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Top 4 Water and Amusement Parks in Kanpur

The heartwarming citified center Kanpur is one of the most visited places by tourists from all over the world. The beauty of the city and ethnicity is what drives the visitors go crazy over this place. Not just one of the most industrialized agglomerations, Kanpur has its own history so big, that it can blow the minds of the readers if managed in a book. Snuggling on the banks of the perpetual Ganges, Cawnpur or Kanpur also has a polished and well cultivated religious milieu. So, being an industrial hub since the ancient times, Kanpur, despite of being bound to its culture, has always stayed on the edges of modernity. It proffers a lot to its visitors to be taken back to their homes as memories. A small visit to this place definitely calls for some ultimate fun. So, here are the list of the most thrilling and fun filled amusement and water parks in Kanpur.


1. Blue World Theme Park

To top the list of the best water parks in Kanpur, comes the Blue World Water Park Kanpur. This water park is easily accessible and communicable. It is marked not so far from railway station, bus stop or airport; auto-rickshaw or cab drivers better know the place by Water Park in Kanpur Bithoor. The park offers different sections where population from all age groups can enjoy. The kids’ zone has a flying chopper, which is much like a carousel, a colorful toy train Jingle Bell and a Quack Quack Ride suitable for kids of age group 3-8 years. Adding to these are Umbrella Ride, the Hopping Frog and Cup-Saucer, rides which take your kid to a dynamic world. Not just the kids, there are innumerable options for the family to whoopee.

Blue World Theme Park, Kanpur

The Polipo Octopus, Telecombat, Columbus, Amphido eye, Blue Typhoon Tsunami Rides, etc. are rides and amusements made especially for entertainment of an entire family. The ménage can be keen upon taking boat rides in an artificially built lake surrounded by mansions built in Chinese style. Striking car and a 7D show can be really thrilling. There is a planetarium built in the park, to take you for a journey to the space! The Chair lift, Roller Coasters and Free Fall rides can make an adrenaline rush. The water park marks its place up, by adding Family Raft Ride, Wavy Cruise, Body Slides, an artificial Water Fall, Funnel Ride, Wave pool and much more. One can explore different themes like European or Chinese, Jungle or Fairyland while wandering through the park. There is a Ship themed restaurant and a Punjabi Village to stop by to eat. The entire park may demand an entire day, but it is worth it. No doubt, the park is the best water park in Kanpur.

Ticket Price/Entry feeMonday to Friday

Full Park : Half Ticket(Between 90 to 110 cm) - 400/-, Full Ticket(Above 110 cm) - 750/-
Dry Park : Half Ticket(Between 90 to 110 cm) - 300/-, Full Ticket(Above 110 cm) - 600/-
Fairy Land Water World : Half Ticket(Between 90 to 110 cm) - 300/-, Full Ticket(Above 110 cm) - 600/-

Saturday and Sunday

Full Park : Half Ticket(Between 90 to 110 cm) - 450/-, Full Ticket(Above 110 cm) - 850/-
Dry Park : Half Ticket(Between 90 to 110 cm) - 350/-, Full Ticket(Above 110 cm) - 700/-
Fairy Land Water World : Half Ticket(Between 90 to 110 cm) - 350/-, Full Ticket(Above 110 cm) - 700/-
Timings 10:30 am to 8:00 pm
AddressMandhana-Bithoor Road, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh 209217
Phone Numbers1800 200 8335, 0512-2217555, 2780055
Email Address[email protected]
Official Websitehttp://blueworld.co.in

2. Jungle Water Park

The Jungle Water World or the Jungle Water Park in Kanpur is yet another destination to have fun. Nestling in Gambhirpur Kacchar on Bithoor Road in Kanpur, this park is one of the most famous amusement parks in Kanpur. This place is just perfect if you either on a short stay or wish to spend a jolly weekend with friends, family or self. As the name suggests, the entire park is Jungle themed. The park has numerous water rides. The adult rides are real fun to crash; you would not wish to leave that very ride once on it. There are family rides as well, where in an entire family can hop and have penultimate levels of fun.

Jungle Water Park, Kanpur

Not only can the adults have all the fun, there are proliferating options of kids’ rides too. A pool is especially built for the kids to jump in and splash water. The artificially generated waves in the Wave Pool will make you feel like being on a sea beach. Is that all? No, there is a lot more to go. The water slides are exceptionally exciting, particularly the water body slides. Wondering about kids? There are mini water slides for them as well. Water tunnels are an amazing experience. You can enjoy a Rain Dance too! There are a number of fests that are held in this amusement park of Kanpur. This place is a must visit.

Ticket Price/Entry feeMonday to Saturday : Rs.260

Sunday : Rs.300
Timings 10:00 am to 7:30 pm
AddressGambhirpur Kachhar, Bithoor road, Bithoor, Kanpur - 209203
Phone Numbers9005865568

3. Sports Village

The ultimate destination for fun and frolic, Sports Village is the most famous water park in Kanpur. Categorized amongst one of the best water parks near Kanpur, this place is an amazing option to stop by if you wish to beat the day heat off. The place will definitely fulfill your mood with liveliness. Located on the Bithoor road, the water park is convenient to reach. Once you are inside the Sports Village, you are marked into the fun zone. A perfect decision to spend a quality weekend with the near and dear ones, you will find a lot of options to explore by, for any age group.

To start with, there are amazing water rides in here where you would love to spend your all your energy and once on the ride, you would never want to leave it. The body slides and the splash ride are the no doubt the best ones to thrill out. There is a built in stage where energetic music is played by the DJ and will get you into a carnival mode. Themed like a village and definitely well maintained, there are elevated structures covered with hay and straw, built on wooden trunks to give an authentic look, where the visitors can rest by, sipping their favorite drink. There are water pools for both adults and kids to dive in. Fun rides should undoubtedly be ventured! The greenery of the location is breath taking. Spending a day in this alluring place is worth it.

Ticket Price/Entry feeRs.130 per person
Timings 09:30 am to 6:30 pm
AddressMainawati Marg, Bithoor Road, Bithoor, Kanpur - 209203
Phone Numbers086045 64268

4. Mogli Water Park

One of its kind, Mogli water park claims its position amongst the renowned water parks of UP. Escalated over quite an area of 11 acres, this water park near Kanpur is really doing well. The settlement of this water park on Lucknow Kanpur highway makes it within the reach of the tourists from both the mega cities. It is situated at a distance of 15 km from Unnao, 45 km from Lucknow and 40 km from Kanpur. The lush green beauty and the well nurtured atmosphere of the park leave the visitors awestruck. It welcomes the visitors with copious water rides for all ages, whether children or adults. Water slides and body slides are a must to try. There are huge water pools to let your body feel free like a fish within.

Mogli Water Park

Along with that is a huge artificially carved lake where boating is allowed. Taking a tour through the lake will let all the stress go away just like that! The pool side has seating space and structures built for the kids to have fun while you relax in water. Camel rides here are a great attraction. They even have solutions for your hunger. Delicious food can be explored in the restaurants in the periphery of the park. Exciting music is constantly played in the park to wind all your energy up while you enjoy the rides. The amusement park near Kanpur demands an unquestionable visit.

Timings 09:30 am to 6:30 pm
AddressAjgain, Kanpur-Lucknow Highway, Uttar Pradesh 208011
Phone Numbers08425763180

An extraordinary location paired with the typical features of these futuristic water parks make each one remarkable in its own way. Expose yourself to a plethora of fun and adventure by planning a visit to these top amusement & water parks. Apart from this we also expect some new water parks in Kanpur in future.

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