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Top 2 Water and Amusement Parks in Kochi

A beautiful city which lies in the state of Kerela, Kochi or Cochin has maintained its reputations ever since the ancient times. The city is actually a port, functional since 1341. It has been a trading hub for the merchants from Europe, Arab, and the Chinese. It is the position of the city and the role that she has played since the bygone ages that Kochi is also known as the “Queen of Arabian Sea”. Apart from these, the city is a conglomeration of different cultures, religions, and ethnic communities. The population composition of Kochi provides it with a unique taste that is hard to be found anywhere else in India. The city extends magnificent pictures of nature, a heartwarming gesture to every visitor, distinctive colorful culture, and most importantly fun. That’s right. When it comes to entertainment, this ancient city reveals the modern aspect and brings you the best of the bests through its water amusement parks. Let us explore what the city puts forward.


1. Wonderla Kochi

The most amazing zone in the city, Wonderla water theme park in Kochi is an award-winning park. This is not just any ordinary water amusement park but a world full of fun and frolic. With more than fifty exhilarating activities and rides, this place brings your dreams to come true. Wonderla Water Park in Kochi is truly a heaven for the fun lovers and assures you the ultimate levels of joy. So, get set to shout out loud and become crazy like never before. The park offers you the biggest collection of water slides and rides. Do you love underwater diving especially in the oceans? Then, try out the enormous wave pools in the premise of this Kochi water park where you can explore the feel of being under the sea underneath the waves. Get carried away to and fro along the waves. The family slide is the perfect point for your entire team to glide along with the loops and curves.

Wonderla Kochi

The Boomerang is an intoxicating water ride that will bring chills to run down your spine. Hold on tight as you drop from a height unimaginable with a sudden jerk onto a boomerang-shaped slide. The water coasters ensure to get a rush of adrenaline in your blood. Won’t you love to fall from a height of a six-story edifice? Sounds exciting right? The wavy vertical ride is the one you should go for. The snake rides, fun glides, play pools, waterfalls, disco under the rain, water pendulum, and much more. You might just get out of energy but never out of choices that the park proffers. That’s not all. The amusement park section is yet another exhilarating zone at this water park. This section has innumerable land rides. The Adventures of Chikku, Fire Brigade, Dancing cars, Caterpillar village, flying boat, Balarama Caves, Windmills, Cinemagic Rides, Sky Wheel, and the list of rides continue.

Wonderla Water Park, Kochi

With such a number of options you can never fall short of fun. So, decide what you wish for and rejoice the penultimate levels of fun at this bewildering water park at Kochi. There is a musical and fountain show too that will enchant your senses. Is that all of it? No! There are thrill rides yet to be tried upon. The Recoil, Equinox 360, Twin Flip Monster, Flash Tower, Maverick, WonderlaBamba, Super Jumper, Space Gun, and more; these thrill rides are hi-tech rides and specific to this water theme park in Kochi. The kids have an entire entertainment section dedicated to them where they can find as many rides and activities that you adults did. This water park of Kochi is undoubtedly the best water park in the country. One of its kinds, a visit to this amusing and exciting place should never be missed by any chance whilst in the city.

Ticket Price/Entry feeNormal Season (Weekdays) :

Adult Regular - Rs. 808 + 18% GST
Child* Regular - Rs. 645 + 18% GST
Senior Citizen (60-69 years) - Rs. 605 + 18% GST
Super Sr. Citizen (70 years & above) - Rs. 405 + 18% GST
Defence - Rs. 645 + 18% GST

Normal Season (Weekends/Holidays) :

Adult Regular - Rs. 1039 + 18% GST
Child* Regular - Rs. 830 + 18% GST
Senior Citizen (60-69 years) - Rs. 780 + 18% GST
Super Sr. Citizen (70 years & above) - Rs. 520 + 18% GST
Defence - Rs. 830 + 18% GST

Peak Season (Weekdays) :

Adult Regular - Rs. 913 + 18% GST
Child* Regular - Rs. 730 + 18% GST
Senior Citizen (60-69 years) - Rs. 685 + 18% GST
Super Sr. Citizen (70 years & above) - Rs. 455 + 18% GST
Defence - Rs. 730 + 18% GST

Peak Season (Weekends/Holidays) :

Adult Regular - Rs. 1144 + 18% GST
Child* Regular - Rs. 915 + 18% GST
Senior Citizen (60-69 years) - Rs. 860 + 18% GST
Super Sr. Citizen (70 years & above) - Rs. 570 + 18% GST
Defence - Rs. 915 + 18% GST

Timings 11:00 am to 7:00 pm
AddressPallikara, Kumarapuram PO, Kochi - 683565
Phone Numbers+91 -484-2684001, +91 -484-2684009
Email Address[email protected], [email protected]
Official Websitewww.wonderla.com/kochi-amusement-park

2. Uncle John i-Drive

Do you want to be at a place away from all the stress and monotony of your usual and boring life where you can have unlimited fun and frolic? Then, you must visit Uncle John i-drive amusement park in Kochi. This is basically a traffic-themed park meant for the children but offers no less fun to the adults. The park was created with an idea of creating practical sessions for the kids about the basics of traffic rules and educating them about road safety. The kids can familiarize with road signals, zebra crossing, road signs, speed breakers, driving in lanes, basics of parking, driving through bridge, essentials of traffic lights, and much more. Beyond this section, there is a huge water park that you must never miss. The park is full of water rides and slides, multi-channel water slides, family rides, splash pads, waterfalls, fountains, swimming pools which are bigger than imagination, toy channels, etc. So, one can have as much fun as he wants.

Uncle John i-Drive, Kochi

Forget about the real world and take a break at this fun-filled water and amusement park in Kochi. Unleash the hidden kid in you and head for the outdoor game section. The multiuser play station will take you down the memory lanes of your childhood. Find out who amongst you is still the champion in video games! Spinning wheels, ropeways, maze, rock climbing, etc. are other attractive features of this amusement water park in Kochi.

Uncle John i-Drive in Kochi

Want to try out the huge trampoline and go-karting? You can have all your demands fulfilled at the Uncle John i-drive amusement water park near Kochi. And don’t forget to check for the amazing deals and packages that the park extends. One day is worth spending at this water park in the city.

Ticket Price/Entry feeEntry Fee : Rs.100 per person (With a Free Icecream)

Other Charges : Rs.50-Rs.150 (Depending upon the Vehicle)
Timings Park entry - 02:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Water Rides - 04:00 pm to 08:00 pm
Sundays - 11:00 am to 10:00 pm
Public Holidays - 11:00 am to 10:00 pm
AddressOctober Rd, Ponnurunni, Vyttila, Kochi, Kerala 682028
Phone Numbers9946107138
Official Websitehttp://unclejohnidrive.com/

Water parks are created for you to have a much-needed break from the boring, tedious, dull, and repetitive life. Kochi is a complete package of entertainment and nature’s bliss. This city deserves to be in the bucket list of the places you are planning to visit during the upcoming vacations. You can choose to visit any water park in Kochi city during your trip.

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