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Aastha Water Park, Hasanpur, Haryana

The Aastha water park in Hasanpur welcomes you with your entire friends and family to have a weekend full of crazy adventures and mind-blowing fun. Though living in a city is definitely convenient but the perks that tag along are full of stresses. To break the wheel of tension the water park of Hasanpur came into existence. Spending some time in a water park can be really refreshing and brings back all the memories of our childhood. The Ateli Water Park in Haryana serves as the one-stop destination for the locals, as well as for the tourists, to spend some quality time and leave home with a nostalgic feeling.

Aastha Water Park in Hasanpur

Let the inner child in you shine at least for a day when you dance around crazily leaving behind all the stresses of work life and enjoy all the hi-end technology-based water and land rides. Swirl and swoon through the tornado slide and glide into the pool of water with a whooshing sound, right when the water splashes. Doesn’t that sound fun? Stand in the wave pool while the water waves crash at your body bestowing you with the feeling of being on a beach. This isn’t it!

Aastha Water Park in Hasanpur

Did we mention the Rain dance party for you? No? Well, while you are grooving to the deafening and adrenaline-pumping music played by the in-house DJ and just when the energy of the crowd is completely vibrating and enchanting, the water sprinklers equipped on the premises shower rain over you. Yes, you read it right! The water showers will provide you with the feeling of dancing under the rain. There are water-based roller coaster rides, which will glide down from a great height landing with a whooshing sound and the water surrounding the ride splashes onto you making you all wet and crazy. All the rides in the water park in Hasanpur are adjusted accordingly providing you with ample time to enjoy all the rides without missing out on any.

Aastha Water Park

Get on the giant wheel and have an overview of the entire city from the Aastha water park Hasanpur. Once you have enjoyed the Ferris wheel it’s time for you to get onto the dashing cars. Compete with your friends and bump and jostle for space with other drivers driving the crazy cars. Come and bring out the child in your once again in the best water park in Hasanpur. Next comes the ride of the roller coaster; from the sharp edges when the coaster turns and drops from a dizzying altitude, the adrenaline pump in your body will activate manifold times, and that is a guarantee. Oh! How can we forget to mention the neck-breaking speed at which the roller coaster rides? Get ready to scream your heart out when the roller coaster further commutes through the giant loops and passes through dark tunnels, getting all your senses to go numb. All the fun-loving and adventurous enthusiasts of Haryana must pay a visit to the Hasanpur water park.

Aastha Water Park Hasanpur

But, how can you have fun and enjoy all the rides while your stomach is growling with hunger pangs? Well, do not worry; we have made adequate food arrangements on the premises of the Aastha water park. The food joints here serve with mouth-watering delicacies giving you multiple-cuisine choices too. Are you looking for arranging a party and are unable to decide the appropriate venue? Not boasting, but the top water park in Hasanpur has all the provinces for almost all your wishes.

Aastha Water Park, Hasanpur

All you need to do is book the area for the required event that needs to be arranged and give instructions concerning the decoration and food items that are needed to be served in the party, and rest assured that the staff of the Water Park will live up to your expectations. For a change! Why not arrange your next corporate trip to the Aastha water park at Hasanpur? This will be a great opportunity for you to interact with your employees and give them a break from the stress of the daily-life work. Also, birthday parties, anniversary, or kitty parties all can be arranged in the beautiful garden that is planned on the premises of the water park. The garden here is lined with seasonal flowers and contains an orchard of various trees. Imagine hosting a party in such a scenic view; your guests will be guaranteed, have a wonderful time.

Ticket Price/Entry feeBelow 10 Years: Rs.200

Adults: Rs. 250/-
Timings 08:00 am to 7:00 pm
AddressAastha Water Park & Science Park
Narnaul Rewari Road Ateli Mandi, Near Chandpura
Phone Numbers9466625944, 8901231944
Email Address[email protected]
Official Websitewww.aasthawaterpark.com

However, the water park takes the measures of sanitation and safety quite seriously. Therefore, whenever you are about to visit the water park make sure to carry along your appropriate clothes, preferably made of synthetic materials. Also, our professionals are appointed at every stage of each ride to help you use the safety gears appropriately before you begin with riding. Have all the fun without your safety being compromised in the water park of Haryana.

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