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Coco Splash Water Park in Aligarh

Nestled amidst one of the most populous cities of Uttar Pradesh is the Coco Splash Water Park Aligarh. Not only is Aligarh famous for its educational institutes but also beholds important historical aspects. The battle of Ally Ghur fought between the French and the British took place here. However, among all the hustle bustle of city life merged with history and education, requirement of a refreshing atmosphere becomes all the more of a necessity. Nevertheless, the city houses one of the finest water parks in the country, which is also the top water park in Aligarh.

Coco Splash Water Park Aligarh

The Coco Splash Water Park in Aligarh welcomes you along with your family and friends for a day filled with utter delight and joy. The man behind the existence of the water park is Mr. Harish Sabariya who also happens to be the director of the place. The water park extends over quite a widespread area. Also, this Aligarh water park is equipped with hi-end technology based rides that not only limit to the land but also extends up till water parts. The water park is devised accurately to keep you enchanted and excited throughout your stay here.

Coco Splash Water Park in Aligarh

With the humongous swimming pool equipped in the premises of the water park in Aligarh swim till your heart content and when you are tired you can simply rest inside the water like a lazy croc for as long as you wish to. Have an enthralling experience with the water slides while dropping from a greater altitude with a splash! Glide and slide also twist and turn in the tornado-shaped slides completely devised for you to have fun up till the penultimate level. The water park is situated at the footsteps of Khereshwar Dham in Aligarh city which serves the purpose of complete fun and entertainment throughout the day not only to the residents of the place but also is a famous tourist attraction.

Coco Splash Water Park Aligarh

While grooving along to the tunes played by the in-house DJ enjoy the sprinkling rain shower at this Coco Splash Water Park. Also, do not miss out on the most enjoyable part of the place that is the wave pool specially designed in a manner to impart you with the feeling of a sea beach. Have an exhilarating experience with the slides and pumped-up rides which will definitely transmit you the emotions of an adrenaline junkie indulged in the gospel of fun and entertainment. Rest assured that your mere investment on the tickets of the water park will definitely help lighten-up the mood of yours as well as that of your companions’.

Coco Splash Water Park of Aligarh

When you further explore the best water park in Aligarh your senses will be bestowed with elated anticipation. The Rain dance party at night is promising enough to agitate your emotions all in a very positive way. You can switch between the rain dance party and wave party that are conducted during the night. Now if you are wondering how you are going to attend these amazing parties during the night time and then commute back to your hotel; the water park of Aligarh has made appropriate arrangements for that too. You can stay the night here in the accommodation of the water park along with your friends and family after you have had all the fun in those late night parties.

Coco Splash Aligarh

The elevation of your emotion does not rest here. You can further go on having some more fun with the adventurous sports that the Coco Splash water park at Aligarh has to offer. When it comes to adventurous sports our minds definitely take the trip to the land of all kinds of safety measures to be taken, doesn’t it? Check the list for this too. The highly trained professionals are appointed at every level of the rides to help you and guide through the rules and regulations. Also, they ensure that you get onto these sensational rides giving those adrenaline rushes well-equipped with all kinds of safety gears that may be required.

Ticket Price/Entry feeNot Available
Timings 11:00 am to 6:00 pm
AddressKhair Road, Near Khereshwar Mandir, Aligarh.
Phone Numbers8864816305, 7906781579

Now coming down to the most important part –food! Of course, you cannot enjoy the fun-filled rides and games in an empty stomach. Therefore, the Coco Splash water park of Aligarh has made absolute arrangement for various eateries and food joints serving multiple cuisines and delicious delicacies as per your demand. Not only this, but also there are several facilities provided in the water park that will certainly help you arrange birthday parties, kitty parties, and recreational night parties for your friends and family.  You can book the completely air-conditioned party banquet hall available in the Coco Splash Water Park or simply club your gathering in the open arena amidst the beautiful garden lined with various scintillating flowers and trees. As per your request, the staff of the Coco Splash Water Park is at your service to provide you with the best ever facilities and make your day filled with utter excitement and zeal.

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