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Top 2 Water and Amusement Parks in Guwahati

A city that nestles beside the majestic Bramhaputra, Guwahati is one of the best-known tourist destinations in the country. Many holidaymakers from all over the world come to this popular city to get a close glimpse of the Great Himalayas. Apart from this, Guwahati is a pilgrimage for the devotees of Goddess Kamakhya Devi. The holy rivers and shrines fill this place with a beautiful divinity that one can only feel when physically present. The charm of the city entices everyone to be spellbound. But that’s not all that the city proffers its visitors. The water amusement parks of Guwahati are absolutely fun and classy. Let us prospect these fun-filled exhilarating places of interest in Guwahati.


1. Accoland

The Accoland water park in Guwahati is one of the finest, first, and largest water parks in the entire North-East. Designed beautifully into a castle like theme, this water park is truly a kingdom of fun and frolic. Located in the perimeter of the city, the position of Accoland Water Park in Assam takes you away from the hustle bustle of the urban area into a quiet, peaceful, and serene atmosphere. The backdrop of the gorgeous mountains and rivers flowing down is a mesmerizing view to be witnesses from the park premises. Wondering from where should you start traversing the park? Then check out for the thrilling water rides and slides. Listed as the best water park in Guwahati, it extends more than thirty exhilarating rides. Surprising, isn’t it? The multilane water platform, The Pirate Ship, rises from a height of unimaginable 16,000 square feet!

Accoland Water Park, Guwahati

The Tornado is the biggest water roller coaster in the country. So, get set to experience the chill running down your spine as you try out this amazing ride. Hit it along the Dancing Fairy and Disco Deewane. Don’t become a feeble spirit; bring out the child hidden in you and enjoy the whopping 50 feet tall Giant Wheel ride. You will definitely never want to miss the intoxicating ride Boomerang. There are other water rides as Swing Chairs to make you touch the sky and back, Columbia, the slithering ride African Pythons, Multilane racing systems, and much more. You might just run out of your breath but never out of fun options at this new water park in Guwahati. While you can enjoy to the limits at this park, your kids can have personal time at a separate kid’s zone here.

Accoland Water and Amusement Park, Guwahati

The Caterpillar, Merry-go-round, Toy Train, Rocking Rola, Galloping horses, and numerous others, the kiddies’ zone will keep your kid enchanted. The trip to this fun-tastic water theme park in Guwahati will be incomplete without trying out Cine Magic and Vortex Maze. Vortex Maze is where you can enter into a monster’s mouth, look for ways out, bridging through the mirrors all along the way. And if you wish to try the rides yet again, then you are absolutely free to do so. Except for Vortex Maze as well as Cine Magic, rest can be explored as many times as you want. If you are worried about the charges that the park tags, then fret not; the fun does not come along with a pricing tag at this water park.  A water park with a unique concept; with no doubt, this is the best water park in Assam.

Ticket Price/Entry feeWeekdays :

Adult above 4 Feet : Rs.530/-
Children below 4 feet 4 inches : Rs.430/-

Saturdays & Holidays :

Adult above 4 Feet : Rs.560/-
Children below 4 feet 4 inches : Rs.460/-

Sundays :

Adult above 4 Feet : Rs.590/-
Children below 4 feet 4 inches : Rs.500/-
Timings 10:00 am to 6:30 pm
(Family Fun Kingdom)
Rani Road, Near BSF Headquarters,
Patgaon, Kamrup, Assam
Phone Numbers99541 71224
Email Address[email protected]
Official Websitewww.accoland.in

2. Dreamland Amusement Park

Rated amongst the topmost water parks of the state, the Dreamland amusement and water park of Assam is yet another fun stoppage that must be explored. The park welcomes you with a colorful and warm-hearted spirit. The entrance itself explains all it has in it. The Dreamland water park in Guwahati has superb and delightful rides to try upon. Some of the craziest rides of all times can be found in the park perimeter. The water body slides are must to be tried for a wet, slithery, and slippery experience. So, slide, groove, and move with great speed from a height unutterable into the deep waters of the pool just beneath. The water rides will bring out the screech of joy from the core of your happy soul. Get ready to hold tight, for the rides will get you some real adrenaline rush.

Dreamland Amusement Park, Guwahati

There is a fall in the mid of the water rides too. Are you bothered about the kids? Then let the management of the water park of Guwahati take responsibility. The kids have an entire world dedicated to them in the park itself. The fun rides in this zone will keep them engaged while you can chill out. Let the water wash away all your stress and let the park surroundings instill a sense of positivity in your mind and soul. Apart from the wonderful water activities, one can seek for 7D theatre shows too. This is a tangible fun for people of all ages especially the kids. The indoor activities at this water park in Guwahati Assam are extremely invigorating. Amongst the variety of indoor games that the park has, the snow-land section is the most happening place to be within.

Dreamland Water and Amusement Park, Guwahati

This is a surreal section created for those who have always wished to feel the snow from the mountains. So, even you are visiting Guwahati during off-seasons, you still get the feel of the cold Himalayan snow here. Skate, slide, make snowballs or just mesmerize the white beauty, the decision is upon you. Are you tired and hungry? The water park knows all your requirements and has all prior arrangements. The eateries here serve delicious delicacies that leave an impression to last long. Satisfy your taste buds and cherish the park even more. This deserves to be listed as the foremost water park in Guwahati Khanapara.

Ticket Price/Entry feeMonday to Friday :

Adult : Rs.350/-
Child : Rs.200/-

Sundays and Public Holidays :

Adult : Rs.400/-
Child : Rs.200/-
Timings 10:00 am to 6:00 pm
AddressKoinadhora, Khanapara, Guwahati, Assam 781022
Phone Numbers098640 29156

Water amusement parks in Guwahati aim to imprint a sense of distressful life. Both of these parks have impressed every person who has ever visited it. It’s high time that you ought to take a break. So, plan this vacation for Guwahati and surprise your family and friends with the best gift of the season.

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