets roaming around. So it is advisable not to carry or wear valuable and expensive things. Visitors must visit this market if they wish to get good things at less rate and enjoy the mouth watering street food. But they must be aware of the bargaining policy or else they might get fooled by the vendors.

2. Dhalgarwad

Dhalgarwad is the only open shopping market in Ahmedabad well known for it’s low priced goods. It is the busiest market known for its traditional fabric. There are several textile stalls in this market selling variety of fabrics at subsidised rates.It is also one of the wholesale cloth markets in Ahmedabad where you get wide collection of cotton prints like Mangalgiri, South Cotton, Jaipuri prints, Kalamkari, traditional clothes like Chaniya Choli, Ethnic Indian Sarees, traditional kurta, Cambric Fabrics, Block Print Salwar Kameez, good range of Patola,Tanchoi, Silk and Bandhej sarees, hand printed bedspreads, Jaipuri prints, bandhani dupattas, and many more.

Dhalgarwad, Ahmedabad

Besides this, it is also popular for its antique jewelleries. Electronic items are also sold at reasonable prices. This is the best markets to visit in Ahmedabad with your family. You can complete most of your purchase of  household items, dress materials, salwar suits, bed sheets, and other essential goods at one place itself. It not only saves your money but also time.

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3. Rani no Hajiro Market

Rani no Hajiro is  the well known historic tombs of Mughlai Bibi or Ahmed Shah’s Queen. Since many years the area surrounding this tomb complex has transformed into a marketplace. Today it is one of the best cloth markets in Ahmedabad. This well known local market offers everything from attractive colourful fabrics to delicate and magnificent jewellery. Rani no Hajiro Market is also unique and popular market for women’s clothing, jewellery, accessories and many more. So this market is mostly visited by women. Ikat, Mushrush, and Ajrakh the best handloom fabrics are available here.

Rani no Hajiro Market, Ahmedabad

People interested in purchasing  traditional Garba clothes come from all over Ahmedabad and also outside the city for shopping in this market. Variety of fabrics, fashionable clothes, artificial jewellery and lots more are also available in this market  at a subsidised rate. There are also many Mukhwas stalls inside the market selling different types of mouth freshners. Tourist must visit this place for attractive accessories and traditional and handloom clothes that they can buy at reasonable rates.

4. Manek Chowk

Manek Chowk is an important city square in old Ahmedabad that is  surrounded by historical structures. In this place there are  three different  markets. In the morning you will find vegetable market. Whereas in the afternoon it is a  jewellery market and in the evening the food market opens which continues till late night.The Jewellery market of Manek Chowk has very high annual turnover so it is considered to be the second biggest in India.It is well known for its food stalls that serves local street snacks like bhaji pav, dosa, pizza, sandwiches, and many more.

Manek Chowk, Ahmedabad

You also get special chocolate pizza and chocolate sandwiches along with different types of dessert. Manek chowk is best known for its kulfi. In the morning many people visit this place to purchase fresh vegetables at reasonable rate. Whereas in the afternoon jewellery market is busy with customers from all over Ahmedabad purchasing ornaments. But in the evening this place is very crowded with people who wants to taste the tasty street snacks. As it is open till midnight, people keep on visiting this place. Variety of mouth fresheners, Mukhwas are also  being sold near Manek Chowk.

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5. Fernandes Bridge

The Fernandes Bridge is among the renowned markets in Ahmedabad which is famous for its collection of books for both academic as well as recreational reading purposes. It is especially handy for students who seek old books at lower price tags as compared to purchasing the new ones. It is located in the Mahatma Gandhi Road close to the Manek Chowk.

Fernandes Bridge, Ahemadabad

If you are in search for a good place to sell off your old books and earn some money from them, you can do so with the sellers available at this market and fetch a good price for the books. Once it was completely dedicated to selling and purchase of books. However, the market has expanded with time making it a feasible place to purchase anything related to school, college, or office utilities.

6. Law Garden’s Night Market

Law Garden's Night Market, Ahmedabad

For shoppers who are mesmerized by the vibrant colors of Gujarat, the Law Garden’s Night Market can be the best place to take home some colors of the state. The best thing about this place is the fact that you can bargain your price and fetch some attractive deals for beautiful clothes, wall hangings, handbags, chaniyas, antique jewelries, and many others. Located at the Netaji Road in Ellisbridge, this night market in Ahmedabad is a great place to pick up some souvenirs when travelling back home after completing the tour of Ahmedabad. Moreover, if you are hungry after all that shopping, the street food available near this market is deliciously amazing with the traditional taste of Gujarat.

7. Teen Darwaja Market

It is one of the longest and the oldest historical gateway located to the east of Bhadra Fort, which now serves as a shopping place in Ahmedabad. It is a popular street shopping market  where goods are available at cheap prices. In this market small to big and cheap to expensive all types of things are available.This market offers a good range of articles like meenakari furniture, embroidered goods, wonderful showpieces like cowbell wind chimes and mirror studded wall hangings made by the local artisans embroidered tablecloths and many other artifacts.

Teen Darwaja Market, Ahmedabad

It is always crowded with people. People enjoy shopping here because of the availability of various types of goods at reasonable rate. Those having passion for artistic things visit this market to purchase the beautiful showpieces which they get at less price. But as this market is very crowded it is a great problem for people having vehicles because of the scarcity of place to park vehicles. In spite of this Teen Darwaja Market is quite a popular shopping area.

8. Ravivari Bazar or Gujari Bazar

Out of the available flea markets in Ahmedabad, Ravivari Bazar or Gujari Bazar is the oldest and unique one. Since many years this open flea market  operates on Sundays to cater to the needs of people from the locality and also from nearby villages and towns. Here you get all the required things at a very cheap rate so it is always crowded.You can get large variety of things like household utensils, stoves, handcarts, furnitures, cycles, electronic goods, second-hand items, antique, clothes, books, foodstuff  and many more.

Ravivari or Gujari Bazar, Ahmedabad

On Sundays this market is overcrowded as it is the only day it opens. You can see many ladies and children in this market who come to purchase books, clothes and eatables. Not only locals but people from other places also visit this market. It is an affordable market at Ahmedabad for those who want to buy things at less rate.

9. New Cloth Market

It is one of the old but well established cloth or textile markets in Ahmedabad. It is a local marketplace where manufacturers, wholesalers and retailers sell their goods at wholesale rate. Those who want to buy good quality clothes at subsidized rates can visit this market. You can even consider it as one of the wholesale markets in Ahmedabad because you can purchase many items at less rate. This market is always crowded with people. There are several shops in the market that have customers and vendors at domestic and international level.

New Cloth Market in Ahmedabad

It is the best place to purchase ladies, gents and even children clothes in wholesale at reasonable rate. It is well known for readymade clothes like salwar suit, dresses, designer kurti, fancy cotton kurti, chaniya choli, stylish palazzo pants, designer dress materials, men casual shirts and trousers, nightwear and fabrics like cotton fabric, garment fabric, shirting fabric etc. For tourist it is a better place to visit as they can get traditional clothes of Ahmedabad at reasonable price.

10. Sindhi Market

Sindhi Market, Ahmedabad

When shopping in Gujarat, it comes without any question that your shopping for traditional stuff should always be from the Sindhi Market. Why you ask? Sindhi Market has some of the most beautiful and reasonable items that include footwear, dress materials, bed sheets, and much more. You can close your eyes and trust the quality of material sold at this traditional market in Ahmedabad which is sure to stay with you for years to come. It is located at the Revdi Bazar near Kalupur.

11. Raipur Darwaja

Raipur Darwaja, Ahmedabad

The Raipur Darwaja, also known as the Raipur Gate is a well-known street shopping locale that house an array of Gujarati snacks such as farsans, dhokla, vegetarian kebabs, Khandvi, and many others. Located at the Dayanand Road in Sherkotda, the local delicacies available here are a must try if you have been in search of authentic food market in Ahmedabad.

12. Chimanlal Girdharlal Road

Chimanlal Girdharlal Road, Ahmedabad

The Chimanlal Girdharlal Road is a shopper’s paradise that is famous for its traditional shops, shopping malls, garments, hand-made pottery, and many others. The market lies in the Chimanlal Girdharlal road which was named after a renowned businessman with the same name who was highly successful during the 1960s era of India. You can find an array of shopping malls in this area with all that is latest in the modern generation from clothes to home décor and many others. This particular location has also been termed as the costliest  retail in the entire city.

13. Asopalav Silk Museum

Asopalav Silk Museum is a pioneer in handloom and woven sarees. It is also a leading manufacturer and supplier of traditional garments. You will find best markets in Ahmedabad but Asopalav Silk Museum is an exclusive shopping place in Ahmedabad as it offers best quality, branded, traditional as well as designer clothes. It has a varied collection of branded Indian ethnic wear with the right blend of style and comfort. You will find traditional weave sarees, sparkling Banarasi, royal Kanjeevarams, and also Gujarati bridal sarees and wedding lehengas.

Asopalav Silk Museum, Ahmedabad

If you are looking for trendy wedding and trousseau collections, Indo-western fusion bridal lehenga choli and salwar suits and varieties of branded and awesome silk sarees you can surely visit this shop. This unique silk museum is always visited by people from all over Ahmedabad and outside the city. Ladies visiting this place get attracted to the wide range of fascinating and beautiful sarees that they end up buying more than one.Tourist will enjoy visiting this silk museum for beautiful, gorgeous and branded silk sarees and other amazing traditional garments.

14. Ghantakarna Mahavir Market

You can find local markets in Ahmedabad like Ghantakarna Mahavir Market that has a popular business of manufacturers and suppliers of printed sarees, tussar sarees, salwar, denim fabrics. Some of them are Jai Mata di Textiles a company dealing with dress materials, sarees, salwar suit, textiles, unstitched garments etc.

Ghantakarna Mahavir Market, Ahmedabad

Ashapuri Fashion that deals with kids wear, mens wear, readymade garments, womens wear etc. Besides there are other shops like sportswear, kids wear, domestic and international courier services, hotels, departmental store, stationery shop containing computer, office and school stationery and many more. It is one of the good markets to visit in Ahmedabad  for wholesale and retail products.

15. Metro Supermarket

Metro supermarket is one of the best supermarket in Ahmedabad which promises everything under one roof with competitive pricing and uncompromising quality. It offers business to many manufacturers and wholesalers and also provides loading facilities, doorstep delivery services etc. to customers. It is a very specious supermarket. It offers several food and non-food products at lowest wholesale prices. Regional brands and  wide variety of other national brands items are available in this supermarket.

Metro Supermarket, Ahmedabad

The items offered are cereals, pulses, bakery products, ayurvedic products etc. You can also find wide range of branded footwear, apparels, home decor items, stoneware items and many more. There is also a beauty zone where you get all beauty products. Fresh fruits and vegetables are also available. Their aim is to cater to the needs of the customer at subsidized rates. Most of the them find it convenient and comfortable visiting metro supermarket as they can get all the required things at one place and that too at a less rate. Besides crowd is not a problem as this market is very spacious.

There are many main markets in Ahmedabad out of which the popular ones are the fabric markets in Ahmedabad where you get different types of  attractive and best  quality fabrics. Apart from this Ahmedabad markets also offer other essential items. They even offer wide range of products at subsidized rates. So it said to be a shopping paradise. Tourists visit to Ahmedabad is incomplete without visiting the famous shopping markets and shopping malls in Ahmedabad that offers attractive and magnificent things at reasonable rates. As such Ahmedabad is also considered as the famous tourist shopping destination.

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