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Panorama Water Park and Resort in Asansol

Located in the state of West Bengal is the municipal corporation of Asansol, which is one of the most populated cities of the state. The local residents do suffer from the hustle-bustle of city life while dealing with the stress and tension of today’s world. Therefore, for the refreshment of the locals as well as a tourist attraction serves the Panorama water park in Asansol. The water park welcomes you with full zeal and rest assured that your visit to this place will be filled with full of exciting and delightful memories to cherish throughout life. Let us dig in deeper and get to know about the amazing land rides, water rides, adventurous sports, and other activities that you can take advantage of in this water park of Asansol.

Panorama Water Park in Asansol

Starting with the amazing land rides equipped on the premises of the water park are the crazy cars. You can ride them while jostling and bumping with the other car drivers and have loads of fun. Enjoy the whole view of not only the water park but also of the entire city from the top of a giant wheel. Let your kids have fun in the carousel and the toy trains that are spread across the entire area. You can have a swelling ride of the roller coaster while it passes through a tunnel, takes you up and down through the tracks leaving you all screaming and giving you the heebie-jeebies. In the fun zone, play all sorts of video games and other manual games available too in the Panorama water park Asansol.

Panorama Water Park and Resort in Asansol

Swirl and swoon, ride and glide through the humongous tornado slides to ultimately end up into the swimming pool. Now, you can either stay the entire day inside of the swimming pool like a lazy croc or jump around and have the enjoyment of all the water-based rides just like an adrenaline junkie. The decision is entirely for you to make! Later in the evening sync your steps to the grooving beats being played by the in-house DJ appointed in the water park in Asansol. The music blares through the speakers elating the energy of the crowd. The fun is not yet over when you are dancing to the loud music is when the water sprinklers equipped in the entire area, shower the water bestowing you with the feeling of dancing under the rain. What can be more exciting than this?

Panorama Water Park Asansol

The pool party conducted in the wave pool! Yes, you read it correctly; there is a wave pool too in the best water park in Asansol. After all, no water park can be complete without a wave pool in its premises imparting its customers with the feeling of being at the seashore. To complement the wave pool, there are various eateries and food joints surrounding the area. These food joints in Panorama Water Park at Asansol serve amazing delicacies from multiple cuisines. Of course! No one can have fun with an empty stomach; therefore, this arrangement was definitely much needed.

Panorama Water Park & Resort, Asansol

Not only for the local residents but also the water park resort in Asansol has perfect arrangements made for the tourists. The visitors can extend their stay for as long as they want to in the rooms fabricated on the premises of Panorama water theme park in Asansol. Enjoy the adventurous treks, mountain climbing, and other sports that will make your heart pound with excitement. Now you must be thinking, surely the adventurous sports can be a lot of fun to perform but what about the safety concerns that are accompanied by it. Well, the professionals in the top water park in Asansol are appointed at every level to guide you through the rules and regulations that you may need to follow. They help you with the safety gears too.

While you are visiting the water park make sure to carry some Nylon clothes or any synthetic materials clothes, this is very important to maintain the hygiene of the place. If by any chance you haven’t done so you can always rent or buy a new pair of clothes to wear.

Ticket Price/Entry feeRs.250 to Rs.500
Timings 10:00 am to 7:00 pm
Address4 Point Xing, Neamatpur More, NH-2, Salanpur, Asansol - 59
Phone Numbers094301 00666/094756 19220

The services of the Panorama water park and resort does not only limit to provide you all the fun and entertainment with the hi-end technology-based rides but also extend up to party arrangement facilities in its premises. You can book the gorgeous lawn that is lined with beautiful trees and flowers that simply lift up one’s spirit. Here in the lawn you can arrange birthday parties, theme parties, kitty parties, or can have your wedding celebrations too. The catering services take care of everything starting from the arrangement for the stay of your guests to the decoration of the party to the arrangement of the food items as per your request. If you are a local resident or simply a tourist to Asansol, make sure to pay a visit to this amazing water park and resort in the city.

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