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Top 2 Water and Amusement Parks in Patna

A historically important city and the capital of Bihar, Patna has been always been a tourists destination. The amazing culture, tradition, tastes, and background of Patna allure a lot of people to it. The visitors have been curious to come even close to the city nestling beside the banks of the holy river Ganga. So, let us know how many water parks in Patna extend the maximum fun and an outstanding time to you. Here is the list of water parks in Patna that one ought to visit whilst in the city. If you miss these water parks in Patna Bihar, you will regret.


1. Funtasia Water Park

The Funtasia Water Park Patna is the largest and the most happening spot to have the penultimate levels of fun whilst in the city. The perfect place to spend a wholesome fun time with family, kids, and friends, this water park in Patna definitely deserves its name to be amongst the topmost water parks in the city. It is the first of its kinds in the state Bihar. The exact location of Water Park in Patna is on the New ByPass road which is about 11 kilometers from Patna Junction and 16 kilometers from the airport. Funtasia Island is the nearest water park in Patna, easily accessible from any direction.

Funtasia Island Water Park, Patna

The main attraction of the big water park in Patna is the amazing high-end water rides. There are lists of numerous water slides open to all. You might just run out of the patience and energy but you will not get over the water rides in this park. Slide through the twists and turns, swirling and sliding through the slippery, watery, and wet water slides. Shout aloud when you dive into the pools splashing water all around with a whoosh! The Wave Pool is yet another thing to explore at this water amusement park in Patna. The electrically generated waves in the pool will give you the exact feeling of being on a sea beach. Explore the sea amidst a landlocked city! Thrilling isn’t it? And there are two such wave pools for the kids as well.

Funtasia Water Park, Patna

There are huge swimming pools suited for all ages with no time restrictions. Fulfill all your wishes to relax, lie lazily or swim enthusiastically in the swimming pools. The kids’ water slides and rides are a complete package of entertainment for the young ones. The will never want to come back from this water park in Patna city once they step in. The beautifully maintained park has water fountains beside which you can sit and watch your kids have a great time. You can pay a visit to the souvenir shop in the premise of this top water park in Patna where you can collect professional pictures, mementos, and many more items related to the park. Pick the memories both as gifts and in your mind as you leave the place. Let the place set magic for you.

Ticket Price/Entry feeMonday to Friday : Rs.350 per person

Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays : Rs.450 per person
Timings 11:00 am to 06:00 pm
AddressFantasia Island (Water Park)
Sampatchak, Patna
Sampatchak-Parsa Road
Phone Numbers+91 9431006236
Email Address[email protected]
Official Websitewww.funtasiaisland.com

2. Hungama World

Amongst all water parks in Patna, this water park is a paradise on Earth for the fun-lovers. Grab your swimsuits and pack your bags to pay a visit to the second biggest water park in Patna. Nestling at a beautiful place in the outskirts of the city, it is just 14 kilometers away from the main city and only 9 kilometers away from Shaguna Mode. The Hungama World amusement park in Patna is the most stupefying and unrivaled in terms of beauty in the Northern part of the country. The lush green lawns, cool breeze, happy hearts, and light-hearted laughter are just the things one would want for a nice vacation. There are water pools present for people of ages, for kids, youth, and adults. The elderly can take a stroll by the swimming pools or on the green lawns enjoying the sprinkles from the fountains.

Hungama World, Patna

You can lie lazily as the water flows slowly through the lazy river, washing your stress away. The water slides will unleash the kid who was lost in you. Bring the shout from the core of your heart as you slide down whirling along the spirals. Let the adrenaline rush make your heart beat faster as you dive from the highest point directly into the pool. The water rides generate another level of fun and frolic. The water coaster is sure to create a thrill and run the chills through the spine. Throw up into the air and bounce back in a style with the water rides. The Water showers or the Rain splash imitates the sensation that you feel when the raindrops touch you. In addition to this, the DJ keeps you pumped up with the exciting beats. Each and every corner of this amusement park in Patna adds up to the zing.

Hungama World Water Park, Patna

This is not all! The park has a whole collection of video games that you must have wanted to play as a child. The Striking Cars are a hit and kids love it the most. Undoubtedly, this is the best water park in Patna. The Kids’ Train will take you on a tour around the astonishing perimeter of the park. This park bags its name as the foremost water park in Patna list. The restaurants are absolutely refreshing. The park also tends to bring the visitors closer to the culture of the city which is ethnic yet modern. The amenities that the water park extends also include Pet lookouts. This is a perfect place for animal lovers to explore. When it comes to the price, the park charges a minimal cost. The main aim of the park is to create a world where one can forget all his worries, works, and stress behind and enjoy the vacation to the fullest.

Ticket Price/Entry feeRs.500 per person (incl. Lunch and Costumes)
Timings 10:00 am to 05:00 pm
AddressDanapur Bihta Road, National Highway, Patna, Bihar 800111
Phone Numbers070709 92381
Official Websitewww.hungamaworld.in

The above-mentioned water parks in Patna are a one-stop destination for those who wish to relax and release all distress to feel contented and light-hearted. The amusement parks in Patna are top-rated amongst all the other water parks in the country. Come and experience of your own.

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