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Chill-O-Thrill Water Park Bhucho, Bathinda

Nestled in the Bhucho Khurd area is the water park of Bathinda known by the name –Chill-O-thrill. Just as the name suggests, the water park is exceptionally devised for the residents of Bathinda, as well as for the tourists to chill and have lots of thrills throughout the entire weekend. Sometimes dealing with everyday life, going on and on about with the same schedule can be really tiresome. Do you feel the same way? Then what are you waiting for? It’s time to have some fun and break the wheel of continuous daily-life routines and spend some time with your family and friends away from the hustle-bustle of city life. What better to rejoice and relive the exciting days of your childhood than attending the closest water park that is? Come visit the Chill-O-Thrill water park in Bathinda, today!

Chill-O-Thrill Water Park in Bathinda

The Chill-O-Thrill water park Bathinda welcomes you with your family and friends to have the experience to cherish for your entire life and when you reminisce the day, your memories shall flush with utter delight and joy. Get the level of adrenaline in your body rush while you enjoy all the enthralling rides that are equipped in the premises of the best water park in Bathinda. The Water Park proliferates over a large area providing ample space for all the hi-end technology-based rides that cover up both the water and land rides.

Chill-O-Thrill Water Park Bhucho, Bathinda

There is a common swimming pool that covers up the entire area and is channelized into different rides and equipment. Also, the swimming pool is provided with wave pool technology that will impart you with the feeling of spending time at the sea beach. You can do whatever you wish too. If you are a lazy croc you can lie whole day inside the swimming pool and relax the entire time or else you can jump around like an adrenaline-junkie taking advantage of all the rides that are equipped in the Bathinda water park.

Chill-O-Thrill Water Park Bhucho Bathinda

Groove to the deafening beats tuned by the in-house DJ and just when your enthusiasm is all high and the crowd is at its best, the water sprinkler equipped in the premises will shower rain on you and you can have the feeling of dancing under the rain. Isn’t that simply amazing? Who doesn’t really love dancing in the rain? Slide and Glide in the Tornado slide and end up with a whooshing sound into the pool of water. Imagine, just when you land the water splashes and in no time you are fully drenched and inside the pool. Beat the scorching heat of the summers and come have some fun with water in the top water park in Bathinda. Rest assured that the time spent here in the water park just won’t go wasted. We have made all the arrangements to make your day convenient, as well as filled with immense fun and entertainment.

Chill-O-Thrill Water Park Bhucho

On the premises, there are several food joints that serve multiple cuisines starting all the way from breakfast, lunch, snacks in the evening, and so on. The mouth-watering dishes served here are the best to relish. Also, won’t you get tired of playing all day without any food? And a growling stomach can really be fun police! There are several DJ parties and events conducted on special occasions in the water park at Bathinda, you can prolong your stay in the accommodations of the water park and attend all the late night parties with your family and friends. The hospitality of the water park doesn’t end here. You can book the entire place to conduct several parties of your own starting from the corporate outings, to kitty parties, birthday parties, or anniversary celebrations too. All you need to do is ask the management and the staff of the Chill-O-Thrill Water and Amusement Park will be ever ready at your service.

Ticket Price/Entry feeRs.400 per person
Timings 10:00 am to 7:00 pm
AddressNear Adesh University, Bathinda Rd, Bhucho Mandi, Punjab 151101
Phone Numbers098141 48924

The Chill-O-Thrill water park in Bathinda takes the rules of safety and sanitation quite seriously. Therefore, it is advisable for you to carry along with you essential dress materials that will be suitable for the water park. Avoid carrying dresses that are made of cotton and ladies please avoid wearing sarees or carrying the dupattas, as they can meddle with your safety when you are riding the amusement rides or water rides. If you do not know what kind of clothes to carry along, you can buy them in the shop inside the premises of the water park at a very cheap price. Also, the staff of the Water Park is appointed at every level of the rides to guide you through the safety measures that you need to follow while enjoying any of the rides. The professionals will take care of you and provide you with safety gears too so that you can have immense fun without compromising on the safety part.

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