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10 Best Shopping Markets in Boston

Boston is not just known for being the most populous city in Massachusetts, but also known for their amazing all year round markets. If you find yourself in Boston and ready to take on a huge shopping spree, you will just find yourself in the middle of some of the best markets in Boston. Find anything and everything under the sun, from open air markets in Boston MA, to fish markets in Boston area, to amazing flea markets in Boston.

In this article we will tell you about the top 10 best markets in Boston:


1. Boston Public Market

Boston Public Market

This is a little food baby of Boston which was opened in the summer of 2015. The Boston Public market is one of the large flea markets in Boston, featuring over 40 vendors selling everything from fresh produce, meats, greens, dairy, and other wonderful types of foods. Not just that, there is also a cooking section dedicated to holding cooking classes and demonstrations for curious cooks.

2. Red’s Best

Red’s Best, Boston

An ideal place for those who like to spend more than the average amount of time when learning about the foods that they are buying. Red’s Best offers customers a chance to get to know each and every detail about the kind of fish that they are buying from this famous little fish market in Boston. From where it was caught from, to how it was caught, find out everything you need to know before buying your fish.


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3. Turkuaz Market

Turkuaz Market, Boston

Often, even when you are in a new city, you might crave the taste of exotic food. For those who are big fans of Turkish food specially, Turkuaz Market offers everything from Turkish groceries, imported food, delis and little samples that you can munch on during your Turkish shopping experience. Located in Brighton, Turkuaz is one of the best Turkish markets in Boston area.

4. Haymarket

Haymarket, Boston

Outdoor marketing is an experience on its own. The Haymarket in Boston is an open air market in Boston area. Here, you will get to sample some of the freshest produce in Boston. Haymarket has been around for generations, first making its entrance in the 1830s. an all year round market, Haymarket holds a collection of local vendors who usually spread out their catch of the day from dawn to dusk, all year round. With some of the most competitive prices for the freshest of items, Haymarket is one of the best markets in Boston MA.


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5. Sowa Market

Sowa Market, Boston

Every city has their own unique farmers market. However, Sowa market is Boston’s very own farmers market. However, when you visit Sowa market, you will be surprised by the different types of food trucks, food stalls, vintage market, beer gardens, artists galleries and markets you will find here. Definitely one of the most unique and best farmers markets in Boston. However, this market is open every day only from May to October. If you find yourself at Sowa market during winter however, you can be sure to enjoy the three day festival of winter cocktails, holiday carols and surprise gifts!

6. Cambridge Antique Market

Cambridge Antique Market, Boston

The antique markets of each country, city and area have a charm of their own. Cambridge Antique Market is one of the most popular antique markets in Boston MA. This market features a multi-storey complex where around 150 vendors sell unique antique pieces. From vintage furniture’s, to used pieces of jewellery, you might even hit treasure at this antique market in Boston MA.

7. South End Open Market

South End Open Market, Boston

Known as the mecca of flea markets, the south end open market features three different markets which have been pushed together. From a food truck market, to an arts market, and lastly the south end farmers market, this open market is a feast for the eyes, ears, mouth and all the senses! Enjoy amazing food, music and art all in the same place at south end open market.

8. The Flea at MIT

The Flea at MIT, Boston

For those who have a particular taste for electronics, The Flea at MIT is the place for you. Here, you can buy, sell or exchange electronic equipment’s, radios, computers, etc.  You can be assured to find a good deal at this market. Remember to visit this flea on every third Sunday from April to October only.

9. Chinatown

Chinatown, Boston

Featuring some of the best Asian street food vendors, sampled delights, grocery shops, fruits, vegetables, clothes, and so much more, Chinatown is one of the best Asian markets in Boston. For a true experience of Asia while still in Boston, this is a must visit. You will come across Thai, Indian, Indonesian, Korean markets in Boston and so much more.

10. Oak Square Farmers Market

Oak Square Farmers Market, Boston

For those who like to turn their shopping experience into more than just shopping, Oak Square Farmers market offers one of the best open air markets in Boston MA. Enjoy the fresh produce as you chat up with friendly faces over food, beverage and light music at this shopping feast.

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