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Top 4 Water Parks in Delaware 

Summers tend to be sweaty and humid with all that unwanted body tan you get. However one can find some peace of mind and ultimate get away to relax with the best water parks in Delaware. Thousands of visitors plan a drive to water parks in Delaware State to indulge in a mood lifting experience. Delaware is known for its beaches and being close to that warm sand and cold sea breeze brings in a mix of amazing experience. But playing in the sea water is not always feasible, which is why the state houses some of the amazing outdoor water parks in Delaware that have been listed below for you to check out.


1. Whitewater Mountain, Lewes

Whitewater Mountain, Lewes

The Whitewater Mountain is located at Midway Speedway Park at Lewes. If you are looking for best indoor water parks in Delaware, this one can be the ideal choice. Whitewater houses some of the fast-moving water slides located in the state. One can also spend some quality time at the Lazy River. For kids there is a shallow pool to allow ample fun at water parks in Delaware.

Address : 34820 Derrickson Dr. P.O. Box 960 Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971

Phone Number : 302-645-8064

Website : http://www.midwayspeedwaypark.com/water-park.html

Ticket Pricehttp://www.midwayspeedwaypark.com/tickets.html

2. Thunder Lagoon Waterpark, Fenwick Island

Thunder Lagoon Waterpark, Fenwick Island

When it comes to indoor water parks in Delaware, Thunder Lagoon Waterpark at Fenwick Island is one of the well known parks. The place houses a large 2800 Sq.ft Activity pool along with another pool for meant for kids that is about 800 Sq.ft large. If you are wondering is there any water parks in Delaware? The answer might include Thunder Lagoon as the top pick amidst the water parks. At this water park, one can indulge in fun filled activity with 6 fast slides that include one that is named as a Black Hole Slide. You can also find some other slides in these cheap water parks in Delaware which includes the double slide as well as the Viking Ship where about 250 gallons of water is dumped on everyone.

Address : 38965 Virginia Ave, Fenwick Island, DE 19944, USA

Phone Number : +1 302-539-1644

Website : https://fenwickfun.com/

Ticket Pricehttps://fenwickfun.com/prices/

3. Jungle Jim’s Waterpark, Rehoboth Beach

Jungle Jim's Waterpark, Rehoboth Beach

If you have been searching for the biggest water parks in Delaware, the Jungle Jim has been tagged as the largest in the state. It is one of the water parks near Delaware that houses a “Sprayground” which is wave pool. Hotels with indoor water parks in Delaware are always the top choice for tourists visiting this place to get direct access to the water parks. However, the Jungle Jim is not just a park with water slides. When having fun at these water theme parks in Delaware, one can play along with Roodini which is a baby kangaroo.

Address : 36944 Country Club Rd, Rehoboth Beach, DE 19971, USA

Phone Number : +1 302-227-8444

Website : http://www.funatjunglejims.com/

Ticket Pricehttp://www.funatjunglejims.com/prices.html

4. Killens Pond State Park, Felton

Killens Pond State Park, Felton

For folks looking for free water parks in Delaware, you can find ample parks that offer many fun activities. Among these best water parks in Delaware, Killen’s Pond State Park houses paddling, hiking, a massive water park as well as a nature center. You can find water park hotels in Delaware that house slides of all sizes along with pools that provide a great place for fun based activities. Killen’s can be a great place to escape from the intense heat affecting the Kent County.

Address : 5025 Killens Pond Rd, Felton, DE 19943, USA

Phone Number : +1 302-284-4526

Website : http://www.destateparks.com/

Ticket Price : Click on the above link

So, here you go with the best location in Delaware that houses amazing water parks to bring down that intense heat and enjoy the cold popsicle while spending some great quality time with friends, family or even your colleagues.

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